How to Use QR Code File Document Management

If you’re having a hard time with file management, it’s time to get a tool that will help you—a QR code file document management can help you with that.

One of the problems in files is sharing, compatibility, and organization, which can be very hassle considering the number of files and their file sizes.

Fortunately, with the QR code technology, you can create different ways to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and traceability of your files.

There are more great things that QR codes can do, and you can learn more from this article, including how to create a QR code using a free QR code generator. 

Ways to use a QR code file document management tool

To address the common issues with files and document management, here are some ways you can use your QR codes creatively:

Provide easy access

A QR code to PDF and other files may serve as an easy-access tool for others. Say you’re in a company working along with others on the same document folder.

You can provide them with access to the online database of your folder or files by using a QR code. They no longer have to search for it or personally ask you for the details.

You can place a document QR code on your company bulletin board. When others scan the code, you can direct them to files or folders instantly. It can help streamline the file access process and reduce the risk of errors.

Serve as file backup access

Files are prone to loss or damage, especially if your gadget is not secured against malware attacks. 

Make sure to have a backup file copy of it, and use a QR code management software to keep them safe.  However, many hesitate to create a backup as this might attract thieves and hackers.

Thankfully, dynamic QR codes have the password-protect feature. Scanners can only access the data after inputting the correct password.

By doing this, you get to be sure it’s safe to keep a copy of the file.

Instant file-sharing via document QR code

Pdf QR code

You can also facilitate file-sharing using QR codes. Instead of sending links or going through Bluetooth transfers, scanning a QR code will allow you to share the file with them easily.

The best thing about this is that you no longer need to download any file-sharing app. You just need to open your smartphone camera for scanning, and you can have the file already.

This works perfectly as a team collaboration and communication QR code because of its easy sharing capability.

File organization and proper documentation

Admit it: file folders and document names are quite hard to remember, especially if there are a lot of them that you need to work on. 

You can actually create a QR code file document management tool for each folder and place them within the office vicinity so anyone can scan them right away when the documents are needed.

This way, you can help improve the visibility and accessibility of files and folders.

File version control

Files are often subject to updates. Some update their file content annually, and undeniably, even the old content can still have future uses—making them still relevant.

By saving the old files in a QR code, you get to look back at it anytime you want. It can help improve the traceability and reliability of file management.

A QR code for personal professional development like this helps enhance the working ethics of the members of the organization.

How to make a QR code using a free QR code generator

To make a QR code, just follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the Free QR Code Generator

2. Choose the file solution

3. Attach the file that you want to share

4. Generate your QR code

5. Customize your QR code design

6. Test if your QR code is working

7. Download, print, and share your QR code

How to scan a QR code?

Scan file QR code

There are several ways to scan a QR code file document management tool. You can scan a code using your smartphone’s camera or a third-party scanner.

If you’re using an Android 8 and later version, or an iOS 11 and up, your phone most probably has built-in scanners accessible through their camera. Hover your camera over the code, and the scanning should immediately begin.

For those that can’t scan, though, they can use a third-party scanner which you can freely download from your app stores.

But keep in mind that it’s also important to use a trustworthy QR code scanner, or else it might endanger your data privacy. Always check the reviews first.

Improving file contents by adding File QR codes

Apart from file management, you can also use QR codes to create unique and creative files as well. Check out the ones below:

Add graphics and images

Image QR code

You can make better presentations by adding images or photos to your files. In business presentations, for instance, you can include colorful graphs to relay the information better.

Make a QR code for an image; you can use the file QR code solution and convert PNG or JPEG file formats into QR codes.

Instead of outwardly displaying the picture, a QR code can store it to preserve confidentiality or build an atmosphere of curiosity.

Integrate audio resource

You may also add audio clips to your file to give it a more interactive and engaging feel. 

This is highly applicable for files that require audio aids, such as musical files for education or recordings from an interview.

Instead of plainly creating text files, you can insert actual audio files to expand the context of your material—no need to transcribe.

Include videos

Video QR code

Videos can also supplement files, but the problem with videos on files is that they make the overall file size so much bigger, making it harder and longer to transfer files.

To avoid such a problem, just use a video QR code. This QR code solution lets you embed a video in a code, so you no longer have to display the actual video. It will also make the transfer of files much faster.

Provide links resources

Aside from images, videos, and audio, you can also add links to your file. 

Displaying the actual link text won’t look really good on your slide or page. Some links look really spammy, especially where there are too many characters in them, destroying the overall look of your file content.

Another example is resume files; you can add a business card vCard QR code in it so it’ll be easier for employers to download your contact details.

By using a QR code, you can hide these links while still serving the same purpose. Compared to naked links, QR codes have this unique look that intrigues scanners—way better than annoying links.

Link to another file

A file inside a file? With a QR code, that’s possible! If you need another file for your presentation without going to another file, just use a file QR code. 

You no longer have to instruct people to visit or download a certain file. You can provide it to them directly whenever they scan the code.

Make file management easy and convenient with QR codes

Manual file management can be very tasking. It’s high time that you tap on some tech assistance and go for a QR code file document management tool now.

In just a scan, you can already people to your file document locations, eliminating the need for exact and precise instructions.

Plus, QR codes are easy to create, so you don’t have to worry about making one. Even if you’re not into tech things, you won’t have a hard time managing QR codes for sure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a QR code store documents?

Yes. The QR code for file solution lets you store a document into a QR code. It can hold PDF, Excel, and Word documents of your choice.

However, this solution may come with limits. This depends on your level of subscription with your free QR code generator; the higher the subscription, the bigger the file size you can add.

What is the purpose of a QR code on documents?

There are many reasons to put QR codes on a document, aside from it being a QR code file document management tool.

These versatile tools may hold a link, video, audio, or another file. If you use this in your file, you give your content a unique element that will surely capture the attention of the audience. 

And since you can customize QR codes, it also gives an additional visual element to your file. Apart from that, QR codes can hide undesirable-looking links that might destroy the form and structure of your document. 

Overall, creating a QR code for document helps create engaging and interactive file content to help you catch the attention of your target audience.