QR Code for Email: Message and Contact Exchange Made Easy

Stop sending email messages and contact details the traditional way; it’s time for some creativity with technology via the QR code for email.

Through QR codes, you can enhance and improve email communication that’s totally upgraded from the traditional sending-and-receiving email methods.

Plus, you can also include QR codes to the email content itself to share a wide variety of information other than just texts.

Get acquainted with this innovative tool from a free QR code generator and discover more of what it can offer to you and your ventures.

An introduction to QR codes: Static vs. Dynamic

 Before diving further into the details of QR codes as an email tool, let’s first compare a static versus dynamic QR code below:

Static QR code

Static QR codes are also known as free QR codes. This means that you can generate them without the need for a subscription.

Since they are free, their capabilities are limited only to storing permanent data. You have to be very careful when creating one because any error would lead to a regeneration of code. 

There are many QR code solutions in static format: text, WiFi, SMS, and email or Gmail QR code.

Dynamic QR code

In comparison, dynamic QR codes are more advanced QR codes. Although it doesn’t come for free, you can guarantee better-performing codes packed with editing, tracking, password-protect, and expiry features.

Free QR Code Generator also offers a freemium version for this, so you can enjoy free dynamic QR codes before finally deciding to subscribe. 

Since dynamic QR codes allow editing, whenever there are errors in the embedded data, you can just edit it right away without regenerating a new code.

Plus, all the other features make them perfect for marketing, advertising, and other industry uses.

How does an email QR code work?

There are two ways to use and create a QR code like this. Here is a QR code guide on how these features work:

With a message

Email QR code with message

You can use this QR code with both your email address and a full message. This method is especially useful when disseminating information, like job hiring or sharing memorandum.

To create this email QR code, you must fill out both the email address section, which refers to your email address, and then fill out the message box with the details you want others to know about.

Without a message

Email QR code without message

Another way to use this QR code for marketing is to facilitate receiving email messages from other users. You must only provide your email address and leave the message box empty when creating the QR code.

This approach is best when collecting information, like feedback or suggestions from other users. They no longer have to manually input your email address, as typing is also prone to typographical errors.

When they scan this QR code, it automatically opens their email app with your email address. Users can compose their text immediately and hit the send button to exchange messages quickly.

How do I create a QR code for Gmail

1. Go to Free QR Code Generator website. 

2. Choose the Email solution.

3. Fill out the necessary sections. Your e-mail address is required, but the subject and message can be left empty.

4. Generate the QR code.

5. Customize your QR code design.

6. Run a test scan on your QR code.

7. Download, print, and deploy your QR code.

Creative uses of QR code for email for contact-sharing and e-mail content

Are you curious about how you can effectively use this QR code? Here are some ideas we’ve prepared just for you!

Event invitations and RSVPs

Use this QR code on invitation cards or letters, as this can be an RSVP tool. Upon creating this QR code, leave the message section empty. It is where guests can compose their confirmation or refusal of the invitation.

Don’t forget to add a subject so they’ll know what the email is for. And since the email address is already pre-filled with your email address, you will instantly receive the message when they hit the send button.

Promotional campaigns

Develop an engaging promotional campaign through an email QR code, in which content leads to a newsletter containing details about your offerings.

Promotional videos, exclusive discounts, or interactive content could boost user engagement and conversion rates. It also helps build your email list.

Boost social media presence

If you’re an influencer or social media manager, you may use the social media QR code solution on your email content. 

Instead of bragging about your followers in descriptive text, show your clients the real numbers by directing them to the exact pages.

This solution leads scanners to a single landing page with all your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Email signature with QR code

Email signature QR code

Why not use a QR code instead of using your name and signature on every email message? It’s much more formal to look at and creates a positive impression about you for being tech-savvy.

You can use a vCard QR code for this. When they scan this code, it will lead to a digital business card landing page with all your data for other means of communication.

Surveys and feedback

Encourage email recipients to participate in surveys or provide feedback by adding a QR code for survey feedback collection in your email message.

The code can lead to an online form, making it convenient for users to share their opinions and insights.

All you need to do is prepare an online survey form and convert it into a QR code using the Google Form QR code solution. No need to print survey sheets and personally distribute them to every client or customer. 

Product information and reviews

You can use an email QR code to relay useful product details that meticulous and curious consumers would want to know. Ensure that these details are composed in the message section.

You can add this QR code on product packaging that leads to details, such as company background or email, customer reviews, and demonstration videos.

This level of transparency is necessary to help build a strong customer relationship to your advantage.

Educational resources

Email QR code on textbook

Email messages are a formal way of instructing students or disseminating school-related announcements. 

For educational or training emails, incorporate QR codes linking to additional resources, tutorial videos, or interactive content; they can easily click the link. 

It enhances the learning experience for recipients, providing them with correct supplementary materials.

Facetime and iMessage

For iOS users, apart from sharing an email address and message, you can also use this QR code to initiate instant Facetiming and iMessaging.

Download the QR code on your device and long press on it to reveal the options. You can find Facetime and iMessaging on the choices—a direct way of bringing the email conversation to another platform.

What can you reap from using a QR code for email?

You can get many benefits from using this type of QR code. All these contribute to better online messaging. Check the list below:

Efficient contact information sharing

QR codes eliminate the need to input email details when exchanging messages manually. For the record, manual input is prone to typo errors that will only delay the supposedly real-time sending and receiving of messages.

It is particularly useful for networking events, business meetings, or any situation where contact details must be exchanged.

Enhanced user engagement

You can leverage user engagement and income through a QR code for email, too. QR codes make it easy for users to take immediate action, increasing the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Scanning a QR code to open an email message is more convenient than rummaging through the apps on your phone and clicking your email app open.

Tracking and analytics from Free QR Code Generator

QR codes within emails offer the capability to monitor user engagement and collect analytics through its QR codes tracking features.

You can specifically the number of scans, time and date of scanning, location of scanners, and the devices used.

Marketers can embed distinctive QR codes in various email campaigns or messages, allowing them to observe scan rates, trace user interactions, and derive insights into the efficiency of their email marketing approaches.

This method is valuable for shaping future campaigns and strategies.

A twist to your typical emails, a touch of QR codes

Create or add a QR code for email on your online messages and documents for a more innovative and engaging approach.

It’s about time we shift into making emails more flexible and creative. Whether it’s an insertion of video, audio, images, or files—it’s all possible with QR codes.

Create now via Free QR Code Generator and sign up for the freemium version for more exciting offers and perks. 

The customer service team is also available 24/7 to address all your inquiries once you sign up. Start your QR code journey today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I insert a QR code into an email?

After generating a QR code, simply download it to save on your device.

Go to your email app and compose a message. Then, click the clip button to add an image. Scroll through your device and find the previously downloaded QR code.

This method will help you a lot, especially when you want to have an email signature with a QR code.