Tips on How to Make the Best QR Code Call to Action

Draw your customers’ attention and stand out among your competitors using an effective QR code Call-to-Action (CTA) on your marketing campaign.

Adding compelling call-to-action tags to QR codes helps guide users on what action to take when they see one, increasing the likelihood of user engagement and conversion.

These dynamic marketing assets can be the turning point for your business to increase customer engagement and conversion rates. 

Call forth consumers to engage immediately with your brand by creating a CTA that stands out using the Free QR Code Generator. 

Can a QR code trigger an action?

Slogan QR code call to action

Brands and marketers have been incorporating QR into their customer engagement strategies to trigger a response from their target audience effectively.

With a clear message, a QR code can prompt user interaction, inviting individuals to scan and access relevant information swiftly. 

Creating QR codes with call-to-actions is now more accessible thanks to free QR code generator tools available online.

These user-friendly platforms simplify the process, allowing businesses to effortlessly generate QR codes and customize them to align with their branding.

Step-by-step guide to creating a QR code with Call-to-Action

QR codes with a strategic call to action have become a vital asset in modern marketing. You can also effortlessly connect with your audience dynamically and effectively by integrating them into your campaign.

Follow the guide below to create a custom QR code with a call to action for your marketing campaign:

1. Open the Free QR Code Generator on your browser. 

2. Select a QR solution and input the required information. 

3. Generate the QR code.

4. Customize the QR code to match your branding. You can change the color, add a logo, or use the available templates with CTAs. 

You can also create your own call to action under Frame. A QR code with a frame and CTA gets 80% more scans. 

5. Run a scan test and download. PNG is great for digital use, while SVG is suitable for prints. 

Incorporate it into your marketing materials and add a more straightforward and compelling call to action to encourage your target audience to scan the code. 

What are some examples of a call to action? Best for a QR code slogan

The effectiveness of a call to action in a QR code campaign often depends on your specific goals, target audience, and the campaign context. 

Here are nine compelling CTA examples that you can consider using for various kinds of campaigns:

For special offers

Discounts are generally well-received and can be a powerful motivator for consumer behavior. Who would want to miss a special deal, right?

You can further boost this marketing strategy by using a coupon QR code, which they can access with just a scan using their smartphones.

Add a call to action, such as ‘Scan and save instantly,’ ‘Claim your discount now,’ or ‘Scan to reveal your discount’ to provide users with explicit instructions and incentives, compelling them to get the special offer immediately.

For app downloads

If you are an app developer or marketer, you can use an app QR code to link your mobile application and allow potential users to download it on their devices instantly. 

To prompt users to interact with your mobile app QR code campaign, direct them to scan the code by adding a call to action like ‘Scan the QR code below’ or ‘Download our app.’

A clear CTA like this effectively prompts users to take the next step: engage with your app by downloading it using the QR code.

For website redirection

Invite users to scan the URL QR code that directs them to your website to learn more about your product feature or service detail.

To encourage them to scan the QR code, incorporate a convincing call to action like ‘Visit our website’ or ‘Learn more.’

An enticing CTA can increase engagement, motivating users to actively visit your website instead of passively scanning and moving on.

For social media platforms 

Linking your social media accounts to a social media QR code provides your users with a quick and easy way to access your personal or business social media profiles or pages.

Add a QR code call to action to prompt users to engage with your social media profiles, such as “Follow us” or “Like and share here.”

A compelling CTA  encourages user engagement, drives traffic to your social profiles, increases awareness, and aligns user behavior with your social media marketing goals. 

For events

Advertise your event and facilitate event registrations and ticket sales by directing users to an RSVP form or event details accessible through QR codes. 

Add a call to action, such as “Register now” or “Book your tickets here,” to motivate users to register, RSVP, or purchase tickets immediately.

Pro tips for crafting a compelling Call-to-Action for your QR code

Call to action for QR codes

Crafting an effective call to action to add to your QR code slogan is essential for maximizing user engagement. Below are some tips you can apply when creating one:

Be clear with your message

Clearly state what users can expect when they scan the QR code. Use concise language to describe the action or benefit they’ll receive. CTAs should be understandable at a glance.

Start your CTA with words that prompt users to take action, such as “Scan,” “Discover,” or “Claim.”

Create a sense of urgency

Incorporate words that create a sense of urgency or exclusivity to encourage users to act promptly into the QR code frame. Phrases like “Limited Time Offer,” “Act Now,” or “Exclusive Access” can spur immediate action. 

Match CTA with the content and target audience

Ensure the call to action aligns with the content users will access upon scanning the QR code and resonates with your target audience. 

Consistency between the CTA and the destination appeals directly to users and encourages action.

Best practices to effectively use a QR code Call to Action 

Besides crafting a compelling and concise call to action that encourages users to scan the QR code, you must also employ strategies to maximize engagement with your QR code campaign.

To help you with that, here are some practical tips you should keep in mind when using QR codes in your marketing campaign: 

Consider the placement of QR codes

Strategically place QR codes in easily accessible locations, considering the context and audience behavior. Ensure users can view and scan them effortlessly.

Provide clear instructions

Besides the CTA, you can include simple instructions near the QR code to guide users on scanning it. 

Not everyone may be familiar with QR codes, so make it easy for them to understand what to do.

Regularly update the content

Ensure that the QR code directs users to content or destination that is relevant, valuable, and aligns with their expectations. Update the content when necessary to maintain users’ interest.

Benefits of using QR codes with Call-to-Action tags

If you’re looking for efficient call-to-action tools for your marketing campaign, then QR codes are surely the best ones you can use to prompt customers to engage with your brand. 

Here are the advantages that a call-to-action QR code can contribute to modern marketing strategies:

Immediate engagement

You can prompt instant interaction with your customers by using QR codes. These digital tools offer immediate access to information with a simple scan, allowing users to quickly respond and take the necessary action. 

They provide a seamless and convenient way for users to connect with brands, access exclusive content, or avail themselves of promotional offers, fostering immediate engagement.


You can use QR codes on displays and ads, product packaging, and digital platforms, making them versatile for marketing campaigns.

They are also highly customizable, where you can add a logo or change their colors and designs. This allows many brands to maintain their identity when integrating them into materials.


Creating and implementing a QR code call to action for your campaign is more cost-effective than traditional advertising methods. 

They require minimal investment for implementation, yet they offer high potential for engagement.

If you’re a beginner to using QR codes in marketing, many QR code software allow you to create custom ones for free.

Measurable analytics

Marketers can monitor the scan number, time, location, and devices used for scanning through QR code tracking.

These scan data aid in assessing campaign effectiveness, refining strategies, and making data-driven decisions to optimize the QR code call to action for better performance and engagement.

Interactive marketing

You can make your marketing campaign stand out by storing interactive content, such as videos in QR codes, which can contain significant information in a small space.

Through this, you can enhance interactive marketing experiences, driving user participation and engagement with your campaign.

They are also updatable, allowing you to redirect existing QR codes to new content without the need for reprinting materials.

Increased conversion rates

QR code call to action campaigns can lead to a more positive interaction and higher conversion rates by directly guiding users to specific landing pages, offers, or product information.

You can also increase the chances of user conversion by leading them to content that matches their interests or needs.

Global reach

Since QR codes are highly versatile and have a redirection feature, they have the potential to lead your campaign to have a global reach. 

You can direct users to local content or landing pages that match specific regions, ensuring relevance and resonance with diverse audiences.

Since you can add a logo to QR codes, they can reinforce brand presence and consistency, fostering a globally recognizable and cohesive brand image.

Real-world use cases: QR code call to action on campaigns

Popular brands embrace QR code technology across diverse marketing initiatives to engage consumers and enhance their call-to-action campaigns. 

Let’s find out below how these three brands integrate QR code advertising into their strategies to provide valuable content or services to consumers and promote their cause:

‘Take a taste now’ with Coca-Cola

Coca Cola QR code campaign

The beverage company Coca-Cola launched an interactive giveaway that invites consumers to ‘take a taste now‘ using QR codes.

Users can scan the QR code on the OOH screens, and they will receive a digital bottle of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar with a digital voucher they can use to claim a real 500ml bottle at Tesco stores.

LUX’s Change the Angle campaign

Unilever’s LUX is pushing its Change the Angle campaign against sexism in sports coverage.

The beauty brand incorporates a QR code on women’s athletic clothing, particularly in the areas that most sports broadcasters tend to focus on.

These QR codes lead viewers to a video of sportswomen calling on broadcasters to change how they see female athletes and focus the camera on their strengths and sporting prowess instead. 

Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Tacos QR code

The multinational chain of fast food restaurants, Taco Bell, is on top of its game as the company incorporates QR codes into its Doritos Locos Tacos packaging.

This allows fans who could not attend their “Feed the Beat Concert Series” to access concert footage, feeding them exclusive videos from the performances.

Create a successful QR code campaign with the Free QR Code Generator

Redefine how you interact with your customers by creating an effective call to action for your QR code campaign. 

With a CTA that aligns with your objectives and resonates with your target audience, you can attract users to engage with your brand, significantly leading to higher conversion rates.

Ready to begin your marketing journey with QR codes? Visit our page today and make an effective QR code call to action for your campaign’s success.