About Us

Our Story
The Free QR Code is your one-stop partner for effective lead generation, marketing, customer engagement, and maximizing sales.
With the endless possibilities of QR codes today, we’re here to assist and equip users with the correct knowledge and provide guides to better QR code campaigns.

Established in 2018, the Free QR Code Generator has benefited individuals and businesses—medium and small, to achieve convenience, along with the growing technology.

Today, it continues to aspire helping individuals and businesses to thrive better in their respective industries with minimal efforts and a more technological approach.

The Founder

The Free QR Code Generated was crafted out of the creative mind of the CEO, David Anderson, from New York City. Anderson describes himself as spontaneous.

He is a tech veteran whose love for innovation and growth brought out his curiosity about QR codes and how he can use these to create an inclusive environment for offline and online users.

Meet the Team

At the Free QR Code Generator, we welcome everyone around the world to promote inclusivity. 

Our team is a combination of skilled multinationals working harmoniously together. We value communication to create new ideas and solutions out of their perspective and expertise.


Our mission is to provide innovative QR code solutions to meet customer needs and drive engagements that trigger positive impact toward users.


We envision Free QR Code Generator to be the best provider of seamless and accessible QR code solutions worldwide that help close the gap between people and businesses.

What we offer

The Free QR Code Generator, being a QR code software, offers different QR code solutions to address various issues and needs, therefore helping an individual or a business to grow.

Our QR Code Solutions 

URL QR Code. Our most basic QR code solution that converts a link into a QR code to facilitate fast and convenient sharing. This is one of the most basic forms of QR code solution and is commonly used by many.

Text QR Code. The solution disguises a text into a QR code to preserve confidentiality. This solution best for love letters or declaration of feelings towards loved ones.

vCard QR Code. It lets you share and save digital business cards in just a scan. This solution suits those who aim to market themselves fast without spending too much on printing business cards.

Wi-Fi QR Code. Lets users connect to a Wi-Fi internet without the manual input of passwords. It eliminates the hassle and promotes convenience.

SMS QR Code. The QR code solution that lets you send an SMS to anyone, displaying your message and contact number at the same time. This is great to send single message to multiple people without sending them one by one.

Location QR Code. This solution houses an exact location. For hotels or restaurants, this QR code is a must to provide your guest with the right direction.

Facebook QR Code. You can embed your Facebook account thru this solution so people can easily look you up on Facebook. 

YouTube QR Code. Houses your YouTube link. The YouTube QR code is the perfect solution for influencers with YouTube channels. They can promote their channels anywhere using using QR codes.

Instragram QR Code. The QR solution that stores your Instragram account. For start-up influencers who wants to increase their followings, this QR code is the best.

Pinterest QR Code. If you’re into sharing of different images in your QR code account, the Pinterest QR code is for you. It stores your Pinterest account to let you passively share your account.

Email QR Code. An email QR code is a type of QR code that, when scanned, automatically redirects into a specific email address. This type of QR code can be used in marketing campaigns, event invitations, business cards, and other applications.