QR Code Meets Fashion: How to Use a Clothing QR Code

A clothing QR code is an innovative approach to providing customers with a wide array of information about your brand and products.

Typically, these codes on clothing items link to a website, video, or other online content related to the brand, business, or product itself, which is useful for buyers and allows them to make better purchasing choices.

Usually printed on tags, you can scan these QR codes using your smartphone camera or QR code reader mobile app.

More than that, QR codes are easy to create, and that’s why most brands love them. You only need a free QR code generator to make one. Learn how to do this in this article.

Can you put QR on clothing and why should you?

A product packaging QR code must be the most common form of QR code you’ve seen today, but there’s actually more than that form.

For those unfamiliar with QR codes, you might be wondering how these small-pixelated squares can benefit the clothing industry. Well, lucky you because we’ve just listed the reasons why:

It allows you to share various product information

Clothing QR code for products

QR codes are small but can hold various types of information, including photos, video links, and landing pages. 

These capabilities will allow businesses and brands to be extra creative in providing customers with more information that they will surely love, given the necessity of data, like product material, prices, sizes, and dimensions when buying.

You can even use a video QR code that leads to proper care and handling of the product.

All this data can help customers make sound and smart decisions; unfortunately, you can’t fit all these in a clothing tag, which makes a clothing QR code a total lifesaver.

Piques customers’ interest

QR codes might no longer be a new thing for some, but there are those who are not yet aware of this technology, so it’s a good way to pique the interest of these audiences.

A little curiosity can bring people to notice your products, which in return, increases the chances of creating sales.

Targeting both QR code-inclined and not means a bigger market for your clothing brand to reach out to.

Makes feedback collection easier

Feedback collection clothing QR code

Feedback collection is one of the many priorities of a business, as it reflects how the customers find your product’s quality. However, feedback collection takes a lot of effort and cost, especially when printing forms.

Good thing you can now create online feedback forms and have them disseminated to your customers by letting them scan a Google Form QR code via their own devices.

Their responses will be automatically saved in your online database. You no longer have to print tons of forms, which also cuts you off on expenses.

Innovative and creative addition to your design

Clothing QR code design

Since QR codes are customizable, you can easily integrate them into any material, like an additional fashion element.

Using a clothing QR code as a design for your clothing products may also reflect a subtle blend of tech and uniqueness.

People have yet to realize the potential of QR codes as a design but many AI software are already capable of transforming QR codes into art. If you can take advantage of this before the trend blows up, that can make you a trailblazer in your industry.

Helps reduce paper waste

Since QR codes are flexible, you can either print them or share them online for maximum reach. And because of that, a single QR code can go a long way. 

No more printing tons of them, so using a QR code helps reduce paper waste that may affect the environment.

How to create a clothing QR code for your business

If the benefits above got you interested in hopping onto this trend, here are 7 easy steps to get your QR code journey started:

1. Go to Free QR Code Generator website.

2. Choose any of the available QR code solutions that you wish to use. However, we strongly recommend picking dynamic ones for their advanced features. 

3. Provide the required data to proceed with the generation.

4. Hit the generate QR code button on the bottom part.

5. Personalize your clothing QR code design using the available customization features on the site.

6. Check the quality of your QR code by scanning it on your own device first.

7. Download, print, and share your QR code.

More creative uses of QR codes on fabric and other clothing products

Let’s go all out and discover more possibilities of QR code uses for your clothing business that will make every customer’s QR code scan worthy:

Inventory management

Managing inventories is now a lot easier with QR codes and their capability to track.

You can use QR codes to monitor the number of supplies left, shelf number, and supplier address and contact details.  

You just have to create an updated sheet of these products, so whenever employees scan them for inventory checking, all the details are shown automatically—no manual checking!

It helps save time and allows employees to focus more on other important matters for your brand.

Promote discounts

When hosting a discount sale or special promos, you can use a retail QR code to enhance the experience and add a little twist to your marketing stint.

For instance, you can hide a clothing QR code on any item, and those who can find the code must scan and present the discount code or voucher upon checkout for a certain percentage off.

The Multi-URL QR code also has time redirection features, which will allow you to set different discounts according to the time the code was scanned. Say, shoppers who scan the code at 10 AM will receive a 10% discount, while those who scan at exactly 12 PM will get 50% off.

Digital marketing

Don’t limit your sales to physical stores, maximize digital marketing and sell your items online, too. And the best way to do that is by tapping QR code technology.

You can market your products on various online platforms, like websites, where you can reach a greater audience.

Create a QR code that will lead potential buyers to your online shopping website or even social media sites and make them check out items in the comfort of their own homes.

Events and promotions

You can use QR codes on clothing for events and promotions, too. For instance, merchandise sold at the fair could have a QR code, which, when scanned, would show details of the next fair event.

It eliminates the need to print separate flyers or posters to promote your next event; a single QR code can do the job for you.

Authenticity assurance

Clothing QR code for authentication

The emergence of counterfeit items today is undeniably alarming. Imagine paying the original price but getting poor and counterfeit quality.

To make sure that your customers get what they pay for, use a QR code to help them check its authenticity. When they scan a clothing brand’s QR code, it should verify that the item is original.

In fact, Diesel, the popular jeans company, has long been incorporating this technique in their products to assure originality.

Using QR codes with a unique embedded format can combat this growing problem in the retail industry and save your brand from being a victim of copycats.

Brand engagement

You can also link customers to a brand’s website, social media sites, or promotional video. This makes it easy for customers to access and interact with the brand, which could increase engagement and boost sales.

By showing off your brand on all possible platforms, you develop brand retention among customers, giving you a headstart over other competitors.

The best part about this is you can always redirect existing QR codes to another data should a new campaign arise, leaving you no worries about previously distributed codes on your products.

Interactive experiences

More efficient technology continues to surface today, including AR or augmented reality. If you can incorporate this into your products, you’ll be able to give your customers an experience they’ll never forget.

Here’s a tip: You can do this through QR codes. You can add a QR code to a shirt, which, when scanned, will lead to a virtual try-on. This is very helpful, especially for customers on the go.

Customer service

A QR code on clothing can conveniently connect buyers to your customer service team in case of inquiries and complaints.

Remember that it’s important to give value to what the customers want because it will help your brand curate better marketing strategies in the future.

However, you can only extract this information if your customer service team is easily reachable, so make sure to provide your customers with an easy means—as in QR codes.

How to customize QR codes with Free QR Code Generator

When using QR codes, it’s important to note how you can stand out among the pool of QR codes that are already in the market. The answer is customization.

Don’t overcrowd your QR code

QR codes tend to get pixelated, especially if the embedded data is huge and you’re using static QR codes. Since static ones directly encode the data in itself, the more data you store in it, the denser the pattern will look.

As a result, it might affect the scannability of your QR code. So to avoid this issue, go for dynamic solutions. They come with advanced features, too, that will surely help your brand.

Use colors and be creative

The black-and-white QR codes are the standard, but did you know that you can actually create colorful ones? It will help you stand out among other QR codes and will give your brand its own identity.

When choosing colors, avoid pastels and light ones. Scanners might take some time to detect them. Always go for a dark pattern and a light background, too—it will make the patterns pop out more which is necessary for scanning.

Make sure not to use the same color for the pattern and background, if you need them to be similar, you can use the gradient option.

Play with QR code elements

Don’t settle with the typical pattern, eyes, and frame design.

Let your creativity run wild. Mix and match designs available at our software until you come up with the best combinations. Twisting how your QR code elements can impact the overall look of your code—attracting more attention.

Add an engaging CTA

A QR code on fabric is even more effective with a compelling call to action tag.

In crafting one, make sure to use words that give off a sense of urgency, like “now” or “today.” It psychologically invites customers to scan your code as soon as possible without you hard selling your product.

Apart from serving as an invitation, a CTA guides customers on what to do whenever they see a QR code. Some might misunderstand it as part of the design, leaving your code unscanned, which is why a CTA is important.

Consider proper sizing

After applying all the tips above, make sure to print your QR code in the highest quality possible—or it’ll be useless.

Since you’d be incorporating it in fabrics, ensure you use fabric-friendly inks that do not wash off easily. Also, when adding these codes to your items, consider the size. But how small can a QR be? Rule of thumb: the smallest you can go is only 2 cm by 2 cm.

Sizing your QR codes smaller than that will only make it problematic and unscannable.

Clothing can be more than just outfits, be extra with QR codes

With the increasing popularity of smartphones and QR code reader apps, people can see more and more QR codes in various industries in the future—especially clothing.

A clothing QR code can improve the clothing industry by providing a convenient way for customers to access information about the product and the brand itself.

With enough creativity and QR codes, you can make your clothing business hip and happen.

Dress up and get yourself a QR code today. Visit Free QR Code Generator online and turn your clothing products into something extraordinary!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you scan original clothes?

Confirm first if the brand provides an authenticity QR code. If it has, grab your phone and open your camera. Point it over the QR code, and the scanning should begin. Don’t forget to read the prompt to identify whether the item is original or not.

If scanning using the camera doesn’t work, go to your respective app store and download a reliable QR code scanner, then follow the same process.

What clothing brands have QR codes?

Two of the most well-known brands in the clothing industry have been using QR codes as part of their marketing strategies: Ralph Lauren and Dior.

Ralph Lauren uses QR codes as garment labels to help with authentication and provide styling tips to shoppers. Internally, they also use QR codes to track inventories.

On the other hand, Dior uses QR codes to give away limited-edition items like their Air Jordan 1 OG sneaker.

Does Nike use QR codes?

Yes, Nike uses QR codes, too, mainly for promotion, product information, and tracking customer behavior—helping them craft useful ideas.