The Ultimate Guide to Using a Google Maps QR Code

A Google Maps QR code is the fastest way to lead customers or guests to spot-on destinations. 

This fresh approach to digital navigation allows users to go over traffic routes, business locations, and event venues hassle-free.

Discover through this article the practical usage of linking Google Maps to a QR code and how to create a custom one for your location using the Free QR Code Generator. 

How does a QR code for Google Maps work?

What is a QR code for Google Maps? It’s a location QR code that directs users to the Google Maps application and displays a specific address or place when they scan it.

The simplicity of using a QR code for Google Maps makes it an efficient tool for businesses, events, and tourist destinations to share their locations with consumers.

Users no longer need to manually type an address into the platform to access details about a place or get directions, offering a quicker and more seamless experience.

You can quickly generate a free QR code for your home or business location through a free google map QR code generator online. 

Practical applications of a QR code for location

Google maps QR code

QR codes linked to Google Maps are a powerful tool for navigating places and streamlining information access.

If you’re curious about how to use a QR code for Google Maps, here is a list of ways you can apply this QR code in various situations:

Home address

Invite your friends and visitors to your home by sharing a QR code Maps containing your house’s address or location. 

When they scan the address QR code, they will instantly get directions and see routes to your home, as shown through the Google Maps application. 

Now, you can eliminate the need for detailed explanations for directions and reduce confusion or errors in locating your home, directing your guests straight to your doorstep.

Business listing

If you’re a business owner, you must get the most out of using QR technology by linking your business listing on Google Maps to a location QR code.

Through this, you can enable customers to easily access directions that guide them to your business’s physical location. 

Using a QR code Maps, you can allow potential customers to access essential information about the business, such as contact details, operating hours, and reviews. 

Simply go to a free QR code software online to create QR code for business profiles.

Event invitation

Guide guests and event attendees to your venue by incorporating an event QR code on invitations and promotional materials. 

When they scan the QR code, they will know the venue’s location for parties or concerts, ensuring everyone finds the site effortlessly. 

Travel and tours

Improve the tourism industry in your locality by using a Google Maps QR code to provide directions to tourist spots and travel destinations. 

Place these QR codes into travel brochures and websites to allow visitors to access precise directions to tourist attractions on Google Maps.

Doing so helps tourists quickly find their way to these travel destinations and keeps them from getting lost or spending time deciphering directions.

Using a location QR code also gives tourists a self-guided tour experience, suitable for those who like to travel and explore places independently. 

Property listing

Do you have a property you want to sell? An excellent QR code idea for real estate and management you can apply is to link it to Google Maps to provide potential buyers or renters with directions to your property’s location. 

With a scan of the QR code that contains the exact address and directions to your property, clients can reach the property efficiently, making the property more accessible and inviting.

With the platform’s immersive view and indoor maps features, you can use the Google Maps QR code to allow buyers and tenants to view the property without being physically present. 

Public transport routes

You can employ a QR code for transportation and logistics to display detailed transportation routes to a specific location in the city, providing commuters with quick access to route maps or real-time schedules on Google Maps. 

Users can zoom in on the digital map to see the locations of bus stops, train stations, or public transportation hubs, allowing them to plan their journeys efficiently. 

Campus map

Institutions can use a QR code for maps to provide students, teachers, and visitors with a virtual tour of the school, aiding them in locating buildings, facilities, or specific areas within the campus.

By placing QR codes that link to an interactive and informative campus map, visitors can familiarize themselves with its layout, reducing confusion and helping them navigate more effectively.

This is also helpful when organizing conferences and events within the school as it can assist attendees and eventgoers in navigating to different venues or specific locations on the campus.

Delivery services

Delivery personnel can use a Google Maps QR code to navigate efficiently, optimizing their routes and reducing delivery times by accessing turn-by-turn directions on Google Maps.

Delivery companies can incorporate a location QR code on receipts or invoices to enable customers to locate their branch offices where they can claim or return their parcels. 

Emergency routes

Governments, health, and disaster responders can implement QR codes that link to community maps and emergency routes to provide constituents with a guide to evacuation routes or safe assembly areas during emergencies.

Emergency responders can also use a location QR code to access the detailed map of an area to help them understand the location, layout, and quickest routes to assist those in need efficiently.

How do I get a QR code for Google Maps?

Now that you know how to use a QR code for Google Maps, it’s time you link a detailed map of your location into one. Follow the step-by-step guide below:

1. Go to the Free QR Code Generator—the most advanced free QR code creator online.

2. Select the location QR solution and input the required information. You can type in the coordinates or directly pin the site on the map.

3. Generate the QR code. 

4. Personalize the QR code by adding a logo or changing the eye shape, color, pattern, or frame. Ensure that it follows the proper QR code design to maintain its scannability. 

5. Run a QR code scan test and download in PNG for digital use and SVG for prints. 

Integrate the location QR code into your materials and post it in visible areas to allow others to scan and access the site or address of your home, business, or event. 

Advantages of QR codes for Google Maps

Event location QR code

Whether you’re a business owner, event organizer, or travel agent, using a Google Maps QR code to share addresses and locations brings you and your clients several advantages.

Here are the key benefits of using a QR code for location: 

Simplified location-sharing

Sharing precise locations is now made easier using QR codes for Google Maps. 

Users can instantly access the specific places and directions in the mapping platform with just a scan of the QR code.

This reduces the need for lengthy explanations or written addresses, making information exchange quicker and more efficient.

Effortless navigation

Accessing precise locations through a Google Maps QR code saves time and effort, eliminating manual searches and entry of addresses.

Since QR codes are scannable using a smartphone, users can immediately access the specific map location and directions. 

Seamless marketing

Businesses can use location QR codes in marketing to increase brand visibility and, at the same time, direct customers or potential clients to the business location or event venue. 

Integrating them into digital and print marketing materials on special offers can attract people to access precise directions to the location to participate or redeem the request in person. 

Enhanced user convenience

Location QR codes offer an easy, user-friendly way to access location information, enhancing overall convenience and user experience.

Instead of typing in addresses and manually searching for routes, they can scan a specific location map to access information about it, resulting in a smoother and more straightforward navigation experience.

Increased foot traffic

Foot traffic is essential for any business since it can translate to higher sales and revenue. 

Linking the location of the physical store or tourist destination from Google Maps into a QR code encourages potential customers to enter a store, tourist spot, or venue as it makes navigation more convenient. 

Pro tips to effectively use a QR code for maps

location QR code

Creating and using QR codes for Google Maps is easy and convenient. However, to effectively use them requires a strategy. 

Here are some tips you should keep in mind to maximize the effectiveness of location QR codes in engaging your audience, driving traffic, and enhancing user experiences:

Ensure that your address is in Google Maps

Make sure that your address or location is visible in Google Maps. You can verify this by searching for your address or finding it directly on the map.

If it’s not there, you can add your location in Google Maps by going to the website or application and clicking Add a missing place. Input the location name, address, and area category and submit.

Consider the QR code design and placement

Consider the location QR code’s design, size, and placement to maximize its visibility and potential usage.

Customize the QR code according to your preferences or branding without compromising its scannability. Make it simple yet visually appealing.

Place it on visible and accessible materials or areas with high foot traffic and where people can easily spot the QR code.

This ensures more people can see and scan the location QR code and increases the likelihood of user interaction and engagement.

Add a compelling Call-to-Action (CTA)

When creating a QR code that links to Google Maps, incorporate a clear and compelling Call-to-Action (CTA).

A well-designed CTA that aligns with your objectives and resonates with your target audience encourages more users to scan the code.

Navigate with ease with a Google Maps QR code

QR codes for location seamlessly facilitate precise location-sharing and efficient navigational assistance.

Users can access detailed maps, directions, and additional context about specific places in a simple scan from the Google Maps app.

With the ease of navigation it offers, individuals, business owners, and event organizers use it in various ways to easily share location-based information and drive foot traffic to physical locations.

If you’re eager to use this versatile and user-friendly tool to share your location with others, visit the Free QR Code Generator today and create a custom location QR code for personal and commercial use. 


How do I get a QR code for Google Maps review?

You can get a QR code for your Google Maps review using the Free QR Code Generator. Go to the Google Maps app and click the profile icon to open “Your Business Profiles.”

Scroll over the Overview section to see the “Get more reviews” and select “Share profile” to get the review link. Copy and paste it into the software using the URL QR code and generate the code.