How to Use Banner QR Code for Effective Marketing Campaign

Using a banner QR code creates a unique, innovative approach to your business’ branding, leaving customers with a positive impression.

Are you looking for a new way to connect with your customers and get them more interested in your advertising campaigns?

QR codes are just the right technology for you. You can direct users to various useful content about your business in just a scan. Check out how to do this using a free QR code generator from the blog below.

QR codes: A tech touch on conventional banners

What is a QR code and how do they work on banners?

Well, QR codes were first invented for logistics. They are two-dimensional barcodes that users can scan using a QR code reader app or smartphone cameras. 

Because of the QR code’s flexibility to hold various data types, it is now a useful tool in many industries, including advertising and marketing campaigns. Today, you can see QR codes, particularly banner QR code.

Banners are used to provide insight into your business; they can be in the form of huge posters or billboards. With this addition, marketers and businesses can direct customers and potential clients to

How do I create a QR code for a banner?

Here is a general process on how to create a QR code:

1. Go to the Free QR Code Generator 

2. Choose among the available QR code solutions on the website

3. Provide the required data to proceed with the generation.

4. Generate your QR code

5. Customize your QR code design

6. Test if your QR code is working by scanning it on your device

7. Download or print the QR code

Creative ways to use a QR code using a Free QR Code Generator

If you’re planning to incorporate QR codes in your business advertisements, here are some creative ways to do that:

Boost your business website

Banner QR code for business

You can also use a banner QR code to boost your business’ website traffic. You only need the URL QR code solution. This solution converts any link into a QR code.

By providing easy access to your website, customers and clients can visit your website immediately. The use of QR codes definitely closes the gap between digital and printed marketing.

Obviously, printing a link URL is not a smart move. Who would bother manually typing a link with an alphanumeric combination? Thanks to QR codes, you no longer have to do this.

Share your business’ social media pages

Social media banner QR code

You can promote your social media sites by integrating a QR code on banner or on your marketing materials, especially banners.

The social media QR code is the best solution for this. It allows you to store all your social sites in one landing page, so users can easily like and follow social media accounts in one scan.

It will also help widen your community followers, allowing you to reach a bigger audience on your next campaigns.

Promote your customer loyalty programs

You can also promote your customer loyalty programs to attract customers using QR code advertising as tool. Provide discount codes and coupons to your customers that they can use to avail of cheaper costs.

You can design your own discount landing page for promotional discounts using the H5 QR code editor. This solution has editing tools, like font, shapes, and more, to help you create your landing page.

Provide product details and information

Banner QR code for recipe

You can provide your customers with product information, such as ingredients, manufacturing, expiring dates, and even batch and lot numbers.

You can create a PDF file for these details and then convert this into a PDF QR code using a free QR code generator.

When customers scan this code, it will open these details that they can clearly view as compared to directly printing them in very small fonts that are hardly readable.

Gather feedback and insights

Feedback banner QR code

QR codes are also helpful in gathering insights and feedback from customers. Instead of printing tons of paper and manually distributing them to customers, you can just plaster a QR code banner.

Anyone who scans the link will be directed to an online form that they can fill out using their smartphones. Results will also automatically be saved in your online database, saving you time and effort.

Share contact details

Another QR code solution you can add a banner with a QR code, specifically a Vcard QR code solution to share relevant contact details with customers, especially for businesses that need collaboration with management.

It’ll be easier for clients to reach out to you and close a deal. Fostering a smooth flow of communication builds better business relations.

Share connectivity within the vicinity

If your business establishment is offering free WiFi, you can allow customers and clients to instantly connect to your network without a manual input of credentials or passwords. It saves them both time and effort.

The benefits of using a QR code banner

There are various positive reasons why QR codes should be a part of your must-haves:

Allows online and offline integration

QR codes can be integrated into both online and offline platforms. Apart from banners, you can add it to any printed material, like posters and billboards.

You can also share online via social media pages or a website. Either way, both types of QR codes are still scannable. This kind of versatility fits perfectly in any format.

Banner QR code is easy to create and use

QR codes are easy to use; even non-tech savvy can create one for themselves. Plus, you can easily blend it into any platform after a few customizations.

You don’t need any special skills to use a QR code. You just have to copy and paste the QR code on your design.  

Provides analytical insights

QR codes have s special QR code tracking feature that lets you gather insightful data to identify the campaign’s effectiveness.

With its tracking features, you can monitor the number of scans, time and date of scanning, location of scanners, and the device used to scan the code.

Best practices for using a QR code on banner and advertising

Remember a few best practices when using them on banners and other advertising materials to make the most out of your QR code campaign. 

By following these best practices, you can ensure that your QR code campaign is effective and engaging for your audience.

Make sure the QR code is easy to scan

The QR code should be large enough and placed where a smartphone camera can quickly scan it. Avoid placing it in an area with poor lighting or low contrast.

Also, consider using a dynamic banner QR code. These are advanced QR code types in which data are embedded in a link compared to static QR codes whose data are directly embedded in the pattern.

So no matter how large the data is, it won’t affect the pattern density and, thus, remains easier to scan.

Provide context

Include a call to action or a brief message next to the QR code explaining what users will get when they scan it. It will increase the chances of gathering interactions and scans.

A CTA will serve as an instruction and an invitation for the audience to scan.

Keep the linked content relevant

The linked content should be relevant to the user and offer value. It boosts the chances of the user engaging with the content and becoming a customer.

Always practice updating the content of your banner QR code; people will love it better when the content is relevant and timely. They want to revisit it from time to time, for sure.

Test the QR code before launching the campaign

Always test the QR code to ensure it leads to the correct content and that the linked content works properly.

Don’t waste your customers’ time by giving out problematic QR codes. It will leave them with a bad impression of your business, and we can’t afford such kind of bad publicity.

QR codes for better marketing and advertising

A banner QR code is a powerful tool for businesses looking to connect with customers and boost engagement with their advertising campaigns. 

QR codes are a cost-effective, simple, and versatile way to improve customer engagement and drive conversions, making them valuable to any advertising strategy.

Additionally, by tracking and measuring the success of your QR code campaign, businesses can make data-driven decisions to improve the performance of future campaigns. 

So, use this powerful marketing tool and implement QR codes in your advertising strategy today and visit the Free QR Code Generator now.

Frequently Asked Question

What size should a QR code be on a banner?

The minimum size requirement of a QR code is 2 cm by 2 cm, but this size just fits a business card.

For banners, which are relatively large and almost comparable to a billboard, it’s advisable to print in a 19 – 61.3 in or (48 -157 cm).