Various QR Code Uses For Your Daily and All Around Campaign

Personal Uses
QR codes come in handy for several uses; they help drive sales for businesses, facilitate communications, access many resources, and more. Let's discover them one by one:
QR codes are handy for personal use. Here are some of the basic ways to use QR codes for your personal loads:

QR codes on business cards

Vcard QR code

QR codes for email

Email QR code

To share WiFi access

Wifi QR code

QR codes on gifts

Gift QR code


Video QR codes on books

Video QR code

Image QR codes on books

Image QR code

MP3 QR code for books

MP3 QR code


QR codes are effectively used in the retail industry today. If you're planning to start one, you can apply some of these tips:

QR codes on packaging

Packaging QR code

QR codes to detect counterfeit tags

Tag QR code

QR codes on clothing labels

Clothing QR code

Food and Beverages

Your F&B can highly benefit from the use of QR codes. It only takes the right technique and uses, check the references below: 

Serve as digital menus

Menu QR code

QR codes on food packaging

Food packaging QR code

QR code on wine bottles

Wine bottle QR code

QR code on beers

Beer QR code

QR codes on coffee cups

Coffee QR code

Print Media

The presence of QR code should not eliminate the purpose of print media, in fact, both online and printed platforms can collaborate well using QR codes. You can still use QR codes on print media in many effective ways:

QR code on event posters

Event QR code

QR code on discount vouchers

Discount QR code

QR code on flyers

Flyer QR code