How to Create a Custom QR Code for Pinterest

A QR code for Pinterest is the ultimate digital tool you need to make your profile and boards more discoverable to your followers, collaborators, and other content creators. 

Pinterest is the go-to platform for inspiration and ideas from fashion to food, travel, and more—making it the world’s 14th largest social media platform.

With millions of users and content creators converging to share ideas and inspirations in a single platform, standing out is no small feat. 

Fortunately, QR codes from Free QR Code Generator can help you enhance your presence on Pinterest. 

Are you ready for a QR treat? Keep reading to learn how to create one for free.

How do I create a QR code for Pinterest?

1. Open Free QR Code Generator on your browser. 

2. Choose the Pinterest QR code solution.

3. Input the Pinterest link you want to convert into a QR code.

4. Click the Generate QR code button.

5. Add a personal touch to your QR code design using the customization tools. 

6. Test your QR code to see if it’s working.

7. Download the QR code. PNG is suitable for digital use, while SVG is great for prints. 

Once done, upload it on Pinterest or integrate it into your promotional materials. Ensure to maintain a QR code size of at least 2×2 cm to remain scannable. Disseminate and let your audience scan it to discover your content.

What is a Pinterest QR code?

Pinterest QR codeThis QR code solution is specifically for the visual bookmarking site Pinterest, providing users with a practical way to convert Pinterest links into scannable QR codes. 

Using the solution is pretty easy and requires no fees. Just copy and paste the link of your profile, friend invitation, boards, or specific pins on the software, then convert it into a QR code.

Alternative QR code solutions to use for Pinterest

Free QR Code Generator also offers other dynamic QR code solutions to link your Pinterest profile and content. 

Although they require you to subscribe, these QR code solutions are beneficial, especially if you have dynamic marketing campaigns or are seeking insights into user interactions. 

Social media QR code

Consolidate all your social networking accounts, including Pinterest, in one QR code using the social media QR code solution.

This allows users to view them on one landing page and directly access them without the need to go over each platform and search for your name.

Brands that use a social media QR code on their campaigns notice a 30% increase in followers.

vCard QR code 

The vCard QR code solution allows you to do that. It supports over 40 social networking platforms, including Pinterest.

Users can access and save your contact information on their devices when they scan the QR code.

A QR code-powered digital business card is suitable to use for networking events, where a quick exchange of contact information is necessary. 

Benefits of using a QR code for Pinterest

From streamlining user interactions to enhancing promotional endeavors, QR codes bring several benefits to content creators and businesses that use Pinterest. 

Let’s explore the advantages you can gain from using QR codes that can help you optimize your presence on the visually-driven social platform.

Effortless profile exploration

You can simplify the process of users exploring and connecting with your Pinterest profile with a QR code. 

No need for manual searches or typing in usernames on the app or website. Once users scan the code using their smartphones, they can directly explore your profile and follow you.

Also, unlike the unique Pinterest Pincodes that can only be read using the platform’s mobile app, you can scan a QR code with any QR code scanners available on your mobile device. 

Quick access and sharing of pins and boards

Pinterest board QR codeOne of the primary benefits of using QR codes is swift access to specific pins or boards.

Instead of going to the Pinterest search section to look for inspirations and ideas, your followers and other potential users can just scan the code and access a specific board.

Using a QR code to link your Pinterest pins and boards also allows your audience to share and save their favorite content easily. 

Increased engagement and recognition

With the quick access to your profile, pins, and boards that QR codes provide, users can willingly explore and engage with your content.

This accessibility ensures an increase in visibility and engagement within the Pinterest community. 

Using a QR code with a logo also helps establish an immediate connection between the code and your brand, prompting users to scan and engage with the content. 

Versatile marketing tool

Whether you’re a blogger or a business owner, a QR code for Pinterest is an effective marketing tool that can help you promote your brand content with a simple scan.

You can seamlessly use the QR codes in ads and other promotional materials, promoting a cohesive brand presence.

Efficient product discovery and shopping

Knowing how to sell on Pinterest is an advantage. You can use QR codes to increase the visibility of your product on the platform and streamline users’ shopping experience. 

Users can scan it to explore and purchase the item directly from the platform. You can also share the QR code outside the platform to promote your best-selling items and increase sales.

Clever ways to use a custom QR code for Pinterest 

There are various things you can do with custom QR codes, especially when it comes to linking your Pinterest content. 

 Here are some innovative approaches that can enhance your presence and add uniqueness to your strategy:

Profile sharing

Whether it’s a business or personal blog account, you can use a QR code to link your Pinterest profile directly.

When users scan the QR code, they can seamlessly connect with your profile, creating a more user-friendly experience that encourages interaction.

Email Signature

Pinterest QR code email signatureAnother way to promote your Pinterest profile is to use a Pinterest QR code as your email signature

Not only does the QR code in email provide a convenient way for recipients to connect with you on Pinterest and explore your pins and boards, but it also adds a modern and tech-savvy touch to your professional communication. 

Digital portfolio

Pinterest is a great platform to use as your digital portfolio, allowing you to showcase your work to potential clients, employers, or collaborators from around the globe.

Link the specific board containing your best works into a QR code and incorporate it on your physical business cards or digital resume to direct viewers straight into it.

Pinterest board sharing

Those with similar interests no longer need to review the Pinterest app to find your boards for inspiration and ideas.

Link a specific Pinterest board to a QR code and direct them straight to the content that aligns with the theme or topic.

Product promotion

You can use a QR code for marketing to promote your products or works from Pinterest.

Since QR codes are versatile, you can easily share them on social media or integrate them into physical promotional materials, increasing your brand’s visibility in and outside the platform.

Why use Free QR Code Generator?

For individuals and businesses alike, free and reliable QR code software can be an indispensable tool that they can use for effectively employing QR codes in their strategies.

Why use our service, then? Here are the top reasons that will convince you:

Accessible and easy to use

Using this QR code software, you can generate a free QR code with a static one without incurring any costs.

This makes it accessible to all users, especially those new to the technology and operating with a limited budget.

It also has a user-friendly interface, allowing individuals and businesses to create QR codes easily. 

Variety of QR code solutions

This free QR code software offers various QR code solutions—from the most basic to the most advanced. 

Examples of QR codes available on the software are QR codes for website links, contact information, Wi-Fi access, and event promotion, among others, which users can tailor to suit their specific requirements.

Free customization tools

Users can freely personalize their QR codes to align with their brand aesthetics, choosing from different colors, patterns, and frames and even incorporating logos. 

This level of customization on QR code design ensures that they seamlessly integrate into existing branding strategies, maintaining a consistent visual identity.

Spice up your Pinterest with Free QR Code Generator

Pinterest is a powerful visual platform that allows millions of users to share their ideas and inspire others.

QR codes enhance this experience, providing a direct and seamless link between creators, businesses, and their audiences, boosting brand visibility and the overall user experience.

With a reliable free QR code software online, you can also create functional and aesthetically pleasing QR codes that you can seamlessly integrate into your Pinterest strategy. 

Embark on a journey where inspiration meets interaction, one scan at a time. Visit our website today and create your custom QR code for Pinterest in seconds. 

People also ask

How do I find my Pinterest code?

The Pinterest code, also known as the pin code, is a special code from the platform that you can use to share your profile. 

You can find your personal pincode by clicking your profile picture—it’s that easy!

How to do a Pinterest scan?

This feature of the Pinterest mobile app allows you to scan pincodes and search via an image on the platform. To scan a pincode or image, follow this guide below:

1. Open the Pinterest mobile app.

2. Tap on the search bar and press the camera icon to open the Pinterest scan feature.

3. Hold your device’s camera steady and align it with the pin code or image. The app should automatically recognize and direct you to a particular profile or similar content.