11 Must-Try Creative QR Code Usage for 2024

QR code usage has continued to evolve over the years. From its starting purpose in the logistics industry, it is now branching out into other fields.

Thanks to their extremely versatile nature, QR codes can be integrated into marketing, advertising, industry, and even personal use! 

You might have encountered QR codes in the past, especially in contactless payment or menus, where it’s commonly used, but there’s actually more to that.

Free QR Code Generator lists the 11 best creative use cases of QR codes that can benefit you in 2024.

Back to basics: What is a QR code?

So, what is a QR code? A QR code (Quick Response code) is a two-dimensional barcode developed by Denso Wave in 1994. It is an improved version, offering faster, more advanced, and larger data processing.

This code consists of dots and squares arranged in a grid to form a unique code. It stores data in numeric, alphanumeric, byte/binary and kanji formats.

It is then processed using a Reed-Solomon error correction, which is available in most smartphones.

Unlike traditional 1D barcodes, QR codes don’t require a specialized barcode reader to decode the information embedded in them. To read a QR code, you only need to point your smartphone camera at the code.

How you can use Free QR Code Generator to create QR codes

Generating a QR code is relatively easy and uniform in steps. For this certain software, signing up is not a requirement. You can directly choose from the available QR code solutions on the site.
Then, provide the required details. Once the QR code is generated, you can proceed to customize it. Design it however you like to make it stand out among other QR codes.

QR code testing shouldn’t be missed. It’s important to ensure the QR code is scannable before deploying it to a wide audience. 

What are the most popular uses of QR codes?

QR code usage for marketing and advertising is the most popular. 

Whether for redirecting physical customers to an online landing page or creating disruptive campaigns to generate leads and sales, QR codes are proven to be an effective tool to market products and services.

While using QR codes for marketing is the most popular, it is certainly not the only way to use them.

QR code use cases you shouldn’t miss

QR codes can be unfamiliar territory, but once you get the hang of them, there are plenty of possible integrations, whether you’re using them for personal or business use.

If you’re unsure about where to use QR codes, here are their top 11 best use cases.

Virtual business cards

The vCard QR code solution allows you to upgrade your physical business cards, transforming them into digitally adaptive ones.

We all know that printed business cards have very limited space. Oftentimes, they can only have your name and contact number. But with a vCard QR code, you can expand to social media links and even a photo.

Digitizing your business cards translates to more opportunities to connect with your target in online spaces.

Logistics and inventory management

Another QR code use case example is businesses with large logistics and inventory operations that can manage their supplies better with QR codes for inventory management.

Through the bulk QR code feature, businesses can create unique QR codes for each item in their inventory, allowing them to track the items in real time.

Paired with the analytics feature of a dynamic QR code, brands can easily ensure the on-time delivery of supplies, check where the bottleneck in the process may be, and see lost items immediately.

Events management and ticketing

If you’ve ever managed an event, you’ll know how difficult it can be to handle foot traffic and monitor attendees at the same time. Live events can get hectic very quickly, so you’ll need a tool and software to help you manage events.

Free QR Code Generator can create QR code event registration and ticketing that serve as e-tickets, grant attendee access, authenticate the validity and legitimacy of tickets, and monitor factors like the attendee-to-sales ratio.

Direct wi-fi access and menu-sharing in restaurants

Menu QR code

There is no need to share your Wi-Fi passwords manually! Coffee shops, restaurants, and co-working spaces can use a WiFi QR code to share Wi-Fi access with their paying customers.

QR code usage for wi-fi sharing is commonly integrated into a QR code stand at the checkout counter. However, businesses can also explore integrating it on the table and receipts.

When scanned, it instantly allows customers to connect to your network without encoding the password. Apart from Wi-Fi connectivity, restaurants can also use QR codes to share a digital menu, especially for those with weak eyesight.

Customer satisfaction survey collection

Vehicle survey QR code

Say you launched a new product or service and want to hear your audience’s feedback about it. 

You can create a customer satisfaction survey and store it in a QR code. A scan of your QR code automatically opens the online survey, reducing the need for printing.

To persuade customers to leave a rating or review, you can offer them a discount or coupon that they can use on their next purchase.

Results accumulated from using a QR code for survey feedback collection not only give you pointers for improvements but also encourage repeat purchases. 

Create interactive activities

QR code wall design

QR codes are interactive by nature—people only need to take out their phones, scan the pixels, and decode the information stored within the code. If you’re creating a campaign, use this to your advantage!

A common QR code example is a square grid with black and white dots and lines; however, you can always customize it to form a puzzle during a treasure hunt. Completing this puzzle and scanning the QR code gives you the prize for the activity.

Enhanced invitation cards

Your wedding, birthdays, and milestones are your days to celebrate; feel free to personalize your invitations with QR codes for videos, photos, or presentations that reflect your story and personality.

Aside from personalizing your invitations, this 2D barcode can also serve as an RSVP,  share your program, and show the venue’s Google Maps location.

Maps for exhibitions, museums, and attractions

It’s easy to get lost in exhibitions, museums, and attractions, especially those covering large areas. QR codes can provide visitors with maps that allow them to navigate these spaces and prevent them from getting lost.

Moreover, if you want to curate visitors’ experiences by allowing them to see some attractions before seeing another, this QR code usage allows you to direct customers to see the spaces exactly as you intended.

Better product packaging

Looking for a way to provide customers with accurate information about recipes and ingredient lists without making your product packaging too cluttered? QR codes in marketing may be your best bet.

Aside from product information, brands can use QR codes to verify the authenticity of the item, redirect customers to how-to videos, and lead them to a product reviews page.

When using this strategy, be sure to customize your QR codes with your branding using trusted software like Free QR Code Generator.

Authentication and verification

Similarly, QR codes can be used to authenticate the legitimacy of your product. It’s especially important for cosmetics, food, medicine, and electronics, where using counterfeit products can be very dangerous.

Upon scanning the QR code on the packaging, customers can see an authenticity certificate, as well as serial numbers, manufacturing date, country of origin, and other related information.

Healthcare and healthcare providers

Health QR code

The healthcare industry is another one to benefit from this technology. This QR code usage only proves how QR codes are flexible—enough that you can use them as patient database.

Using a QR code as a medical bracelet also allows shifting providers to keep track of the patient’s medication, including intake time and schedules. This will ensure that consistent care is given to every patient.

Moreover, the healthcare industry can also use QR codes to label medicines and medical equipment.

Advantages of QR code for business and personal use

Now that you know the best use cases for QR codes, what are actually the advantages of using them compared to other similar tools? Here are the best benefits of using these pixels for business and personal use.

High storage capacity

QR codes can store a lot of information in such a small footprint. Usually, it can store an estimated 7089 digits or 4296 characters.

These numbers should be more than enough to store images, videos, URLs, and vCards, as well as integrate into popular marketing and monitoring software.


Among the advantages of QR codes is their flexibility. They can be in very small sizes for pamphlets, posters, or packaging and very big sizes for billboards, street advertisements, newsstands, kiosks, benches, and transit advertising.

Room for errors

If your QR code on posters, packing, or any physical material is damaged, have the confidence that it will still be scannable even if some portion of it is ruined.

In fact, the room for error for QR codes is 30% before they become unreadable.

Easy to use

As the number of people who own smartphones continues to increase, the number of people who can readily scan QR codes also increases.

Since scanning QR codes is indeed very easy, people have also become aware and familiar with how QR code works.


Customizing your QR code seems like a menial task, but it’s actually one of the advantages that sets QR codes apart from other similar tools.

By simply adding a personal touch to these 2D barcodes, they can be 80% more effective than generic ones.

QR code usage: Get creative with a scannable barcode

Your creativity is the limit to how you can use QR codes!

Many industries are now creatively using QR codes to achieve record-breaking success in marketing, leads, and sales. Conversely, many people use these 2D barcodes for personal use like weddings and birthdays.

If you’re not yet on board with QR codes, you may be missing out! They’re versatile, dynamic, trackable, and—the best part—FREE!

Start integrating creative QR codes with Free QR Code Generator now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to use a QR code?

The best way to use a QR code depends on what exactly you need to use it for. It is virtually a limitless tool, so it all depends on how you can maximize it.

When using a QR code, however, make sure to follow the best practices of customizing it based on your branding guidelines and add a call to action. Studies show that customized QR codes get 80% more scans.

What is personal use of QR codes?

The personal use of QR codes means using QR codes aside from its common uses for commercial and business purposes. Some examples of personal usage include:

  • Personalized wedding invitations
  • QR codes on headstones
  • QR code gifts
  • QR code recipe
  • QR codes on resume
  • vCard business cards