How Does A Vcard QR Code Work And How to Use It?

Defy the limited space of a printed calling card and go multimedia with a vCard QR code instead, providing more information in just a scan.

When people scan this QR code, it opens up a vCard landing page with a wide array of data about the cardholder, including those that are not usually seen on physical cards: websites, an email address, and social media profiles.

And the best part? You can effortlessly create these QR codes using a free QR code generator. Learn more below on how this QR code works.

What is the business card vCard solution?

This type of QR code is a dynamic solution, just like social media QR code, files, and more.

Dynamic solutions are more advanced forms of QR code compared to static ones. It has edit, track, password-protect, and expiry options.

All these features make your vCard QR code perfect for different complex uses, such as advertising and marketing.

The edit feature allows you to update and change the embedded data in your QR code, so you no longer have to generate a new code every time there are changes in your personal data.

The QR code tracking feature lets you monitor the scan analytics of your code. You can keep track of the number of scans, time and date of scanning, and device used to scan the code.

You may also set the expiry so the QR code becomes inaccessible after quite some time and a password to serve as another layer of security to your code, as only those with the correct password can access embedded data.

How does a QR code business card work?

Vcard QR code solutionWe all know how limited a physical card’s space is; sometimes, not all the necessary information that needs to be shown can fit.

But with a QR code phone number, you can share all your necessary details with anyone.

This QR code solution lets you edit your own vCard landing page; information includes name, address, photo, description, email links, and social media profile links.

When someone scans the QR code, they can instantly view the business card vCard landing page you created.

They have the option to instantly save your details on their devices without them manually inputting these details. 

You can edit your own business card with QR code. With this type of QR code, you get to save a lot on the cost of printing tons of physical cards. 

How do I create a vCard code in 7 steps

1. Go to the Free QR Code Generator website

2. Click on the vCard QR code solution

3. Fill out the information boxes with the necessary details

4. Click on the generate QR code button

5. Customize QR code design. Use the available customization resource from your generator.

6. Test scan your QR code first.

7. Download, print, and share your QR code.

What are the benefits of vCard QR code?

Business card vcard QR codeUsing a QR code for a digital business card results in various benefits, like the ones below:

Cost-efficient compared to printing

Traditional business card distribution requires printing tons of physical cards to share with multiple audiences.

However, you can just print a single business card, add a QR code for a business card to it that can be scanned by those you want to network with, and not only share your details with ease but also save up on paper and printing costs. 

You just need a subscription, which you can renew or disable anytime.

Convenient contact detail-sharing

Manual contact sharing can be very time-consuming and hassling, especially if it requires you to save all your personal information manually; this is one of the reasons why most don’t like receiving business cards at all.

Imagine the convenience of getting all these details in just a scan. And all these details go directly to your device. No need for manual input.

Wider audience reach

You can convert a vCard to QR codes and place it on both online and printed media platforms. You can even share your QR code on your social media accounts: LinkedIn, Threads, or Instagram—that’s how flexible a QR code is!

You can also print it and post it somewhere crowded, allowing you to get a wider audience’s attention compared to just printed physical cards that you have to distribute around personally.

Creative uses of a vCard QR code

Here are some creative uses of QR  codes:

Boost social media presence

Since you can add social media sites on your vCard landing page, you can advertise your social sites as well.

Adding your social media profiles to your QR code can drive people to your platforms and might increase followings, increasing your social audience.

Link to portfolio

Resume link on vcard QR code

Did you know that you can include your portfolio or resume in your business card QR code? Tip: You can edit a well-designed and comprehensive resume or portfolio from Canva.

You just have to add your portfolio or resume link as a vCard link, so when they scan your code, they can also visit your resume and portfolio allowing them to learn more about you.

Drive traffic to a website

Website link on vcard QR code

You can also add a website link to your vCard QR code design or layout. If you’re managing a business and have your own store’s official website, you can use this QR code to advertise and increase traffic.

Make sure your website is optimized enough so that whenever they visit your website, they’ll surely scroll through it.

Client conversion

During conferences, you can display your QR code on a screen or print one and strategically place it somewhere where people can easily scan it.

Say they find your presentation great and want to get in touch with you; with a QR code, you can provide them with a means of communication.

This QR code lead generation and sales lets them contact you more easily and equates to more chances of being called for your service.

Include you in others’ contact list

If you want to have more connections and opportunities, you have to be part of other contact lists.

Hiring companies use their contact list to look for potential members; if your name is on it, you’re more likely to receive a newsletter about different opportunities. 

Display your email address on your business card, so it’ll be easier for them to extract your email address.

Best QR code custom tricks when using Free QR Code Generator

When creating a business card QR code or vCard QR code, it’s important to consider the following factors that make up your QR code look:

Set up your landing page properly

Setting up your landing page is the first step in creating your own QR code. This is what users will see upon scanning your code, so it’s important to lay it out in an easy-to-understand way.

Make sure to fill out all the information boxes with your details. Every piece of information is crucial and could lead to more conversions—whether it’s a link or phone number, make sure to complete the text boxes.

Add colors to your QR code

There is a wide spectrum of colors available in this QR code maker. You can choose between solid and gradient colors. 

When choosing colors, just make sure to keep the contrast: a light background and dark pattern is the recommended combination.

Also, avoid using pastel colors. These are light and aren’t dark enough—this will give scanners a hard time detecting all the important points necessary to decode the embedded data.

Personalize your QR code

Customize your QR code’s overall look. You can use the different available customization features in Free QR Code Generator.

You can choose different patterns, frames, and eye shapes. There is more than one choice of style to choose from for each part, so you can guarantee to play with your creativity really well.

Utilize a call to action tag

To make your QR code really scannable by adding a call to action to it. This will serve as an instruction, especially for those who don’t know what to do with it.

It also increases your chances of getting scanned as it piques the audience’s interest. 

Place a logo

Adding a logo to your QR code lets the audience tell what to expect upon scanning your QR code.

Since this QR code solution, you might as well use your face or a phone icon to inform users what’s inside your code immediately.

Print in the right size and good quality

After designing your QR code, make sure to download it in the correct quality according to the medium you will use. If you’re posting this code online, then download it in PNG.

But, if you wish to print this code, then it’s advisable to use the SVG format as its quality remains the same even when stretched.

Also, ensure to print in the correct dimensions. Consider the size or how small can a QR code be when printing your code or else it’ll be useless.

Bigger QR codes mean longer scanning distances, while small to medium QR codes only require a scanner to be a few inches away.

Start building better connections with QR codes on business cards or vCards today

Unlike traditional business cards, which are typically only distributed to a small number of people, a vCard QR code can be scanned and shared by anyone with a smartphone or other device.

By encoding a vCard into a QR code, businesses can make it easy for customers and clients to quickly and easily save their contact information without requiring manual input.

This can increase the reach of a business’s contact information and attract new customers, making it easy for customers and clients to stay in touch with the company.

Don’t hesitate now, and start building your own network through QR codes today. Sign up for free on Free QR Code Generator website now.