QR Code Strategies for Event Registration and Ticketing

Social events can be very crowded and a lot of people these days are wary about the security and sanitation of its facilities.

Even typical event registration and ticketing takes time and requires face-to-face contact. QR codes however, can automate these processes without compromising the health.

The audience no longer have to wait in long queues to register themselves or buy ticket. Just by scanning a code, users can register themselves using their smartphones and produce e-ticket which they only need to show in entrances.

There are lots of ways that QR code can benefit events and ticketing, it only requires creativity. Read more on this article to learn new tricks on how you can use QR code and how to create using a free QR code generator.

QR code uses for event registration and ticketing

Here are some unique ways that event QR code can be used for event registration and ticketing:

Event registration

Registration QR code

QR codes can be used to streamline the event registration process. For example, attendees can scan a QR code to access and complete an event registration form on their smartphone.

This can help reduce the workload of event staff and improve the efficiency of the registration process.


QR codes can be used as event tickets, eliminating the need for physical tickets. Attendees can simply scan the QR code on their smartphone to gain entry to an event. It helps reduce costs and improve the customer experience.

Access control

QR codes can be used to control access to different areas of an event, such as VIP areas or backstage areas.

Attendees can scan a QR code to gain access to these areas, and event staff can use QR code scanners to verify access as a way to improve security and control at events.

On-site check-in

QR codes can be used to streamline the check-in process at events. Attendees can scan a QR code to check in and receive their event credentials, such as a name badge or wristband.

Social media integration

Social media QR codeQR codes can be used to facilitate social media integration at events. For example, attendees can scan a QR code to access an event hashtag or follow the event’s social media accounts.

You can do this using the social media QR code, it helps increase engagement and build a community around the event.

Contactless payments

Contactless payment QR code can be used to facilitate contactless payments for event-related purchases, such as food, drinks, and merchandise.

Lead capture

QR codes can be used to capture leads at events, such as by offering guests a chance to scan a code in exchange for access to exclusive content or discounts.

Why use QR code for event registration and ticketing?

QR codes can be an efficient and convenient way to handle event registration and ticketing. Some benefits of using QR codes for these purposes include:

  1. Speed

QR codes can be scanned quickly, which means that guests can register or enter an event with minimal wait time.

  1. Convenience

Guests can scan QR codes using their smartphones, which means that they don’t have to worry about carrying physical tickets or registration materials.

  1. Security

QR codes can be used to create unique, tamper-proof tickets that can’t be duplicated or transferred. This can help prevent ticket fraud and ensure that only authorized guests are able to attend the event.

  1. Data collection

QR codes can be used to collect data about event attendees, such as their contact information and ticket purchase history. This can be useful for event planners who want to track attendance and gather insights about their audience.

  1. Customization

QR codes can be customized with event branding and messaging, which can help create a cohesive look and feel for the event.

How to create a QR code

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a QR code using an online QR code generator:

  1. Go to the Free QR Code Generator website.
  2. Select the type of QR code you want to create. 
  3. Provide the information needed to be included in the QR code.
  4. Click the “Generate QR Code” button to create the QR code.
  5. Customize the appearance of the QR code if desired. You can change the color, add a logo, or change eyes and frames. Add a call to action for a more inviting code.
  6. Choose the image format of your QR code before downloading. 
  7. Test the QR code to ensure it is readable and leads to the correct information.
  8. Download, print, and deploy your QR code.

How to scan QR  codes

To use QR codes for event registration and ticketing, you will need a smartphone or QR code scanner and a QR code generator. 

With iOS, versions 11 and later have built-in scanners that can scan the QR code using the device’s camera. Android 8 and above users can also use their phones to scan QR code.

If it doesn’t, try checking the camera settings on your mobile phones and enable the scanner feature.

You may also use third-party scanners. There are many free QR code generators available online, but we recommend the Free QR Code Generator.

To scan a QR code using a third-party scanner, install the application on your device then hold up the scanner over the QR code.

Automate your events and ticketing processes with QR codes to avoid the typical hassles you usually encounter with events management.

With QR code, you can now enhance audience experience while saving up on finances and manpower. 

Start your QR code journey with Free QR Code Generator and sign up for an account. Contact customer service for assistance, they are available 24/7 to answer your queries.