7 Best Ways To Use a QR Code Taxi System

A QR code taxi system can optimize operations, improve customer experience, and align with the growing trend toward digitalization and contactless transactions in the transportation industry. 

Advancements in technology are changing the way transportation companies do their business to keep up with the fast-paced society, especially now that people’s mentality revolves around speed and convenience. 

And so integrating digital alternatives like QR codes in taxi cabs and other transportation services can significantly expand your market.

The great thing about these smartphone-scannable tools is that you can easily create them through a free QR code generator online. 

Keep reading to learn how you can use this technology to your advantage. 

What might the taxi company do with the QR code? 

You can effectively implement various QR code features for your taxi services to enhance the booking, pickup, and payment processes.

If you’re a taxi service provider looking to integrate QR code technology into your services, here are seven innovative ideas you can implement:

Integrate QR code into your booking system

Provide customers with a unique QR code for each ride request to serve as their e-ticket. 

This QR code taxi should contain relevant ride details such as pickup location, destination, fare estimate, and booking reference number.

Customer booking process

When customers book a ride through your app or website, provide them with the option to receive a QR code booking system.

After confirming the booking, generate the QR code containing the ride details.

Display the QR code for taxi on the booking confirmation page and send it to their email.

QR codes for taxi drivers 

It is of utmost importance that the drivers know about the QR code-powered processes before promoting it to the masses.

Provide them with how-to guides accessible through a QR code so they can learn for themselves how to use QR code for taxi scanning feature in your taxi management app.

Ensure they understand the importance of these features by scanning the QR code for ride verification and payment processing.

Payment integration

In this modern generation, most people would go out cashless. If you’re offering payment gateways for your taxi services, you can use a QR code to direct customers to a particular option.

Customers can just simply scan the QR code to initiate payment after the ride is completed.

With the growing concern of privacy infringement or the risk of exposing one’s details just by handing in ATM cards, contactless payment QR code make it possible to pay with one scan. 

Driver identification and verification

Develop QR codes for taxi drivers that facilitate driver identification and verification processes.

Each driver could have a unique QR code linked to their profile in your system. 

Passengers can scan the QR code displayed by the driver to confirm their identity before boarding the vehicle.

Real-time updates and tracking

Implement a QR code taxi system that enables passengers to track the real-time location of their taxis.

When passengers book a ride, they receive a QR code that they can scan to view the live location of their assigned vehicle until it arrives at the pickup location.

Promotional ads

Don’t just focus on using QR codes to make booking and payment processes convenient. You can also use these tools to promote your services to a wider audience. 

Place your QR codes for marketing on different channels, such as your website, app updates, social media, and email newsletters.

To make things even more exciting, lead your QR code design to exclusive promotions, discounts, or loyalty programs. 

Distribute these QR codes through your marketing channels, such as flyers, posters, or social media posts.

When customers scan the QR code, they should be directed to a page where they can avail of the special offer.

It’s a cost-effective and hassle-free way to engage with customers, generate leads, and convert them into sales. 

How to generate a QR code on Free QR Code Generator

There are several ways to generate a QR code for your taxi services. To give you an idea, here’s a quick guide to help you:

Use a reliable QR code software 

Free QR Code Generator is a highly trusted platform for creating quality QR codes and it’s totally FREE!

Select a QR solution

Url taxi QR code

The platform offers 20 static and dynamic QR code solutions perfect for every need of the transportation industry. 

These include the URL QR code, location QR code, and vCard QR code, among others.

Enter the required information

Create url QR codeInput the data you want to store in your custom QR code in the platform. Make sure your content is informative and provides value to scanners.

Generate the QR code

You can generate your QR code in Static or Dynamic format. Take note that static QR codes permanently store the information once in print.

Business Tip: Choose the dynamic QR if you want to edit a QR code anytime, even when it is already in print, making it ideal for businesses to use. 

On the other hand, the QR codes tracking capabilities lets you can monitor their performance and see which campaigns excel the most and which ones need improvements.

Customize for branding 

Custom taxi QR code

With the variety of options and easy-to-navigate interface, you have the option to customize your QR code based on your preference.

Make sure to add your company’s logo and use your brand colors to increase brand recognition among scanners. 

Test and download

Download taxi QR code

Run a scan test to see if the QR code is working. Then, download it. You have two optimal choices: PNG and SVG. 

Note: If you’re inclined to print your QR code, you can choose SVG as you can scale the image to any size without losing the resolution. 

And you’re done! Make sure that you put it in a visible place so that your customers can see it immediately. 

What are the benefits to the taxi company of the use of QR codes?

With QR codes, drivers can seamlessly receive bookings and communicate with customers where they want to go digitally. 

But what is a dynamic QR code to begin with? It’s advanced QR code that offers more features. 

Now that you know the steps to make a QR code for taxi, it’s time to learn what other advantages canQR codes bring to the table:

Data collection and analytics

QR code tracking

With their tracking capabilities, QR codes help you collect valuable data and analytics about customer behavior and preferences. 

By tracking QR code scans, you can gain insights into which marketing channels are most effective, which promotions resonate with your audience, and how to improve your services.

Free QR Code Generator and its dynamic features let you easily monitor the progress of your QR-powered campaigns, so you can formulate data-driven strategies that will make your customers’ commuting experience better. 

Efficient booking and dispatching

Taxi booking QR code

You can easily integrate QR code technology with other systems, such as your booking and payment systems, GPS tracking software, or customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, allowing for smooth operations and improved efficiency.

Enhanced safety and security

Vcard taxi QR code

QR codes can improve safety and security measures within your taxi business. 

For example, you can use QR codes to verify the identity of drivers or passengers, track the location of vehicles in real time, or provide emergency contact information.

Uploading a driving license QR code online, however, might not be feasible or advisable to implement due to privacy and security concerns. 

Driving licenses typically contain sensitive personal information, and scanning them online could pose risks related to security and data breaches.

If your country or state has an official government website or application that allows users to verify driving licenses by scanning QR codes or barcodes, you can use the same system for authentication purposes

How to scan a QR code in plate number 

QR codes are now being integrated into vehicle plate numbers for identification purposes. 

If you want to put one in your taxi cabs, make sure to stick the QR code on areas that can be easily seen and scanned by authorities.

Customers also need to know how to scan a QR code in plate numbers so they can instantly recognize the cabs they’ve booked and feel secure knowing that it’s legit and from a reliable taxi company. 

There are several methods they can do this. Here’s how:

Smartphone camera

Scan taxi QR code
1. Open your camera app. Most smartphones today come with built-in QR code scanning functionality in their camera apps.

2. Point it to the QR code. Make sure to hold it steadily for accurate scanning. 

3. Your smartphone should automatically recognize the QR code taxi and display a notification or link to the content associated with it. 

Google Lens

Google lens taxi QR code

1. Open the Google app on your Android device or access Google Lens directly through your device’s camera app (if supported). 

You can also download the Google Lens app from the Google Play Store if you still need to install it on your device.

2. Hold your phone towards the QR code. Make sure that it clearly appears within the viewfinder.

3. Click the pop-up link to open the website or redirect you to an app.

Third-party QR scanner 

1. Visit your device’s app store, such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and search for “QR code scanner.” Choose one that has good reviews and ratings.

2. Open the scanner app and simply direct your camera to the QR code. Make sure to allow the mobile app to access your camera.

3. Depending on the app, it could redirect you immediately to a specific landing page or prompt you to click a pop-up notification to open the content.

Ride along with QR code taxi

Market-wise, the transportation business has a wide range of percentages when it comes to returns on investments. That’s why it’s an old but still fast-growing industry and will continue to do so in the future. 

Considering that QR code is also a mature industry, integrating it with your taxi services is a great breakthrough for your business.

With QR codes, hailing a cab is much easier and more secure, keeping the business’ trustworthy image.

All that plus the dependable Free QR Code Generator, you can ensure that you can implement a QR code system effectively for your taxi company. Learn more about us today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main purpose of a QR code?

A lot of people ask what is a QR code and how it works.  Well, it is a versatile tool that bridges the physical and digital worlds, enabling smooth interaction and access to information or services.

There are multiple purposes a QR code serves. Ones that are primarily revolving around facilitating quick and easy access to information or action. Here’s to name a few:

Information access

The first one is that it can link to websites, allowing users to access additional information about a product, service, event, or anything else the code is associated with.

Contactless payments

It’s also increasingly used for mobile payments. Users can scan a QR code taxi displayed at a checkout counter or on a bill to make a payment directly from their smartphone.

Tourism and navigation

QR codes placed at tourist attractions or landmarks can provide visitors with relevant information about the site, its history, and nearby points of interest.

In addition, you can also partner with the business owners of these places. For instance, you can leave your generated QR code taxi to promote your business while making it easier for the customers to contact your service. 

Are QR codes more effective?

Yes. When used strategically and in alignment with the needs and preferences of the target audience, QR codes can be highly effective tools for communication, engagement, and transaction facilitation. 

It helps engage and increase customer interaction. It can also be customized as per branding and can be integrated into various marketing materials, from product packaging to billboards.