How to Use an Event QR Code for Successful Event Management

An event QR code is a great addition to your event management strategy if you want to give attendees a pleasant experience.

Events are among the most important marketing channels for businesses, and the advancement in technology is changing the way we plan and launch them.

QR codes, for instance, are making waves in the industry with their compatibility with mobile devices and their versatility to become wearable technology and check-in tools.

This article provides you with tips and tricks on how to create and use QR codes, from planning to launching your event, using our free QR code generator software. 

What is the use of QR codes in events?

You can find numerous businesses integrating a QR code for registration and ticketing on their ads and campaigns when promoting, launching, and streamlining the processes for their events.

And this is no surprise because of how handy these tools are. You can store any kind of event-related information in them, and users can access the content with a scan using a smartphone. 

QR codes for events, in particular, allow you to directly input the important details of the event you’re planning to launch, such as its name, location, and time. 

This makes it easier for users to access crucial information about your event, add it to their calendar of events, and notify them when the actual day arrives. 

You can also use QR codes to direct your audience to your website or social media page, where they can access more information about the product launch, conference, or tradeshow you’re organizing. 

How do you make a QR code for an event?

Create an event QR code
To create a QR code for your event, you will need a reliable web-based QR code software like this one, which you can use to make functional and branded QR codes for free.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

1. Open Free QR Code Generator on your web browser. 

2. Select the event QR code solution.

3. Input the required information: title, location, and time.

4. Generate the QR code.

5. Customize the QR code design based on your branding.

6. Do a scan test to see if the QR code is working.

7. Download, integrate it into your digital and physical marketing materials, and disseminate. 

Different ways to use an event QR code

QR codes are highly useful tools for event planning and management, and if you’re one of those who have seen the potential of this technology, you’re on the right track. 

To give you more ideas on how you can use QR codes for events in your upcoming product launch, music fest, or corporate party, here are five creative ways you can try for yourself. 

E-ticket QR code

Event organizers and ticket distributors widely adopt an e-ticket system because of the convenience and efficiency they bring, both to them and the attendees.

Instead of the usual paper tickets, which are prone to being damaged or misplaced, e-ticket QR codes can be easily distributed via email. In other cases, they can be integrated into sturdy physical tickets.

You can customize these e-ticket QR codes to be unique from each other, only containing the details of the holder, ticket number, and seating placement upon their purchase.

This helps quickly verify the identity of the attendee and the authenticity of the ticket, preventing ticket scalpers and scammers from persisting. 

QR code invitation

Whether it’s a small gathering or a marketing gimmick that’s crucial for the success of your business, sending personalized invitations is very important if you want to encourage people to attend your event. 

While sending invitations via email is becoming popular because of how practical and cost-effective it is, traditional invitation cards still have appeal to them.

You can always combine the traditional and modern way of sending invitations to your guests by using a QR code for email as an RSVP QR code that they can scan to reply and confirm their presence.

QR code for registration

Registering for an event can take a lot of time and energy, especially if it’s not managed properly. You can give attendees a better registration experience by using a Google Form QR code to link your entry form.

Instead of letting attendees register and do manual data entry on the spot, you can provide the registration QR code ahead of time to streamline the registration workflow. 

Just make sure to set a limit for the responses on your Google Forms to keep the number of registered participants in check. 

Event photo-sharing via QR code

Photo-sharing via event QR codesAny event is never complete without a photo opportunity. Picture-taking has become an integral part of many events with the rise of photo-sharing platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Don’t miss the chance to hire an event photographer and let attendees or guests bring home their best shots by providing them with a QR code that links to a cloud storage containing the photos.

Event photo sharing with QR codes is a hassle-free way for people to access, download, and post their photos on their social media accounts. It is also an effective method for promoting your event to a wider audience. 

Seating chart QR code

A seating plan is often required for big gatherings, such as concerts, musical plays, weddings, and conferences, to ensure a smooth-running event.

You can provide attendees with a seating chart QR code for a clear overview of the seat arrangements in the venue. 

It could be a simple diagram map or an augmented reality that allows users to tour around the venue before the event proper. This way, they’ll know where to go and take a seat without the need for multiple assistance. 

Top occasions to use an event QR code 

With how versatile QR codes are, you can make use of them across different types of events. If you’re planning to have any of the following events below, here are a few tricks on how to apply the potential of QR codes to them!

Product launching

Event marketing is an effective marketing effort that businesses should take advantage of to promote their products and services. 

Based on the survey conducted by Splash (2024), 77% of their respondents from the United States and the United Kingdom said that events are important marketing channels for their companies. 

But this doesn’t come without any challenges. According to the same research, the lack of proper strategies and tools for event marketing is among the difficulties businesses face.

If you’re planning to promote your newest product or service through an event, using an event QR code can help you capture the attention of your target audience and generate excitement around it.

You can place the QR code on your event teaser campaign materials to lead people to a landing page with product sneak peeks, pre-event registration, or possible freebies and discounts they can get when they attend the event. 

By integrating the QR code tracking Google Analytics into your campaign, you can also monitor the engagements with your event and make necessary improvements to your marketing strategies. 


Whether a small gathering or a grand one, weddings have always been a part of the tradition in most parts of the world, and it takes a lot of planning to make it the most memorable day for couples and guests.

If you’re a wedding planner or designer and want your clients to have a modern wedding invitation style that is within their budget, you can design a QR code invitation that guests can scan to see all the wedding details, including RSVP. 

Sending wedding invitations using QR codes allows you and your clients to gather accurate guest counts, manage seating arrangements more efficiently, and plan the whole wedding from start to finish seamlessly and smoothly. 

Concerts and music festivals

Event QR code for concertsAccording to Eventbrite (2024), nearly 84% of in-person event attendees prefer musical or musical-themed events the most. 

32 million people in the United States alone attend music festivals every year, with 56.3% of them aged 18-34 years old (Gitnux, 2023) who also happen to own smartphones. 

With young adults making up the concert and music festival attendees mostly and are oddly familiar with smartphones and the latest tech innovations, it is a strategic move to use an event QR code that is popular for being mobile-friendly.

You can integrate a QR code for events into your promotional posters to streamline the ticket selling and registration process, use it as an e-ticket, or incorporate it into wristbands to facilitate seamless entry into the event venue.

Webinars and conferences

With the emergence of video conferencing platforms, webinars and hybrid conferences are becoming more and more popular these days, especially in the areas of networking and professional development.

In a survey conducted by vFairs (2023) with professionals from corporations and event services, among others, 77.2% of them preferred these set-ups because of the flexibility and ease of attendance they offer.

If you’re organizing a seminar, conference, or meeting in a virtual or hybrid setup, you can use a QR code event check-in system to improve the registration and attendance flow of both online and in-person participants.

They can scan a QR code to register onsite or access the login credentials to enter the virtual meeting room. Either way, a QR code-based event check-in system makes in-person and online experiences much better for attendees. 

Sporting events

Sports and recreational events are something that fans can’t afford to miss. For instance, the Super Bowl 2024 gathered together 61.2 thousand live attendees and 123 million online viewers (Statistica, 2024). 

Take inspiration from this and gather a large crowd for the sporting event you’re organizing by using a QR code for events to help you promote it.

Integrate the QR into your digital and physical marketing materials to let people access detailed information about your upcoming event, buy tickets, and smoothly enter the venue to watch the ultimate game.

Other QR code solutions from Free QR Code Generator to use for events

Aside from using the QR code for events solution, we also have other offerings that you can use to enhance and streamline the processes for your event. 

We have curated these five QR code solutions that we found fit for any kind of use in your event.

URL QR code 

Easily turn the link to your website’s event page into a QR code using this solution. The URL QR code supports any kind of URL, whether it’s an absolute or relative type URL.

Converting the link to your event page makes it easier for your audience to access additional information about the event you’re organizing. 

They can also explore the rest of what your website offers without the need to search for it themselves.

Email QR code

Directly send an email invitation or RSVP to guests by using the email QR code solution. 

You can choose to input the message and event details within the QR code invitation or simply generate a blank one and attach it to physical invitation cards, which they can use for quick RSVP.

When the recipients scan the QR code, they can access the message box on their email app and reply to the invitation to confirm attendance. 

Location QR code

Event QR code for locationDo you want to provide a comprehensive guide to your event or booth’s location? You can make use of the location QR code solution to do that.

Input the coordinates of your location or simply find the exact spot on Google Maps that is directly linked to our QR code software platform.

This makes it easier for potential customers and attendees to get directions and immediately locate where your event is. 

Google Form QR code

Streamline the registration process using the Google Form QR code as your event QR code for a conference or fun run.

Start by creating a registration form on the Google Forms platform, and once done, simply copy and paste its shareable link into the platform and generate it.

Instead of directly placing the registration link into your marketing materials, you can just integrate the QR code for registration into them, and users can easily access and include themselves on the list of attendees. 

HTML QR code

Do you want to send an invitation to your event in a unique format and method? Why not try using the HTML QR code solution? 

You can directly customize your landing page on the platform or get inspiration from the available templates we offer. Add audio, videos, photos, and a seating chart, as well as the registration link to your event.

With this, users can access a unique and interactive event landing page via a QR code, attracting them to attend and see what you offer.

Have successful events using QR codes from Free QR Code Generator

Planning and organizing an event is not an easy task. But with the right tools at hand, you can make your events successful and memorable for you, your clients, and your guests.

QR codes, in particular, are simple tools that are highly versatile, allowing numerous businesses and event services to set appointments with clients, promote their events, and streamline registration and entry processes hassle-free. 

This makes them a must-have for any event organizer or marketer looking to stay ahead of the curve and make the most of their event.

Visit our website today and start creating an event QR code for your event marketing efforts and other business-related endeavors.

People also ask

How do I scan a QR code with an invitation?

You can scan a QR code that contains an invitation using any kind of smartphone you have, either an Android or iOS device.

Make use of your device’s built-in QR scanner, such as the camera app, Google Lens, or browser. You can also install a third-party app to scan QR codes.

To scan, open the scanner app and hold your phone camera towards the QR code for accurate recognition. 

Depending on the scanner used, it will prompt you to tap the pop-up link or notification banner to open its content or automatically redirect you to a landing page that contains the message. 

How do I create a QR code for an RSVP party?

To create an event RSVP QR code, simply head to Free QR Code Generator and select the URL QR code solution. 

Copy the link to a landing page or RSVP form and paste it into the platform. Generate the QR code, add branding elements, such as color and logo, and download.

You can integrate the QR code for your RSVP party on physical invitation cards and posters or distribute it as it is.