How To Make QR Code Registration For Better Events And More

Registration can be the most hassle of every event but worry no more because a QR code registration can save you from that.

Scanning this code leads to an online registration form that users can fill out using their smartphones—eliminating the need to print and manually fill it out.

This innovative approach brings convenience and efficiency to event attendees and organizers.

Check out how to create one for your upcoming event using the free QR code generator.

Google Form QR code solution for registration

The Google Form QR code lets you convert an online registration from a link into a QR code.

This solution fits perfectly for those who want to make survey or feedback collection faster, aside from registration and booking. 

With this solution, you no longer have to print loads of forms. A single QR code can go a long way.

Learn how to create a QR code for event registration and attract wider reach as you can place it on both print and digital media.

Users also don’t have to worry about how to scan this QR code because all it needs is a smartphone or a third-party scanner.

How do I create a QR code for a registration form?

  1. Go to the Free QR Code Generator online.
  2. Click on the URL or the Google Form QR code solutions.
  3. Provide the required link to continue with the action
  4. Hit on the generate QR code button
  5. Personalize your QR code design using the available custom features
  6. Run a test scan on your QR code using your own device.
  7. Download, print, or scan your QR code

Create an online registration form via Google Forms

Google form

You must first have an online registration form when creating a QR code registration. You will add its link to the free QR code generator, which will be converted into a QR code.

You only need Google Forms to create this form—it’s free and easy to use. Check out below:

1. Go to Google Forms by visiting Google Forms.

2. Log in to your Google account if you’re not already signed in.

3. Click the “+ Blank” button to create a new form.

4. Fill out the available information boxes and add content to your form, including title, questions, and questions.

5. Click the gear icon (Settings) in the top-right corner to access form settings.

6. Configure settings such as allowing users to edit responses, limit responses, collect email addresses, etc., based on your preferences.

7. Customize the appearance of your form by clicking on the color palette icon. You can choose different themes or customize colors and fonts.

8. Click the eye icon (Preview) to see how your form will look to respondents. Don’t forget to save it.

9. Click on the “Send” button at the top-right corner to share your form or copy the link to the form and share it via email, or social media, embed it on a website, or share it in any way you prefer.

How to creatively use registration QR codes

Here are some creative QR code uses you can try to make the best out of your registration QR code:


Check in form

Patients and accompanying relatives can immediately check in with their patients and skip the registration, which only contributes to the patient’s discomfort. 

Health institutions can implement QR code for healthcare and patient tracking. Patients can scan the code upon arrival, reducing wait times and streamlining administrative processes.

Event management

You can make event attendance checking more efficient by using a QR code.

Create an event registration QR code, allowing attendees to scan and instantly register for the event. This could include access to seminars, workshops, or social gatherings.

There are many creative ways to use QR code for eventsDoing so will eliminate the need for manual attendance at registration booths which would only result in long queues. 

Travel and tourism

Museums, historical sites, or tourist attractions can use  QR codes to provide visitors with detailed information about specific exhibits or locations.

Another useful QR code usage is allowing easy attendance listing when entering these places.

By scanning a QR codes at various points and filling out an attendance form, curators can keep track of those who come in and out of the place.

Retail and marketing

Retail business owners can use a QR code registration to keep track of their suppliers. Instead of listing these suppliers on an attendance sheet, why not provide a QR code leading to an online form?

An online database can hold thousands of suppliers' data and is not prone to damage and tear, unlike record books, which makes QR code a better choice.

Make this part of your customer engagement strategies it is much more convenient as they no longer have to write on paper and can work to fill out the details using their own smartphones. 


Enrollment QR code

Parents are very particular with an institution's capacity to record the attendance of their children. This means that the school do have proper documentation of their attendees daily.

That's why schools and universities can use QR code time attendance tracking, simplifying the enrollment process. Additionally, teachers can use QR codes to share supplementary study materials.

When students scan this QR code, they fill out an enrollment form that directly goes to an online database. Schools no longer have to print tons of enrollment forms and create long queues.

QR code sign-up for Real estate

As a real estate agent, how can you cater to multiple clients a day who wish to check and see the property you are marketing? It's one versus them all.

Good things, real estate agents can place QR codes on property listings, allowing potential buyers to scan them to register themselves for on-site property viewing.

This way, you get to schedule all of them so that it won’t be too crowded and for each viewer to discover the place freely.


Booking QR code

Hotels can provide QR codes for guests to scan upon arrival for contactless check-in. This will allow them to personally fill out the booking form that hotels usually require to ensure the identity of their guests.

Using QR codes reduces your contribution to paper waste that harms the environment.

What are the benefits of QR code registration?

Using a QR code for registration can benefit you in many ways. Check out the following benefits:

Convenience in information access

The use of QR codes can provide convenience to scanners. Using only their smartphones, they can get a hold of various data embedded in a QR code.

Almost everyone today has smartphones that they can use to scan a QR code, so it won’t be hard for anyone to access any QR code around.

Cuts the expenses

Implementing QR codes for sign-ups can lower operational costs by reducing paperwork, printing, and manual labor associated with traditional registration methods.

No need to print tons of registration forms that are only prone to tear and damage. With QR codes, you can use only one QR code for many purposes. All you need is to subscribe. 

Data collection and analytics

QR code registration can help collect valuable data and insights about attendees or customers. Analyzing this data can aid in understanding customer behaviors, preferences, and demographics.

Some of the data you can get from a QR code includes the number of scans, time and date of scanning, location of the scanner, and the device used to scan the code.

Hygiene and safety

During the pandemic, forms passed from one person to another have been one of the causes of faster viral transmission. It’s unhygienic.

However, a QR code registration allows for contactless interactions, minimizing physical touchpoints and promoting hygiene.

Customization and personalization

QR codes can adapt to the color palette of your material as you can customize its color and other elements to match wherever you plan to place it.

Even the form inside can be customized to give it a more inviting facade. Customizing a printed form will cost your colored inks, which are more pricey than black. 

Now what if you have to print tons of these forms? Just calculate the cost you will incur.

Why Free QR Code Generator?

There are many QR code makers online, but unfortunately, not all are trustworthy. All the information you will embed in a QR code might either get endangered or earn benefits depending on the software.

The good thing about this generator is that it conveniently offers both static and dynamic QR code solutions. Pro tip: between static versus dynamic QR code, it’s best to use dynamic solutions for their advanced features.

Overall, it also has 20 mixed solutions, allowing users to be creative and more specific with their campaigns.

Solutions from this generator include URL, vCard, social media, H5, WiFi, and even file QR codes—aside from being able to facilitate registration using QR codes, of course.

It also comes with a blog section that you can rely on for usage guides or QR code uses and tips.

This generator also has significant customization features to help create attractive and appealing QR codes.

You can play around the colors, the frame shape, eye and pattern style and even add a logo and call to action tag.

It also has a friendly interface allowing users to navigate the site swiftly—with or without a tech background. 

A seamless event needs a smooth registration process

Your next registration process should be as seamless as possible. No more hassle on queues or excessive cost spent on printing materials.

Go digital and use the latest QR code technology. Create a QR code registration for your event now. Bring your registration form to a bigger crowd by using both digital and printed realms.

Secure a well-constructed registration form. Ensure you get to include all the important details or questions in it.

All it takes is just a few Free QR Code Generator taps. Sign up for an account now and enjoy all the freebies with the freemium version.