Love Month Specials: Spread Love Via Valentine’s Day QR Code

Ditch the typical flowers or chocolates and add a modern twist to your Love Month celebration by using a Valentine’s Day QR code.

The love month is just around the corner, and the air will be filled once more with romance and affection. But why settle with your usual Valentine’s Day setup when you can be creative and modern?

Spice up this special day with your loved ones. Create surprises and send them gifts using QR code technology that you can easily create via Free QR Code Generator.

Learn more about this topic through this blog.

What is Valentine’s Day all about?

Before diving right into what QR code marketing campaigns you should prepare for Hearts Day, let’s have a quick overview of the origin of this special day first.

The history of Valentine’s Day is still a subject of debate, but two of the most known versions include the story of St. Valentine.

He was a Christian Martyr during the Roman Empire who was executed for defying the emperor’s order by conducting prohibited marriage ceremonies on young men. 

The other version is somehow closely related to how Valentine’s Day is perceived today. So while imprisoned, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. There he sent the first Valentine’s greeting in a note that said, “From your Valentine.”

Presently, we celebrate Valentine’s Day as an expression of affection and romantic feelings towards families and couples. This day is usually symbolized by Cupid, hearts, and the color red—signifying love and passion.

Businesses take on Valentine’s Day QR code marketing campaign

Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity for businesses. A surge of customers searching for gifts and going on their breaks that day will surely be a potential target market to cater to.

Here’s how you can accommodate them and make their celebration extra special.

Valentine’s Day sales and discounts

Valentines day coupon QR code

If you will be holding a Valentine’s Day sale or promo, you can use a QR code to provide users with discount codes or vouchers. 

You can place this QR code in the product packaging or somewhere hidden in sight; only those who can notice and scan this special QR code love letter with a coupon can present it upon checkout to avail of an off-price.

Lovers would enjoy shopping for quality time together, so try to make it extra challenging yet fun for them.

Restaurant reservation for Valentine’s

Who wouldn’t love a candlelight dinner, a romantic atmosphere, and good food on Valentine’s?

Restaurants are expected to get really full during this day, especially during dinner time, when the atmosphere feels more romantic. To accommodate customers, you can provide a reservation QR code.

To do this, you can use the Google Form QR code. Prepare an online reservation form containing details like name, number of customers, and time of arrival.

You can post this QR code on your restaurant’s social media pages, so when customers scan this code, they can fill out the form right away.

Digital menu

Valentines day menu QR code

It will be hard to manage a jampacked restaurant on Valentine’s Day. To reduce interaction and additional personnel, you can use a digital menu using the Menu QR code solution.

You may also use a PDF QR code for this. Strategically position your QR code on table tents. 

When customers scan the code, it will open up a digital menu where they can order from. It’s also a good way to cut costs spent on printing physical menus.

Share a love playlist

Audio QR code

Planning to release music on Valentine’s? Promote it via QR code and save your finances spent on flyers or posters. You can just print a single billboard and add a QR code to it.

Scanning this Valentine’s Day QR code will lead to the artist’s or the official playlist website. Using a QR code is a better alternative compared to just adding instructions on where to stream newly released songs.

Personally, you can also use an MP3 QR code to share a meaningful song with someone you love. Choose a song that’s dear to you. Remember, what the mouth can’t say, a song can relay. 

Promote Valentine’s Day gimmick on social media

Your Valentine’s Day tricks deserve to be highlighted. Whatever gimmick you have prepared for Valentine’s, make sure to promote and advertise to gain more engagements. 

Tips: Have it posted on your social media platforms. Considering the total population of social media users today, your promotion has a huge possibility of catching the audience’s attention. You can use the social media QR code solution for this.

Scanning the QR code will lead to a social media landing page where the audience can instantly follow all your social platforms—no need to change tabs.

Convenient payment method

On Valentine’s Day, make sure to cater to all customers as fast as possible and avoid unnecessary delays. No one wants to be late for his date just because he got stuck at the counter paying for his gifts.

For faster transactions, use a contactless payment QR code that customers can scan to make online payments right away. There is no need for manual input of details or manual pressing of codes when swiping a card; it’s fast and efficient!

QR code message gift from artists

Video QR code

Businesses can collaborate with their artist endorsers to create a personalized video message that will come as a freebie for their limited-edition Valentine’s items.

As a fan, it’s always exciting to have something from your idol, especially knowing that only a few have access to it. Hide this lovely surprise with an MP4 or file QR code.

Staycation amenity virtual tour

Other businesses that should prepare for Valentine’s Day are resorts and hotels—for those who will be traveling or planning to go on a staycation.

Attract customers through QR code advertising that shows a virtual tour of your units or property. Convert a pre-recorded video into a QR code using the file QR code converter.

This way, you can provide customers with a transparent view of the place and build a strong customer relationship, paving the way for more earnings.

How do I create a special QR code using Free QR Code Generator

It’s time to make a QR code for Valentine’s Day, and you only need reliable QR code software to do so. Follow the guide below to create one:

1. Go to Free QR Code Generator website.

2. Select any QR code solution you want to use.

3. Provide the required data to proceed.

4. Click the generate QR code button. You can edit a QR code when using a dynamic QR code. Sign up for an account to generate three of these for free.

5. Customize the overall QR code design with the available customization features. 

6. Test your QR code by scanning it on your device.

7. Download, print, or share your QR code online.

How do you make a QR code surprise 

This Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to treat your partners, friends, and family with a little surprise at a minimal cost and effort but with great significant effect.

Here are five romantic things you can do using personalized QR code gifts to make Hearts Day more special for your loved ones.

Valentine’s Day date invitation

If you’re having cold feet inviting a crush on a Valentine’s date, then let QR codes speak for you. You can create a PDF invitation card that you personally design and then turn it into an RSVP QR code.

But you can also use the H5 QR code solution, as it already comes with a landing page editor, which you can experiment with by yourself. You can just send this QR code online, so you no longer have to print one and personally hand it.

QR code love letter

Bad handwriting? Don’t worry. You can still express your love through a digital letter. There’s no need to get a pen and paper. And here’s more, there are a lot of QR code solutions that you can use.

For short letters, you can use the text QR code, which allows you to compose using up to 1,268 characters. But for longer ones, you can use a PDF QR code.

The best thing about having a digital letter is that it’s not prone to tear or damage, so it’s something that you can keep forever without worrying about a safety box.

Photo gallery of love

Make your partners giggle by surprising them with a gallery of your romantic photos together that you’ve been keeping for a long time. 

The H5 QR code solution has an image gallery feature where you can add a series of images to one landing page. It also comes with other editing tools like shapes, audio, video, and text. You can be really creative about it. 

Personalized voice message 

Not everyone is gifted at writing, but you if you’re good at speaking, then might as well use your voice to express your love and affection and send it through a QR code message for your boyfriend or girlfriend. 

Record a heartfelt voice message and convert this into an audio QR code, so instead of sending the voice message itself, you can keep the element of surprise using a QR code. It’s up to the receiver to have fun guessing what you got for them.

Valentine’s recipe

Impress your lover and be the best cook for your Valentine’s dinner date. Compile your and your partner’s favorite dinner recipes and store them in a PDF QR code. 

They can scan the QR code to access additional tips, variations, or instructional videos about these dishes. This is also an indirect way of saying You have to do the cooking for me next time *wink*

Alongside the recipes, you can include behind-the-scene videos of your preparation. This adds a sentimental touch to the cooking experience and makes the meal even more meaningful.

Best practices for using a Valentine’s Day QR code 

Whether you’re using QR codes for personal use or marketing campaigns, you need to have some strategies to effectively engage your audience while fostering a sense of romance and appreciation. 

Here are some best practices to consider: 

Link the QR code to valuable content

Ensure that your QR code gifts direct users to interactive content. This element adds an extra layer of emotion and personalization to any Valentine’s Day celebration.

For instance, you can link your QR code message gift to romantic videos, love songs, playlists, or heartfelt messages. 

Design engaging QR codes

Design visually appealing QR codes that incorporate Valentine’s Day themes without losing your brand identity. Make sure the QR code stands out and is easily scannable. 

Fortunately, Free QR Code Generator provides easy-to-use customization tools that allow you to modify QR code design, such as turning it into a round QR code as an example, to match your branding and campaign theme.

Strategically place your QR codes

Don’t just place your QR codes anywhere. You can attach them to your gifts or Valentine’s Day cards to add an element of surprise and excitement.

If you’re using them for your business, make sure to incorporate them in your marketing materials, such as posters, flyers, or social media posts, to engage customers with interactive content.

Spread love via QR codes from Free QR Code Generator

In this season of love, you can express your love and appreciation in creative ways, not only limited to chocolates and flowers—try QR codes.

From creating personalized gifts to offering special promotions and interactive marketing experiences, QR codes add an interactive and memorable touch to your Valentine’s Day plan without hassle and spending much.

As the day approaches, consider using a Valentine’s Day QR code and all the tips in this blog to make it a special occasion to remember. Visit our website today and create your special QR codes for Hearts Day.

May your Love Day be filled with never-ending joy and intimacy!