How to Create and Use a QR Code for PDF

A QR code for PDF is a type of QR code that contains a link to a PDF file.

When scanned using a smartphone camera or a QR code reader app, the user will access a landing page where they can view or download the PDF document.

This type of QR code is popular among students, educators, marketers, and even professionals because of its flexibility in storing PDF data.

It makes the file and sharing of the file convenient for all. You’ll learn more as you read along, including how to use a free QR code generator to make a PDF QR code.

The benefits of using a PDF QR code

It's easy to create a QR code for PDF using a PDF QR code generator. But if you’re wondering why PDF QR codes are popular today, here are some reasons that make them a must-have.


PDF QR codes allow quick and easy access to a PDF document by simply scanning the code with a mobile device.

Users no longer have to wait for minutes and minutes to finish file-sharing or worry about downloading the file first to view its content.


QR codes eliminate the need for manual entry of URLs or manual transfer of files, making it easier for users to access PDF documents. It is also accessible to anyone with a smartphone.


QR codes also allow you to track metrics such as the number of scans, location, and time of scans. It can be a valuable feature for marketing and analytics purposes.

Getting insights into how the market works is an advantage for you to cater to and address their needs.


Using QR codes allows users to quickly and easily access the PDF document without searching for it or manually entering a URL. Plus, it reduces the time you have to wait when sharing it via Bluetooth.


You can design your QR code to include a company’s logo or branding, making it easy for users to identify the source of the PDF document.

Displaying your logo on your QR codes also raises customers’ awareness that your brand exists.


Most smartphones and QR code readers are compatible with QR codes, making them accessible to many users.

And no matter what software device you use, you can still scan a QR code because of its compatibility with iPhone and Android.

How to create a PDF QR code

1. Prepare your PDF document: Have the PDF document ready that you want to link to the QR code.

2. Choose a QR code generator: There are many QR code generators available online, so choose one that suits your needs. Recommended QR codes are Free QR Code Generator.

3. Generate the QR code: Use the chosen QR code generator to create the QR code by linking it to the PDF document. After providing the details, click the Generate QR code.

4. Customize your QR code’s color and design: Most QR code generators will give you the option to customize QR code. Choose the size, color, and design that best suits your needs.

5. Save or download the QR code: Once your QR code is ready, save or download it to use in your desired location.

Note: Many QR code generators provide the feature of tracking the scanning of the QR code. In that case, you may need to signup or create an account with them.

7 Ways to use PDF QR code

Business cards

You can include a PDF QR code on your business card that links to your resume or portfolio, making it easy for potential employers or clients to view your work.

Event brochures

Include a PDF QR code in event brochures that links to a detailed schedule or list of speakers, making it easy for attendees to access the information they need.

Restaurant menus

Restaurants can create a QR code for PDF on their menus that links to an online version of the menu, making it easy for customers to view it on their smartphones.

Real estate listings

Real estate agents can include a PDF QR code on property listings that links to a virtual property tour, making it easy for potential buyers to view the property from anywhere.


Businesses can include a PDF QR code in their advertisements that links to a special offer or coupon, making it easy for customers to take advantage of the offer.

Exhibition catalog

Museums and galleries can include a PDF QR code in their exhibition catalogs that links to a video or audio guide, providing an interactive experience for visitors.

Online courses

Educational institutions and online course providers can include a PDF QR code in their online course materials that links to additional resources and readings, making it easy for students to access the information they need.

In general, PDF QR codes provide an easy and convenient way for people to access and share information, whether it be for personal or business purposes. It is a great way to make the information more easily accessible and interactive for the users.

How to scan a PDF QR code

Scanning a QR code is easy. All you need is your smartphone.

If you’re using Android 8 or a later version, your smartphone probably has a built-in scanner thru its camera. The same goes for iOs 11 and above.

If so, point your camera to the QR code, and the scanning will instantly begin. If your phone can’t scan the code, try checking the settings and enabling the QR scanner feature.

If no scanner feature is available, don’t worry. You can still download a third-party scanner. There are lots of them available online.

Best Practices for Using PDF QR Codes

Ensure the QR code is large enough to be easily scanned but not so large that it takes up too much space. The sizing of your QR code depends on where you place them. 

Also, use contrasting colors to make the QR code stand out. If you use the same color for the pattern and background, scanners will not be able to detect that.

The recommended background should be a light color and a darker tone for the pattern. 

Place the QR code in a location where it is easily visible and accessible. Posters in public places, flyers, and even social media are good choices.

Provide clear instructions on how to scan the social media QR code with PDF. It means adding a call to action to help scanners know what to do with your code. You can use “Scan to download” or “Scan now,” depending on the QR code data embedded.

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