How to Create a Custom Badge QR Code in 5 Steps

A badge QR code is a smart approach to verify people’s identities and manage their entries at companies and events in a scan.

Badges and identification cards are fundamental tools that ensure the credentials of individuals and confirm their roles or affiliations within an organization or event. They also help ensure proper entries and exits of verified personnel. 

Learn more about how this digital innovation can help you with smooth access and control and how to create a badge with a QR code using a free QR code generator below.

What is a QR code badge?

Badge QR code

A QR code in an identification badge leads users to a website or digital document that contains an individual’s detailed personal information, which is crucial for identity verification.

This can include a person’s complete name and address, contact details, affiliation, and unique identification number.

Businesses and events commonly use an ID badge barcode to store unique numbers or alphanumeric characters. 

Today, it is much preferable to use a QR code with logo as it can hold more data and various forms of information aside from digits and text.

This versatility makes them a valuable and practical addition to badges that can help streamline attendance tracking, access control, and information sharing. 

You can easily create custom logo QR code for badges using a reliable free QR code name badge generator online. Follow this five-step guide to create one: 

How do I add a QR code to my name badge?

1. Go to the Free QR Code Generator.

2. Select the QR code solution that fits your needs and input the required information. 

3. Click the Generate QR Code button. 

4. Personalize the QR code using the customization tools available in the software. You can change the eye shape, color, pattern, frame, and template and add a logo or image as long as it follows a proper QR code design

5. Run a scan test to ensure the QR code works and then download in either PNG or SVG image format. PNG is suitable for digital use, while SVG is good for prints. 

Integrate the badge QR code into your name tag or identification card and let others interact. 

Clever ways to use QR codes on badges

QR code file document management is instrumental in managing access control and streamlining identity authentication processes, making it a valuable tool across various industries.

Here are five different ways you can use the QR codes on badges and identification cards: 

Registration and ticketing concert badge

Concerts and festivals integrate QR codes on badges or wristbands to enhance ticketing processes, access control, attendee engagement, and overall event management. 

Using a QR code for event registration and ticketing eliminates the need for physical tickets. It reduces waiting times to enter the venue since security personnel or ushers can scan attendees’ QR codes, facilitating swift and efficient entry.

Attendees can also access a website or social media platform that contains event schedules, artist profiles, interactive maps, or exclusive content when they scan the code, enhancing their overall engagement with the concert.

Providing unique QR codes with passwords to event staff and guests that authorize them to enter VIP areas, backstage, or exclusive sections only after they enter the password at checkpoints helps enhance security. 

Attendance monitoring

Incorporating a logo QR code on ID cards makes attendance tracking in companies and schools easier. 

QR technology allows administrators and teachers to efficiently manage large groups of employees, attendees, and students.

By storing the name, ID number, and other relevant details within QR codes, administrators and teachers can immediately verify employees’ or students’ identities and record their attendance with a scan. 

This minimizes the risk of human error that comes with manual attendance taking and, at the same time, reduces waiting times and congestion at entry points.

Human resource and employee tracking

Integrating an HR and employee tracking QR code in the workplace allows companies to streamline the onboarding process and track employee performance, improving overall productivity. 

With this technology, employees can conveniently indicate task completion or project milestones in a digital record when they scan the code. 

Managers can also monitor employee attendance and work performance and promptly address any issues using the QR codes’ data. 

Adding QR codes on employee badges also helps manage access control within company premises, only allowing employees with permission to gain entry to specific areas within the workplace.

Healthcare and patient tracking

QR code solutions for healthcare and patient tracking help store patients’ medical records and track their appointments and check-ins in hospitals or clinics. 

By integrating them into patients’ wristbands or ID cards, medical staff can quickly and accurately verify their identities and administer the appropriate medication. 

The healthcare sector also integrates them into digital vaccination cards. The Nevada QR code health system, in particular, provides its constituents with QR codes that link to their immunization records.

With the state’s SMART health QR code, people no longer need to carry physical vaccination cards as they can store and access them through their smartphones.

Emergency QR code name tags

Name tag QR code

Engraving a QR code on a name tag that leads to an emergency contact list can provide essential information to first responders, especially when individuals cannot communicate their needs.

Storing information about medical conditions and other critical data into QR codes can also aid emergency personnel in providing appropriate care to the patient.

Top QR solutions to use for QR code badges

The Free QR Code Generator offers a wide variety of QR solutions you can use to create unique QR codes for badges. Below are the top five picks from the software: 

File QR code

A file QR solution allows you to link digital files containing a wealth of data, from personal details to access permissions and event-specific information.

It supports document formats such as PDF, Word, and Excel. You can also upload an image in PNG or JPEG and a video in an MP4 format. 

By using this versatile QR solution to create your badge QR code, you can provide users with an interactive way of introducing yourself, your company, or your organization to the public.  

Social media QR code

Identification card QR code

If you’re eager to share your social media accounts with others conveniently, you can attach a social media QR code to your badge or name tag. 

Using this QR solution, you can store the links to all your social media accounts into one QR code, leading users to one landing page. 

Event QR code

Attaching an event QR code for a concert badge, ticket, or wristband lets attendees access information about a conference or event. 

Using this QR solution, you can store information related to the event, such as its name, location, and schedule. 

Text QR code

A text QR code solution lets you embed a personalized text or message on a QR code. 

The Free QR Code Generator allows you to create multiple text QR codes that contain unique messages all at once using this solution.  

When people scan these QR codes on badges, they can access these messages through their smartphones.

vCard QR code

You can create a QR code for a badge that contains a digital business card using the vCard QR solution. 

This solution allows you to embed relevant information that proves a person’s identity, such as his photo, contact details, and social media accounts. 

Using this solution, you can create bulk QR code name tags for employees, event organizers, and organization members. 

By integrating this type of QR code into badges, a person, business, or organization can quickly share their information with customers and clients, allowing them to build better connections. 

Advantages of using a badge QR code

QR codes in badges and identification cards are transforming how events, businesses, and educational institutions manage access and verify identities.  

Here are the key advantages of integrating QR codes in badges:

Easy information-sharing

QR codes on badges allow you to easily share comprehensive information about a person, product, or event with others. 

Users can access contact information, event schedules, or website links with just a scan of the code, enhancing convenience for both the badge wearer and those interacting with them. 


You can streamline the check-in process, track attendance, and monitor session participation by integrating QR codes on badges. 

Attendees, employees, and organizers can quickly scan these QR codes to verify their identities and record their attendance and check-ins, reducing waiting times and improving overall efficiency.


QR codes allow you to store various information, such as contact details, website links, social media profiles, or event information. 

They are also highly customizable and easy to integrate into various print and digital materials. 


You can enable the password protection feature of dynamic QR codes, allowing you to secure the information they store. 

To verify their identities and enter specific areas, authorized individuals must input the password first, improving overall security protocols.


If you’re looking for a way to reduce the cost of producing badges, identification cards, or tickets, using a badge QR code is a budget-friendly option you can choose. 

By linking digital ID cards or tickets to QR codes, you can immediately distribute them to others digitally, saving you time and effort. 

Audience engagement

You can link a QR code on a badge to surveys, feedback forms, or social media profiles to facilitate audience engagement. 

When attendees scan the code, they can access a site or page to participate in polls or connect with event organizers and businesses, creating a sense of community and interaction.

Contactless interactions

A badge QR code offers a contactless access control and identification solution, reducing the need for physical contact during check-ins and verification processes. 

This touch-free approach promotes safety and hygiene during events, conferences, and networking.


You can minimize paper and plastic waste by using QR codes in distributing badges and identification cards to people. 

By downloading the QR code, people can also immediately store and access their digital badges on their smartphones without the need to carry physical ones. 

Generate free QR codes for badges today

A badge QR code helps streamline attendee check-ins, enhance security through access control, and facilitate touchless interactions, enriching the user experience.

Whether for corporate offices, events, or educational institutions, a badge QR code makes efficient management and engagement possible. 

With its flexibility and capacity to enhance security, it’s a valuable tool you can leverage to optimize access control and identity authentication systems. 

Create and integrate a custom QR code into your ID cards, tickets, and wristbands today by visiting the Free QR Code Generator.