9 Creative Uses of MP3 QR Code

Last updated:   June 04, 2023

The popularity of QR codes is now evident across various industries as they start integrating them into their operations. One of the rising QR code solutions today is the MP3 QR code.

Because of the versatility and flexibility of QR codes, they can hold as much information, such as music, recordings, and other audio-related files.

Yes, you heard it right. It’s possible to store your music files with a QR code. This allows you to share your favorite songs faster.

And it is for these reasons that it’s now becoming a must-have tool. Learn how to creatively use your audio QR codes and make one using a free QR code generator.

How to create an MP3 QR code

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating an MP3 QR code:

  1. Record, create, or download the MP3 file you want to link to your QR code. The MP3 should be of good quality and ready to use.
  1. Go to a QR code generator website, such as the Free QR Code Generator.
  1. In the QR code generator, paste the link of the MP3 file or upload the file itself. Click generate QR code to facilitate a conversion.
  1. Customize the QR code design. Add a logo and change its color, eyes, and patterns. You can also use pre-designed frames. To make your QR code more compelling to scan, you can also use a call to action tag.
  1. Once you are satisfied with the QR code, download it or save it. You can download the QR code in various formats, such as PNG or SVG. For better printing and digital quality, SVG is recommended.
  1. Test the QR code by scanning it with a smartphone or other device to ensure it links to the correct MP3 file.
  1. Place displays and ads QR code where users can quickly scan it. You can print it on a brochure, poster, or any other marketing material or display it on your website or social media.

You are now ready to share your MP3 guide QR code with the world!

9 Creative Ways To Use MP3 QR Codes

To give you ideas on what is a QR code for MP3 and how MP3 QR codes can be handy in many ways, here are some suggestions that you may take.

Guided tours

Use MP3 QR codes to provide audio tours for historical sites, museums, or other tourist destinations. It allows visitors to learn more about the location they are visiting in a self-guided manner.

You can use this QR code since some visitors just want to roam around museums on their own. You no longer have to assist them while still ensuring they learn something.

Language learning

Create MP3 QR codes that provide language lessons for tourists visiting a foreign country. It can help them learn basic phrases and understand the culture better.

Doing so helps your locality earn the trust of more foreigners and gives you a friendly facade so you can expect more visitors in the future.

Event audio

Use MP3 QR codes to provide audio content for events, such as live music performances or conferences. Attendees will then be able to access the audio content even after the event is over.

Generous exclusive content like this makes the audience watch out for more events from you.


MP3 QR codes can also provide audio versions of books, making them more accessible to those with difficulty reading.

Auditory learners can benefit from these audio versions of textbooks. You help them understand their lessons in the comfort of their abilities.

Product instructions

You can use MP3 QR codes to provide audio instructions for complex products, such as electronics or machinery. 

Users no longer have to read small fonts. Listening can help them understand how to use the product more easily.

Virtual scavenger hunt

Create a virtual scavenger hunt where participants scan MP3 QR codes to receive clues and instructions. You can use this to promote a new product, service, or location.

Not only does it add challenge for the users, but at the same time creates an interactive environment for them.

Self-guided walking tours

There are digital mobile maps today, but some don’t find it comfortable to read lines—it could be challenging.

However, you can use MP3 QR codes to create a self-guided walking tour of a city or neighborhood, providing information about the area’s history, landmarks, and cultural points of interest.


Use MP3 QR codes to provide access to podcasts. You can use QR codes to promote a new episode or to provide access to a back-catalog of episodes.

Instead of sharing links, you can just share your QR code for easier user access.

Virtual reality experiences

MP3 QR codes can also provide audio for virtual reality experiences. You can use them to provide background music, sound effects, or a narrative voiceover.

Advantages of using MP3 QR codes


With MP3 QR codes, you can make audio content more accessible to a broader audience, particularly those who have difficulty reading.

It can include people with visual impairments, learning disabilities, or even tourists trying to navigate a foreign country.


Using MP3 QR codes is also more convenient than reading or writing details. Instead of following a pre-determined tour or schedule, users can scan the QR code at their own pace and listen to the audio content.

Offline access

What’s better than getting access to your favorite song even without the internet? MP3 QR codes allow users to download the audio content to their devices for offline listening.

It means that users can access the audio content even if they do not have internet connectivity.


Since QR codes are flexible, you can create interactive experiences, such as virtual scavenger hunts or self-guided tours. It can add fun and engagement to the audio content, making it more memorable for the user.


MP3 QR codes are relatively low-cost to produce and distributed. You can use them to provide audio content without needing additional equipment, such as audio guides or headphones.

In marketing songs, QR codes can do offline and online marketing, so you can reach a wider audience without printing lots and lots of flyers or posters.

Check out the MP3 QR code for a better audio experience

Audio-sharing and marketing shouldn’t be that hard. You can make it a lot more convenient for you and your audience. 

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