How to Upgrade Promotional Strategies with a TV QR Code

Using a TV QR code for promotions can amplify the reach and impact of marketing campaigns by providing a direct and engaging way for viewers to interact with promotional content.

QR codes can bridge the gap between TV advertising and online platforms. They can lead viewers to websites or dedicated social media platforms, creating a straightforward transition between different marketing channels.

Essentially, implementing them on TV can be a cost-effective way to drive online traffic and conversions, all while offering opportunities for creative marketing campaigns that drive excitement and engagement among viewers.

In addition to a reliable Free QR Code Generator as your tool, a wide array of options in promotional strategies is also waiting for you. Keep reading to get started.

Enrich TV promotional ads using QR codes

By creatively incorporating QR codes for retail and customer engagement on TV ads, brands can enrich the viewing experience, deepen engagement with their audience, and drive measurable results.

Scanning one of these QR codes can direct viewers to additional product information, user reviews, or even fun giveaways. This helps consumers make informed purchasing decisions and builds trust in the brand.

Up your game with these QR code advertising examples

Tv QR code advertising

Product demonstrations

Want to provide viewers with a comprehensive advertisement for your newest kitchen appliance but only have limited screen time? 

You can add a QR code instead that viewers can scan to see a step-by-step cooking demonstration video showcasing the appliance’s features and how to use it to prepare various recipes.

You can use your smartphone as a TV scanner app to scan these QR codes.

For this one, you can use the URL QR code solution. This lets you embed a video through a link. With just a scan, a pop-up link would simply appear that customers can tap to watch the full video on their smartphones. 

Exclusive offers

If you own a clothing brand and want to promote your new collections through a unique TV commercial, you can incorporate a QR code containing a special discount code to capture viewers’ attention.

This marketing gimmick lets viewers engage with your brand more, transforming onlookers into potential or even regular customers. 

You can create this discount QR code using the text QR code solution. Then, you can embed the promo code for that particular collection, which viewers can use when they purchase an item from your store.

As a thank you to your patrons, you can also offer a one-time-use coupon code that they can use anytime. 

Movie trailers

Got an upcoming blockbuster movie? Add a Netflix QR code to your trailer and let viewers scan it as the teaser airs on TV. 

Viewers who scan the code are directed to a YouTube channel where they can watch an extended trailer, view cast interviews, and purchase tickets in advance.

To create this QR code video, you can use the file QR code, a dynamic solution that supports video files in MP4 format. Simply upload the file in the QR code maker, generate, customize, and download—it’s ready to integrate into your ad.

Interactive contests

Holding an interactive contest is one of the best QR code advertising examples you can take inspiration from. It creates an engaging atmosphere, not to mention the wide publicity you can accumulate during the process. 

If you own an automotive company, for example, you can air a TV ad for your latest car model with a floating QR code, prompting viewers to scan it for a chance to win a test drive experience. 

Participants can access a Google Form  that they need to fill out and submit to enter the contest.

To create this custom QR code, you first need to create a form on Google Forms containing all the necessary details and then simply convert it into a Google Form QR code using free QR code software. 

With Google Forms and QR code technology combined, you can track the number and demographics of viewers participating in your contest and receive their entries in real-time.

TV QR code to increase followers on social media

Social media QR code on tv

But a few seconds of exposure just won’t cut for you. Good thing you have included a dynamic social media QR code to do the job for you. 

With just a scan, viewers can access all your social media accounts on one landing page. Each button leads directly to your page, which they can follow to keep updated on what’s hot on your newest promotions.

You can use the social media QR code to link all your social media handles. Copy all of your social media profiles’ profile URLs, paste them into the QR code platform, and generate this all-in-one code. 

Educational content

Picture a home improvement retailer airing a TV ad that promotes its DIY workshop series. 

Usually, DIY videos take time, even if it’s on time-lapse. With a QR code, however, it’s a different story.

Viewers can scan the code for access to free instructional videos on topics such as painting techniques, home repairs, and gardening tips.  

If you have a dedicated page for your video collection of DIYs, say, on YouTube,  you can create your custom QR code for your channel using the YouTube QR code solution. 

Donation for charities

Advertisement QR code

With Free QR Code Generator, you can add a QR code to your TV show to prompt viewers to scan it and make a donation directly to the organization’s fundraising campaign, which will help support your mission.

If you also want to build better connections with stakeholders, you can integrate your vCard QR code on the ad to instantly share your organization’s contact details, facilitating easier collaboration. 

Local promotions

While promoting your new menu items on a TV ad, you can add a TV QR code that contains

a digital menu where they can order directly right on their smartphones!

Not only does it help you promote your menu items, but you also make it convenient for your customers to place an order and pay just by watching an advertisement on TV.

You can use a Menu QR code solution on this one. It can customize your QR code according to your promotional propaganda.

Interactive games

Transport your viewers to a whole lot of new experiences beyond your fast food chain’s TV commercial by leading them to interactive games. How? Through QR codes. 

You can link this QR code to a landing page where users can play an interactive game, such as a wheel of fortune, and collect rewards they can redeem on their next purchase.

To create this one, you can use the H5 editor QR code, also known as an HTML QR code. Since this solution supports various multimedia elements, you can add them in to make your landing page more interactive. 

How to promote ads using QR codes on TV

Promoting products and services QR code advertising has its complexity. To give you an idea, here’s a list of things you should note when you promote ads using QR codes on TV.

Define clear objectives

Determine the specific goals of your TV advertising campaign. Are you looking to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, promote a new product, or generate leads? Clear objectives will guide your QR code strategy.

Create compelling content

Develop engaging TV advertisements that capture viewers’ attention and provide value to them. Ensure that the content is relevant to your target audience and aligns with your brand messaging.

Coming up with a content marketing plan requires a lot of consideration. Make sure that the information you provide is valuable, all while maintaining the visuals of the QR codes.

Integrate QR codes

When incorporating QR codes into your TV ads, strategically place them on the screen to make them visible and easy to scan. 

As we all know, commercials on TV have limited screen time, so time is of the essence. Therefore, the scannability of the QR code should be considered thoroughly.

Consider using a call to action (CTA) to encourage viewers to scan the code for exclusive offers, discounts, or additional content.

Provide incentives

Offer incentives to incentivize viewers to scan the QR code on TV. This could include discounts, promotions, freebies, or access to exclusive content. Make sure the incentive is compelling enough to encourage action.

Optimize landing pages

Create mobile-friendly landing pages or digital experiences to ensure a smooth transition from the TV ad to the smartphone and that the promised value is delivered.

Track and analyze performance

QR Code Generator offers OR code tracking and Google analytics scans and measuring the performance of your TV advertising campaign. 

This will help you analyze the performance of your promotions and which part should you need to improve. 

Monitor metrics such as scan rates, conversion rates, and engagement levels to assess the effectiveness of your QR code strategy.

Iterate and optimize

Continuously iterate and optimize your QR code promotions based on performance data. Test different QR code placements, incentives, and calls to action to identify what resonates best with your audience.

Promote across channels

Extend the reach of your QR code promotions by promoting them across other marketing channels. Share QR codes on social media, in email newsletters, or on your website to reach a wider audience and drive additional engagement.

You have a lot of QR codes for social marketing ideas just waiting for you to discover. 

Educate viewers

Provide clear instructions on how to scan the QR code in your TV ads. Include brief but informative text or visual cues to guide viewers through the scanning process and highlight the benefits of doing so.

Using Free QR Code Generator to make custom QR codes

When generating a QR code for a TV ad, choosing the right generator is important to have a functional and visually appealing QR code.

Below are the  steps on how you can make custom QR codes the easy way:

  • Open Free QR Code Generator on the browser.
  • Select the type of QR code you will need for your TV ads.
  • Select between Static or Dynamic QR and generate the code. 

Top Recommendation: Use a dynamic QR code so you can update its content anytime and track the performance of your QR code-powered campaigns using in-platform analytic tools. 

  • Personalize the QR code design using the available customization tool. Use your brand colors and add your logo and call to action tag to increase brand awareness.
  • Do a scan test. Check for scanning errors and issues so that you can resolve them if there are any.
  • Download and deploy.

Advantages of using QR codes on TV ads

QR codes provide a convenient way for viewers to access more information about a product or service without the need to type in URLs or manually search for further details online. 

This convenience can lead to increased engagement with the advertisement. To give you an overview, here’s a list of advantages when using QR codes on TV ads:

Interactive engagement

QR codes allow viewers to engage with the advertisement actively. 

By scanning a code, they can access additional content, promotions, or product information, enhancing their overall viewing experience.

Trackable metrics

They can be tracked, providing valuable data on how many viewers are engaging with the advertisement and which specific calls-to-action are resonating most effectively. 

This data can inform future marketing strategies and optimize campaign performance.

Cross-channel integration

QR codes can simply integrate with other marketing channels, such as social media or print advertisements. 

This integration can create a cohesive brand experience for consumers across multiple touchpoints.

Instant gratification

They enable viewers to quickly access exclusive offers, discounts, or additional content related to the advertisement, leading to a sense of instant gratification and incentivizing further engagement with the brand.


Compared to traditional methods of driving traffic to websites or landing pages, such as including URLs in ads, QR codes can be a cost-effective solution. 

They eliminate the need for lengthy URLs and can be easily added to TV commercials without significantly increasing production costs.

Enhanced analytics

By linking a TV QR code to a specific landing page or digital asset, marketers can gain insights into consumer behavior beyond simple click-through rates. 

They can track user interactions, time spent on pages, and conversion metrics, providing a more comprehensive understanding of campaign effectiveness.

Data capture

QR codes can also capture customer data. Data capture refers to the process of collecting and storing data from various sources in a structured format for further analysis or processing.

By directing users to a landing page or form after scanning the code, businesses can collect valuable information, such as email addresses or demographic data, for future marketing efforts.

Global brands that use QR codes in commercials on TV

Tv commercial QR code

However, some brands have experimented with QR codes in their TV advertisements or campaigns. Here are a few examples:


Samsung has included QR codes in some of its TV advertisements to provide viewers with additional product information and demonstrations or to link them to their website for purchasing.

This month, Samsung has offered a limited-time promo of trading in your old device and get up to 255.98 USD worth of savings. 

  • You just have to scan the QR code shown on their latest TV ad, and it will lead you to the App Store to download their app. 
  • Next, open the app and click Scan QR Code to assess the value of your old device or key in the 6301 store code. 
  • Go to the nearest Samsung Experience Store and get your new Galaxy device at a discounted price.

Note: Promo is valid until June 30, 2024


Recently, in the heat of the UEFA or Union of European Football Associations Champions League, Lay’s have set up a contest granting the winner a prize of a once-in-a-lifetime trip to London to watch the Championship League. 

With a hashtag, NoLaysNoGame, the viewers would simply scan the floating QR code as soon as it appears on Lay’s TV ad and will be directed to their landing page if they wish to participate.

Burger King

Years ago, Burger King was one of the global brands that took the initiative to use QR codes in their commercial ads. 

On their 12-second TV screen time, a QR code was displayed with instructions saying viewers can scan the QR code to order their favorite Burger King menu items for pick up or delivery. 

Dominate today’s promotional marketing strategy with a TV QR code

QR codes on TV offer opportunities for innovative marketing campaigns that capture viewers’ attention and differentiate the brand in a competitive market. 

Whether through interactive experiences, exclusive content, or gamification, QR codes allow marketers to create memorable and impactful advertising campaigns.

In addition, they create more meaningful interactions with consumers, ultimately leading to increased brand awareness and loyalty.

Now, with Free QR Code Generator in the mix, this combination is making them a valuable tool for marketers looking to maximize their returns on investment (ROI) in the long run. 

Visit our website today and see more of the potential of QR codes in promoting your brand or business out there.

Frequently asked question

Do QR codes on TV work?

Yes. As long as you use a QR code scanner or have a built-in scanner on your phone, you can scan them just fine. Just take note of the surround lighting to avoid errors in the scanning of the QR code. 

How are QR codes generated and what QR code software was used? These are some of the most crucial factors that need to be considered to ensure a QR code’s scannability.

So, if you intend to use one in one of your TV commercials, choosing the right generator should be considered.

Where do I find QR code on TV?

You can find QR codes from popular TV commercials or even in the middle of a broadcast show, which viewers can scan to participate or cast a vote, for example.