The Free QR Code Generator App and Integrations

When choosing a QR code, go for the one that extends its services beyond just QR code generation. 

The flexibility of QR codes allows them to be easily integrated with other existing softwares, thereby making the user experience more convenient.

Look for a QR code generator with advanced integrations!
At Free QR Code Generator, you can create solutions for APIs. Plus, it has integrations for HubSpot, Zapier, Canva, and Google Analytics.

You can get all these when you sign up for our dynamic QR code solutions. And take note, our dynamic QR code comes with an easy edit feature (even after you’ve posted the QR Code!), data tracking, password-protection, expiry, and retargeting tool—all useful features for your every need.

HubSpot Integration

Are you a HubSpost user? Do you have a HubSpot account and want to try using QR codes too? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

With our integration to HubSpot, you can now send custom QR codes to your contacts without generating them from our site. The integration lets you create a QR code on the HubSpot site automatically.

Just access our dynamic QR code solutions to explore this integration.

Zapier Integration

Zapier is a great software to automate your business workflow. So if you have one, you can now create QR codes using this integration.

Through this integration, you can connect QR codes to different softwares that you are using to start managing your campaigns all on one platform. 

Canva Integration

With the Canva integration, you no longer have to download a QR code just to add it manually on your current projects.

All you need to do is enable the integration on Canva. Each time you create a new QR code, you can just drag and drop it to your current Canva projects easily.

It’s important to note that these integrations only apply when you choose the dynamic QR code on our website. To make full use of QR Codes, read more QR Code uses and guides in our blog page here.