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Make the most of your Free QR Code Generator with Logo

Get creative with your free QR codes today! Create your own unique URL QR Code, Wi-Fi QR Code, SMS QR code, Event QR code, Location QR code, and more without any fees. Our QR code maker is the most advanced yet free QR code software available. It offers non-expiring QR codes for all your online and offline campaign needs.

Create a free QR code with your branding and start your campaign


Add color and life to your QR code: Free QR Code Generator online allows you to personalize your QR code campaigns. Create your QR code with logo and personalize according to your brand colors. Make it look professional and authentic so you’ll get more people to stop and scan your QR codes color, and other utility or marketing use!


Explore shapes and styles: Unleash your creativity by using various shapes and styles for your QR code elements, such as patterns, eyes, frames, and logos. Don't settle for the typical QR Code design; a unique QR code will help you capture your audience's attention and stand out among other codes..


Add a call-to-action tag: Increase your chances of getting scanned by adding a compelling QR code call to action to your free QR code with no expiry. Make it urgent by using words like "Now" and "Today." But always make sure to set their expectations for the outcome by matching the content with your CTA.


Ensure scannability of your QR code: Make it a habit to check your QR code's reliability by scanning it on your device first. Also, when printing your QR code, remember that the smallest QR code you can create is 2 cm by 2 cm only to avoid scanning errors. Then ensure to position your QR code in an open place where many can scan your QR code.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a QR code?

A QR Code, or “Quick Response” code, was invented in 1994 by a team led by Masahiro Hara of Japanese company Denso Wave, mainly for use in the automobile industry. You can use QR codes to store various data for easy sharing.

What is the difference between static and dynamic QR codes?

Static QR codes are also called free QR codes. You don’t have to avail of any subscription. Some of the most common static QR code solutions are URL, WiFi, SMS, Text, and Location QR codes.

On the other hand, dynamic QR codes require a fee but offer more advanced features, like tracking and editing. Some examples of dynamic QR codes include Social media, Menu, File, and more.

Can I customize a static QR code?

Yes, you can customize your QR code’s pattern, eyes, colors, and frame and logo. You may also choose from the available templates on the Free QR Code Generator.

Do your free QR codes expire?

Free QR codes or static QR codes don't expire, and the data embedded in them is also permanent. You can use these codes for as long as you want.

How many free static QR codes can I make in one account?

You can create as many static QR codes or non-expiring QR codes as you want. Plus, it also has an unlimited scan limit. You can generate a static QR code anytime you want.

Can I make a Wi-Fi QR code for free?

Yes, the Wi-Fi QR code solution is a static QR code in nature—it means you can generate as many Wi-Fi QR codes as you want without payment.

What is the best free QR code generator?

Free QR Code Generator no expiration is the best QR code software online today as it offers the best features you can get. It also offers various QR code solutions tailored for both personal and business needs, minus the cost.

How does a free QR code work?

A non-expiring QR code works just as fast and efficiently as any other QR code. To proceed with QR code generation, you just have to choose a solution and then enter the required data. You can access the data embedded in this QR code by scanning it using a smartphone.

Can I track the scans using my free QR code?
While they serve most purposes, the destination link on a free QR code cannot be edited, and the scan data cannot be tracked. Only dynamic QR codes allow for tracking data and content modifications.
How do I generate a QR code for free?
Choose a static QR code from the Free QR Code Generator homepage and start creating your free QR code. You can also sign up for a free account and get three free dynamic QR codes.
Why is your QR code service free?
QR code solutions are meant to make campaigns even more effective yet convenient. No service fee is required when creating these campaigns using a static QR code.
However, if you want to use more advanced features and create better campaigns, you can use dynamic QR codes by signing up for a free trial version that grants three dynamic QR codes with a 500 scan limit each.
How do I troubleshoot a QR code that is not working?
There are lots of possible reasons why a QR code is not working. A free QR code might be hard to scan if it has very huge data that makes the pattern look denser.
You should also check the status and quality of your QR code; it might be too damaged to scan or there is not enough lighting as you scan the code. Color choices of your QR code could also affect its scanability.
What is the best format for a non-expiring QR code with a logo?
It’s always best to create and download a QR code according to its purpose. If you wish to share your QR code online, you better download it in PNG format; the QR code size should be around 500KB to 1MB.
But if you wish to print your QR code for flyers, posters, billboards, and the like, an SVG format is the best option.
What is a file QR code? Can I use it to link to a PDF and other file formats?
The file QR code is an all-in-one solution that lets you convert different file formats, including PDF, JPEG, PNG, MP4, Excel, and Word documents, into one QR code. This solution lets you share these files just by scanning the code, eliminating the need for the usual Bluetooth sharing.
Can I use free QR codes for commercial or business purposes?
Yes, you may use a URL code, text QR code, Wi-Fi QR code, event QR code, social media QR code, as well as other static QR code solutions for any purpose it may serve. You only have to use your creativity to seamlessly incorporate this technology into your business strategies.