Beyond Squares: How to Create a Round QR Code in 5 Steps

Imagine a world where the conventional square QR code design changes into an aesthetically pleasing, circular design—a round QR code. 

This fresh take on QR code aesthetics appeals to artists, designers, and marketers seeking to integrate a QR code into their designs where a square one might seem out of place.

Discover the allure of circular QR codes that can bring your designs to life and the easy steps to create a functional one using the Free QR Code Generator. 

Can QR codes be any shape?: Introducing circular QR codes

Round QR code design

With QR code technology getting better and more modern, you can now create various QR codes in shapes and colors different from the typical square shape and black-and-white pixelated patterns.

You might wonder whether the round shape affects the functionality of QR codes. Fortunately, a circular QR code works just fine like its square counterpart. 

You can link to QR code any form of information, such as URLs, text, contact details, and more, which users can access in a scan using their smartphones. 

Creating QR codes in different shapes and colors such as gives designers and marketers more creative freedom as they merge functionality with visual appeal. 

How do you put a QR code in a circle?

The appeal of a QR code in a circle lies in its design flexibility, allowing you to blend a QR code more seamlessly into complex graphic designs and logos. 

However, it is important to note that there are minor issues with the scannability of circular QR codes. 

Luckily, a free round QR code generator offers round-shaped frames that allow you to put a square QR code into a circle frame, making it easier for smartphones to scan the code. 

Steps to create a circular QR code

Create a circular QR code with a logo without needing third-party graphic design software. Follow this step-by-step guide to make one easily:

1. Go to the Free QR Code Generator—the most advanced free QR code software online. 

2. Select a QR solution and input the required information. 

3. Generate the QR code. 

4. Personalize the QR code using the customization tools. Here, you can change the shape of the QR code into a circle using the available round frames.

5. Do a scan test to see if it’s working and download in PNG for digital use and SVG for prints.

Integrate or blend the QR code on your graphic designs, packaging, and marketing materials and share.

Why use the Free QR Code Generator for your QR code designs

This QR code software is the most advanced QR code creator online that you can use for free—no hidden charges!

You can create QR codes in different colors, patterns, and shapes here. Let’s take a look at the customization tools you can use when creating a custom QR code design:


Using this customization tool, you can change the frame shape of your QR code according to your preference. 

There are five round frames you can choose from. Select the one that fits your design. Using this tool, You can add a Call-to-Action (CTA) of up to 15 characters to your circle QR code. 


The eyes of the QR code are essential for the code’s functionality. 

As part of the design customization, you can change the QR code’s eye shape to either a square or a circle using the Eye tool. 

The precise geometry and symmetry of the eye shape facilitate accurate scanning. 


You can change the QR code color and its background in either solid or gradient using the Color tool. 

Just make sure to use a darker color for your round QR code pattern and a lighter color for the background. 

Adequate contrast ensures the scanner can easily distinguish between the code’s elements and the background, enabling accurate and efficient scanning.


Did you know you can also customize the data pattern of your QR code? You can change the tiny square modules into other shapes using the Pattern tool. 

Make sure there is proper contrast and a precise arrangement of modules. A well-defined and clear pattern ensures that scanners can accurately detect and interpret the code.


Using this customization tool, you can put together a QR code with logo or image. You can upload an image in either PNG or JPEG. 

Placing a logo within the QR code helps reinforce brand identity, useful in marketing campaigns or on products where brand visibility is essential.

Best practices for using a circular QR code

Round QR code for marketing

Maximizing the potential of circular QR codes involves implementing well-thought strategies that ensure their optimal functionality and aesthetic integration in various design contexts. 

Here are the best practices you can follow to effectively use a circular QR code in your campaigns and designs to drive user engagement and interaction: 

Link to QR code valuable content

Provide valuable content or incentives behind the QR code to encourage users to scan it. 

Whether it’s access to exclusive content, discounts, videos, or product information, offering quality content increases the likelihood of user engagement and conversion rates.

Maintain a contrast of colors

Guarantee high contrast between the QR code and the background. A clear distinction between the code and its surroundings helps QR code scanners recognize and read the code accurately.

While following the guidelines for properly designing QR codes, ensure that the code blends harmoniously with the overall layout of your graphics.

Proper size and placement

Maintain an appropriate QR code size to ensure it remains scannable. The code should be big enough to allow QR scanners to read it but not so large that it will dominate the design. 

Also, strategically place the code where it’s visible and easily accessible to the audience to increase the chances of interaction, facilitating engagement and prompting users to scan it.

Add a direct Call-to-Action

Always accompany your round QR code with a clear and concise call-to-action. A compelling CTA entices users to proceed, increasing the likelihood of interaction.  

Giving clear instructions eliminates ambiguity and prompts users to engage with confidence, knowing what to expect after scanning. 

Run a QR code scan test

Before finalizing the design, conduct thorough testing to ensure the QR code leads users to the right content and is accessible. 

Testing also allows you to verify the QR code’s scannability across different devices and scanning apps, helping you prevent potential scanning issues.

Advantages of integrating a round QR code on designs

Round QR code in designs

The choice between round and square QR codes often depends on the specific design preferences, branding strategies, and use case. 

If you have an interest in using a circular QR code, here are some advantages you can gain when you apply it to your next project:

Aesthetic appeal

Fit QR codes better into your designs, packaging, or marketing materials using a circular QR code. 

Round-shaped QR codes offer a unique visual appeal that sets them apart from standard square codes, enhancing brand aesthetics and visual identity.

Design flexibility

If you want to incorporate QR codes into designs with curves and circular patterns, you can use round-shaped QR codes to complement them. 

Unlike a square QR code that might disrupt the flow of a design due to its sharp corners or edges, a round QR code can blend more seamlessly, enhancing the overall design without appearing intrusive.

Unique branding

For businesses aiming for uniqueness in branding, using a QR code in circular form can distinguish their marketing materials or products from competitors.

Incorporating a round-shaped QR code in marketing materials captures interest, encouraging more scans and interactions in comparison to traditional square codes.

Practical applications of a circle QR code 

Circles are important elements in brand development, and you can take advantage of this opportunity by integrating circular QR codes into your designs. 

Here’s how you can apply round-shaped QR codes in various situations:

Art and design

Transform static art into dynamic, multi-dimensional encounters by blending in circular QR codes on artworks and design projects.

Without detracting from the artwork’s essence, you can seamlessly align these round-shaped QR codes with the existing shapes and elements in artworks, especially those with circular or curved designs. 

When the viewers spot the hidden QR code, they can scan it and access additional information, such as artist bios, behind-the-scenes content, or related multimedia, providing them with an immersive experience.


Round QR code on packaging

Get at the top of the QR code marketing game by using a round QR code on packaging and labels. 

The round shape of the QR code seamlessly integrates into curved packaging designs without disrupting the overall visual harmony, allowing for a more cohesive and stylish packaging layout.

They also help products stand out on shelves, attracting attention and potentially influencing consumer perception of the product’s quality and innovation.

For example, the confectionery company Hershey’s incorporates two QR codes within circles to the packaging of its Kisses chocolates, allowing consumers to record and receive a personal message. 

Marketing and advertising

Shapes in branding and marketing are highly important in establishing the brand’s visual presence. You can make your campaign stand out by incorporating a QR code in a shape that complements the design elements of advertising materials.

For instance, a circular QR code with a logo allows you to blend the QR code smoothly into the curvy designs of your materials, maintaining visual harmony with the layout’s overall aesthetics and reinforcing the brand’s visual identity.

Get creative with your round QR code designs 

Creating QR codes in different shapes and colors allows you to blend them into various design layouts, packaging, marketing materials, and artistic creations.

Functional circular QR codes enhance the aesthetic appeal of any static material all while providing users with convenient access to additional information and interactive experiences. 

With their capacity to blend seamlessly into designs, businesses, artists, and designers can stand out amidst a sea of individuals and businesses using the conventional square QR codes. 

What are you waiting for? Visit the Free QR Code Generator and create visually appealing circular QR codes that you can easily incorporate into your designs and materials.