Let’s Get to Know: Examples of QR Codes and Their Uses

QR codes are the latest technological tool that can bring any campaign to a different level, just like all the other examples of QR codes from big brands.

They utilize the capacity of QR codes to make well-rounded strategies while also bridging the gap between digital and printed media.

In just a quick scan, you can provide your audience with different valuable information that contributes to your brand or personal success.

Learn how this is possible using the Free QR Code Generator and a complete how-to guide below.

Quick recap: QR code history and beginnings

Before diving in, let’s try to answer this question: What is a QR code?

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that store information in a square grid of black squares on a white background. However, today, this design is already customizable and not only limited to black and white.

They were invented in 1994 by a Japanese company called Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota, as a method to track vehicles during manufacturing processes.

The QR code was created by Masahiro Hara to improve upon the limitations of traditional barcodes.

And today, these QR codes are not only limited to manufacturing processes but have also extended to different fields, like retail, fashion, entertainment, and more.

What are the 2 types of QR codes?

Static and dynamic QR codes

You can choose from two types of QR code solutions: static and dynamic. 

Both types vary in offerings and performance, so getting to know these QR codes first is important to ensure that they will match your action.


Static QR codes are also known as the free QR codes. They store permanent data and don’t have the ability to edit embedded data.

You must regenerate a new code when you want to update its content. But the good thing is that this code lets you create an everlasting campaign, making it perfect for rules, regulation notices, and the like.


On the other hand, the dynamic QR code is a more advanced type of QR code that lets you edit, track, add passwords, and set expiry to your QR code. How to use this QR code?

You can update and edit the embedded data anytime, so you no longer have to regenerate a new code each time. Plus, you can add an extra layer of security by adding a password.

All these features make dynamic QR codes perfect for complex campaigns like marketing and QR code advertising

Different examples of QR codes you should know

There are different QR code solutions you should try and get to know, check out below:


The URL QR code solution can store any link and convert it into a QR code. You no longer have to share a naked link—you can creatively add this QR code anywhere, and it will no longer ruin your overall design.

It provides convenience to any scanners as they no longer have to search for any link manually; scanning the data will immediately lead them to the data.


The text QR code solution lets you create any text with words, numbers, punctuation marks, and emojis up to 1268 characters. 

You can scan this QR code solution even without the internet. And if you want to generate multiple texts in one go, you can do so using the bulk feature.


Vcard QR code

The business card vCard QR code solution lets you store your digital business card to add more information that no longer fits in a printed business card’s limited space.

Aside from the typical information in a printed business card, you can add your social media sites or website links.

When users scan the code, it will open up a business card landing page that you can directly download to your device for easy saving. 

You might be wondering how small can a QR code be if it can fit in a printed business card and still be scannable. Well, the minimum size is just 2 cm x 2 cm, so it really doesn’t have to take much space.


You surely know how stressful it is to connect to a WiFi network and manually input an alphanumeric combination of passwords.

Not only is it a hassle, but time-consuming as well. So to save from that struggle, you can use a WiFi QR code.

You just have to set up your WiFi details like network SSID and password then generate a code. Other users can instantly connect to your network by scanning the code.


The SMS QR code is an innovative method for individuals to reach out via text promptly. 

Individuals can dispatch pre-written text messages to a predetermined phone number with a single scan.

These types of QR codes have three ways of usage: You can just embed your phone number, so when users scan this code, they only need to encode their message for you.

You may also fill in the phone number and message section if you only intend to relay a message, or you can fill in the message section only so scanners can immediately send that message to any number.


The event QR code is great for disseminating details about any event, such as concerts, parties, or intimate gatherings. 

When users scan this code, it opens up the location, time and date of the event, making it easier for attendees to check out the details. 


The location QR codes are perfect for providing navigation.

When scanned, it opens mapping apps or navigation tools, guiding users to a particular location, store, or venue.


You can use the Facebook QR code to increase your number of followers or earn more friends, as it stores your Facebook account or page link. 

This solution is very helpful, especially for social media managers.


YouTube QR codes link directly to a specific YouTube video or channel.

This QR code opens up to the YouTube app or website, playing the designated video or leading to the channel for viewing content.

If you’re a vlogger, this QR code can do much wonder for you. 


This QR code solution holds your Instagram account link. Users can immediately check your Instagram account whenever they scan this code—easy sharing!


Showcase your Pinterest board and highlight your creativity by boosting your Pinterest account.  Create a Pinterest QR code for easy and convenient sharing.


Email QR codes encode an email address and optional message content. When scanned, it opens the user’s email app with the recipient’s email address pre-filled, allowing for quick emailing.


You can use a file QR code to embed JPEG, PNG, WAV, PDF, Excel, and Word in a QR code. This will allow any users to access any fickle, even without a file reader.

When scanned, it initiates the download process, enabling users to access the specified file directly.

Social media

Social media QR code

If you manage multiple social media accounts, you can use the social media QR code solution.

It allows you to create a QR code with all your social media platforms in one code. When users scan the code, they will see all your socmed sites in one landing page, allowing easy followings.


Fitting for restaurants and cafe owners, the Menu QR code can save them from printing tons of Menu booklets or cards.

A single QR code, when scanned, will open up a digital menu that customers can zoom in and out on their devices—more vibrant colors and much clearer than printed ones.

It’s also more hygienic as you no longer have to pass it from one person to another.

H5 Editor

The H5 QR code solution lets you edit your own landing page. You can design it however you want, using the available tools in the Free QR Code Generator.

You no longer have to buy a domain or pay for a developer to manage your own page, plus you have all the power to turn it into something very creative.

Google Form

Instead of handing out surveys or feedback forms, you can just share a QR code. When users scan this code, it will immediately open a form they can fill out using their device.

You must create an online Google Form and convert the link into a QR code. The data will go directly to an online database.


A Multi URL QR code, also known as a QR code for multiple links, is a powerful tool that can contain multiple links in a single code.

It directs scanners to specific web pages based on factors like when, where, and how many times it’s scanned.

This helps you provide more tailored content to your audience, conduct tests, and localize web pages.

App store

App store QR code

The app store QR code, on the other hand, lets you advertise more of an app. Scanning this will lead users to the devices’ respective App Store.

No need for manual searches and getting pranked by the wrong apps that might harm your device if downloaded.


The MP3 QR code lets you convert any audio material into a QR code. However, the audio file size limit depends on your subscription level, so you must take note of this detail too.

Users can instantly listen to the music even without an app when they scan this code. This makes music-sharing convenient compared to the typical Bluetooth-sharing.

How to create a QR code in 7 easy steps

1. Visit the Free QR Code Generator website

2. Pick from any of the available QR code solutions

3. Add the required data to complete the process

4. Hit the generate QR code button

5. Customize your QR code design using the customization features

6. Do a QR code test to check your QR code’s performance

7. Download or print, then share your QR code

Why use the Free QR Code Generator?

This QR code generator has a wide customization feature that will help you create unique QR code design

Plus, it offers static and dynamic QR codes and many QR code solutions specifically tailored to resolve a certain problem.

When you sign up, you also get 24-hour customer service assistance for your queries and concerns. They’d be really happy to help you.

QR codes in your everyday life

There are different uses of QR codes in everyday life—because of their flexibility, you can creatively use them in almost everything.

QR code in tourism

The tourism industry can benefit from the use of QR codes especially in providing tourists with exact locations of tourism spots.

No need for printed maps that only contribute to paper waste. It’s more convenient for everyone as there will be no need for guides as well.

QR code in education

Another examples of QR codes for another field is the use of QR codes, which can be more efficient. You can use QR codes to give students instant access to online learning materials.

Educators may also include QR codes in their learning resources to make it interactive, they can use image or audio QR codes to show students a better perspective of the lesson.

QR codes in retail and business

QR codes are most obviously used in retail and business uses.

You usually find QR codes on product packaging leading to various details, such as a feedback form or a link to the official website for more treats. 

Sample QR codes from big brands

Here are some examples of how big brands have used QR codes:

Hershey QR code

Hershey recently launched Kisses chocolates with QR codes on the packaging.

One of the links redirects users to a landing page which serves as your guide in recording your messages. There are available templates and filters that you can use to create unique video messages.

You may also directly use a pre-recorded video straight from your device. You can add this QR code on the Hershey packaging and give the chocolates as a gift.

When they scan the code, they will see the embedded video that you made.


Another sample of QR codes from big brands is the QREST.

It is probably one of the best marketing strategies with QR code integration. 

Porsche developed this campaign in 2019 for their Porsche Taycan e-vehicle. You can see their company crest on their car units with a QR code embellished on it.

This move only proves that the QR code power, indeed, can create a huge impact on a brand—a big brand like Porsche.


Coca-Cola is one of the most obvious brands that have been using QR codes throughout. You can see Coca-Cola products today with QR codes on their packaging.

These QR codes can lead to different data depending on the campaign the brand is running. Sometimes it leads to the official website where you can get merch products.

It could also provide interactive content like videos, especially during the Coke Studio campaign.

Make a statement with QR codes today

Examples of QR codes and their uses, especially from big brands, only show that QR codes are indeed effective in creating successful campaigns.

With the presence of various QR code solutions, you can guarantee to get the most fitting approach that targets your main concern in whatever field it is.

If you intend to grow and become globally competitive like those brands, it’s time to step up the game and tap the QR code technology for help.

Visit the Free QR Code Generator website today and sign up for an account now. 

Frequently Asked Question

What is an example of a QR code in marketing?

An example of a QR code in marketing is for discounts and promos. Marketers can use QR codes to provide discount coupons or vouchers when scanned by customers. 

Aside from using QR codes for discounts, you can also use QR codes to reach out to social media users by leading the audience in your social media platforms through social media QR codes.