QR Code Techniques for Time and Attendance Tracking

QR code for time and attendance tracking helps automate HR work and keep records of attendees. It helps them create more efficient, accurate, and easily traceable office processes.

If you are a teacher, whether in an actual or online school, you can create and use QR codes easily. No manual is needed! You and your students just need your smartphone to scan the code, and you can access the data instantly. That’s why just about anyone can adapt to this technology.

This blog will walk you through the QR code techniques you can apply and introduce you to a free QR code generator and make full use of its best features.

QR code techniques for time and attendance tracking

QR codes can be very useful tools in almost all fields. But you have to be creative enough to use them to achieve your desired results.

Here are some examples of unique ways that you can use QR codes for attendance tracking:

Attendance registration

Attendance QR codeYou can use QR code attendance tracking to streamline the attendance registration process instead of queuing in line to fill out a form and trigger gathering, especially in seminars.

For example, attendees can scan a QR code to access and complete an attendance form on their smartphones. It can reduce the workload of event staff and improve the efficiency of the attendance process.

Access control

You can also use QR codes to control access to events or facilities, especially for closed-door meetings or activities.

Collect details from participants ahead of time and generate unique QR codes for each of them, which they must save to present at the entrance.

The attendees can then show their QR code for the staff to scan to verify their access. It will help improve security and control in attendance tracking.

Distribution of kits

Organizers or HR staff can also use QR codes to streamline the distribution process of certificates or kits at events or facilities.

The staff can display a QR code on their kit tables.  A participant who grabs a kit will have to scan the code and fill in the digital form indicating that they already took theirs. This way, you will need a lesser workforce.

Attendance tracking

You can use QR codes to check attendance as well. Most educational institutions use this to reduce time spent checking attendance. 

Students and school staff can record their attendance using their smartphones. Teachers should place QR codes on doorways so students can scan them before joining classes. It saves teachers more time and lifts workloads.

Attendance reports

QR codes are trackable. So if you’re curious about the progress and effectiveness of your attendance QR code campaign, you’re free to check on it.

Dynamic QR code lets you track your QR code according to the number of scans, location, time, and device used. It goes directly to your campaign dashboard for monitoring. This way, you can decide whether your QR code campaign is worth investing in.

Benefits of using QR codes

QR codes are often used for time and attendance tracking because they are convenient and efficient for employees.

Using QR codes for time and attendance tracking has several benefits:

  1. Quick and easy to use

Employees can simply scan the QR code with their smartphone or a QR code scanner to clock in or out, eliminating the need to enter their attendance information manually.

  1. Accurate

QR codes are less prone to errors than manual time and attendance tracking systems, as they eliminate the risk of human error or employees forgetting to record their attendance.

  1. Secure

QR codes can be encrypted to ensure that the attendance data is secure and cannot be modified or tampered with.

  1. Time-saving

Using an HR and employee tracking QR code for time and attendance tracking saves employees and HR staff time. Manual recordings could take up some time, especially with the number of personnel waiting in line.

How to make QR code techniques for time and attendance tracking

To create QR codes for time and attendance tracking, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Choose a QR code generator
QR code generator

Many online QR code generators are available, such as Free QR Code Generator. Choose a generator that meets your needs and is easy to use.

  1. Decide on the data and the QR code solution

QR codes can embed various data, such as text, URLs, or contact information. Consider using the Google form QR code or file QR code for time and attendance tracking.

  1. Generate the QR code

Use the QR code generator to create a QR code that encodes your chosen data. You may need to enter this data manually, or you may be able to import it from a spreadsheet or other file.

  1. Print the QR code

Once you have generated the QR code, you will need to print it out so that employees can scan it. You can print the QR code onto stickers, cards, or other materials that employees can carry.

  1. Set up a system for scanning the QR code

You will need to decide on a method to scan QR code on Android without an app by enabling the built-in scanner feature, the same goes for iPhone or try other software such as using a QR code reader or a smartphone app.

You will also need to set up a system for storing and tracking the collected attendance data. Although the dynamic QR code comes with a campaign database, you can also integrate it with different software.

Your attendance at the snap of your fingers

An attendance system can be very efficient and convenient for everyone. You can now get rid of the typical manual recording—register yourself and use your smartphones at hand. 

You can do this using a QR code generator. But you must choose the best if you’re aiming for quality QR codes. 

If you’re curious about how this one works, just visit the Free QR Code Generator website and sign up for an account to explore the different QR code solutions you can use.

For questions and inquiries, you can contact customer service, which is available 24/7 to assist you and your needs.