3 Simple Steps to Redirect Existing QR Codes

When you redirect existing QR codes in your marketing campaigns, you can present a fresher look for your brand and provide more valuable content that addresses consumers’ needs and wants.

QR code campaigns are continuously gaining traction across different brands and industries because of the technology’s versatility and compatibility with smartphones.  

According to a survey conducted by Statistica (2021) among U.S. shoppers, 45% of them responded that they have scanned marketing-related QR codes.

With the right usage and strategies, such as redirecting existing ones to more valuable content, your QR code campaign can consistently keep up with the changing demands of consumers. 

We’ll guide you every step of the way on how to redirect your QR code using our free QR code generator plus explore the benefits that you can gain from this method.

Is it possible to redirect an existing QR code? 

What is a QR code and how is it possible to redirect it? 

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that you can use to store any kind of information in a compact manner. 

QR codes have a feature referred to as QR code redirection, in which you can change the QR code’s destination—from one landing page to another even when the QR code has already been printed and distributed. 

It is important to note, however, that this is only possible if you’re using a dynamic QR code and if the software you’re using offers an edit QR code feature. 

If it does not provide you with the same option above, we recommend you generate a new one to ensure your QR code campaign leads to your latest content. 

Dynamic QR codes: Codes you can redirect

What is a dynamic QR code and what makes it more advanced and unique than its static counterpart? 

Unlike the latter, which stores information permanently, the content of a dynamic QR code can be updated even after it has been generated. 

This flexibility allows you to redirect users to fresh information about your campaign without the need to create a new QR code every time. 

Can I change the destination of a QR code after printing it?

Yes! Even when the QR code has already been printed, you can still update its destination URL and other content as long as you keep a copy of the QR code in the QR code maker platform you’re using.

Depending on the kind of QR code you’re using, i.e., URL QR code, the edit feature lets you change the destination URL without any hassle. 

With this, you don’t have to generate a new QR code and print new campaign materials. You can also keep reusing it for your other campaigns by changing its content or destination.

Unlike static QR codes, you can employ the QR code tracking Google Analytics functionality in a dynamic QR code, allowing you to monitor the performance of your campaign and make improvements based on the data it provides.

How do I change the QR code destination using a free QR code generator online?

Redirect an existing QR code

QR code redirection can be quite challenging if you’re not using a dynamic QR code from the start, and this often requires you to have a subscription plan to be able to use one. 

But there’s no need to worry. We’ll teach you how to generate free and editable QR codes on our platform without you losing a penny. Follow the simple steps below.

Generating the QR code

1. Head over to Free QR Code Generator by clicking the link. 

Sign up for a free account—no credit card details needed—and you can generate three dynamic QR codes with a 500 scan limit each.

2. Select a QR code solution and input the required information.

3. Choose a dynamic QR code solution and click the Generate dynamic QR code button.

4. Personalize its design to match it with your branding. Add your logo, use your brand colors, and change the eye and pattern to improve its scannability. 

5. Run a scan test, download, and integrate it into your marketing materials. 

Redirecting the QR code

1. Locate the QR code you want to redirect to your dashboard under My Account

2. Click the Edit button.

3. Paste a new URL or edit the parts that require changes and Save.

Introducing the multi-redirection QR code from Free QR Code Generator

Did you know that we also offer a QR code solution that allows you to redirect your QR code to different landing pages?

The multi URL QR code solution is capable of creating a QR code that stores multiple destination links, and you can set the redirection based on four conditions: number of scans, time, location, and language. 

For instance, you can redirect your customers to a new digital menu according to the time of the scan: breakfast, lunch, and dinner specials.

Since this is a dynamic QR code solution, you can update its destination URLs, allowing you to lead users to new or updated content about your campaign.

Top reasons why you need to edit QR code

Reasons to redirect QR codes

Now that you know how to change the destination of an existing QR code, it’s highly important to have an idea as to why you should do so.

Here are some of the key reasons to redirect your QR codes—crucial aspects that will make your QR code-based campaigns more effective. 

Keep the campaign relevant

There are many brands and companies that use QR codes in their marketing gimmicks, but many consumers develop QR code fatigue because they don’t offer any value to those who choose to scan them.

This is where you need to redirect existing QR codes to keep your marketing campaigns relevant, capture people’s attention, and motivate them to interact with them.

By changing the destination of your QR code, you keep the content relevant to your target market, making them want to scan it to see fresh information about a product, service, or campaign. 

Direct users to accessible and safe content

Broken links and unsafe landing pages are among the top reasons why consumers are discouraged from scanning QR codes. 

And if you’re a brand or business that uses QR codes in your campaigns and transactions, it is always a top priority to keep the safety of our customers and offer them peace of mind when they interact with them. 

In case the QR code’s information or landing page becomes inaccessible or displays malicious content, you can immediately update its destination to a safe and accessible alternative. This way, you can maintain their trust in your brand. 

Save time and resources

Lastly, editing the destination of your QR code campaign to redirect users to new content allows you to save time and resources.

Instead of generating a new QR code and reprinting materials, you can just directly change the destination URL or specific information in the QR code, and it will take effect immediately.

While it is indeed true that QR code redirection can only be done when you use a dynamic QR code, which often requires a fee, this method is more cost-efficient for your business in the long run.

Benefits you can get when you redirect existing QR codes

Benefits of redirecting QR codes

Redirecting existing QR codes is an advantage that many brands and businesses haven’t discovered yet. This is a great opportunity for you to adapt and change the direction of your campaigns for maximum returns.

Take a look at the things that you can get when you redirect your existing QR codes. 

A competitive edge over other campaigns

While many brands have been integrating QR code technology into their marketing strategies, most of them often forget to update the content of their existing QR codes, discouraging consumers from scanning them.

You can differentiate yourself from other campaigns with stagnant, outdated, or uninspiring QR code content when you edit QR codes with fresh and interactive content every chance you get. 

This attracts many people to engage with your campaign as they get different experiences each time they scan them.

Strengthens your brand identity

Of course, redirecting your existing QR codes also strengthens your brand identity by being responsive to the needs and interests of consumers and by having unique and impactful campaigns. 

For instance, when you redirect them to new discount offerings each month, customers will continue to anticipate what incentives they can get the next time they scan the QR code. 

QR code redirection thus helps you create a lasting impression on people, making them further recognize and engage with your brand repeatedly. 

Extend campaign lifespan and reach

Instead of creating entirely new campaigns from scratch for your recurring promotional events, you can just update existing ones with fresh content or promotions. 

This way, your well-performing campaigns can be refined regularly and continue to be exposed to your target audience, achieving greater returns on investments and driving sustainable growth over time.

At the same time, you can quickly redirect those that are not yielding the desired results to a different destination or update the content without incurring much cost. 

Pro tips for when you edit existing QR codes online and use them in campaigns

Redirecting existing QR codes is not just simply changing their content or destinations. Like other strategies that involve the use of QR codes, this, too, requires you to have clear objectives and approaches to make the most of it.

We provide you with a few tips and tricks that we have found helpful for businesses intending to redirect their QR code campaigns.

Use a reliable web-based QR code software

Generating new ones and reprinting materials can be a pain, and you’ll want to prevent this from ever happening. 

That’s why it’s important that you use a QR code software that offers dynamic QR codes and an option to redirect existing QR codes to another destination right from the beginning.

When the time comes for you to update your QR code’s content, you can do so easily and efficiently.

Link to valuable and safe content

No matter how good your layout looks or where you place your QR codes, a campaign that does not provide any value to consumers is bound to be ignored.

Always link your QR codes to content that fits your target audience’s needs to motivate them to interact with your campaigns and brand repeatedly. 

Also, make sure that the QR code redirects to website pages that users can safely browse, ones that do not compromise their security. 

If you find that your website or website page has some problems, immediately resolve this issue, and don’t forget to update the destination of your QR codes to a much safer landing page.

Style it with branding elements

Part of a good QR code design is the presence of branding elements on it. Instead of using the typical black and white scheme, make use of your brand colors as well as logo. 

Maintain an efficient color contrast and use eye and patterns that enhance the clarity of the QR code so as not to compromise its scannability. 

You’ll definitely own your QR code campaign by making it stand out among the other ones out there. 

Clearly instruct users on what to do

While QR codes are now widely adopted in different marketing efforts, many consumers may still be unfamiliar with how to interact with them. 

Clearly convey to users what actions they should take when they see your QR code campaign using a compelling call to action.

This helps them quickly decide what to do and eliminates any suspicion or concern they have towards QR codes, such as QR code phishing, also known as quishing.

Place your QR code in highly visible areas

Make sure to expose your QR code-driven campaign by placing the materials in areas with lots of traffic, such as social media sites and public places.

We recommend you maintain a minimum QR code size of 2×2 cm for better scannability. For instance, integrating the QR code on a billboard-size poster requires a larger size to ensure it is visible and people can scan it at a distance.

Situations where you can redirect existing QR codes

In what kind of situations can QR code redirection be highly useful? There are many instances where you can apply this method, may it be for a marketing campaign, product launching, or simply updating information.

Special menu

Redirect existing QR code menu

Some restaurants don’t have fixed menus, especially if their offerings highly depend on the ingredients they can get at that time.

This is a great opportunity to make use of a menu QR code that you can update and redirect to a new landing page when necessary. 

Instead of using physical menus in your restaurant or cafe, customers can just scan the QR code on their tables, and they can immediately view the options available on that day, including their prices, right on their smartphones.

Sales and promotional campaigns

Many retail stores are adopting different types of pricing strategies to attract more foot traffic into their stores.

Among the popular ones are price skimming and discount pricing. If you want to add a twist to this strategy, you can use a QR code to present the items that are on sale in your store. 

You can integrate the QR codes in items or display one together with your store signage to make it easily accessible. 

Redirect existing QR codes to different landing pages depending on what items are discounted for that day, week, or month.

Customer service and support channels

A QR code for customer service and support is now being used by many service provider companies to immediately direct their customers to the right channel in an instant.

If your company’s customer service and support channel becomes inaccessible, you can immediately update it by redirecting the QR code to another account.

This way, you don’t have to change your QR code, and customers can still use it to contact you for assistance. 

Redirect existing QR codes for better campaign outcomes

QR code redirection is an untapped advantage for many brands and businesses using QR codes in their campaigns.

But for forward-thinking brand owners like you, redirecting your existing QR codes can give you a competitive edge over others.

When you redirect them, you can increase the exposure and reach of your QR code campaign and provide much better experiences to your customers for every update you make.

Do you want to maximize the effectiveness of your QR code campaigns? Use Free QR Code Generator to create functional and branded dynamic QR codes and have the power to be able to redirect them any time you want. 


Is there a limit to how many times a QR code can be used?

The lifespan of a QR code highly depends on the type of QR code used, the accessibility of its destination page, and its condition.

Static QR codes store information permanently and cannot be redirected to new content. They often don’t have a scan limit, but it becomes unusable once the landing page becomes inaccessible or the QR code itself is damaged. 

Dynamic QR codes, on the other hand, can be redirected to updated content. However, they can be set to expire and have a scan limit depending on the subscription you have. 

Can I reuse expired QR code?

Expired QR codes refer to dynamic QR codes that have reached the maximum scan limit. 
You can always reactivate your QR code and repurpose it by redirecting it to a new landing page and changing the expiry date.