How to Make an RSVP QR Code in 5 Steps

Paper invitations are a thing of the past. It’s time to use a more creative and innovative way to invite your guests and make them say yes to your invitations—RSVP QR code. 

This digital marvel allows attendees to confirm their presence conveniently with just a scan of the code through their mobile devices, leaving behind the hassle of manual confirmations.

Find out below how you can simply create this QR code using a free QR code generator and transform the way you organize and attend events. 

What is a QR Code for RSVP?

QR codes for events have become popular tools in event management because they simplify event coordination processes and enhance experience.

The RSVP QR code, in particular, is a digital tool that revolutionizes how hosts and event organizers deliver invitations to guests. 

Coming from the French term “Répondez s’il vous plaît, which means “please respond,” the QR code for RSVP is useful in sending the guests instant requests to reply if they plan to attend the event.

With a simple scan of the QR code, invitees can confirm their attendance through their smartphones. 

Instead of using manual RSVP lists, event organizers and their clients can distribute their guests’ digital invitation cards with QR codes. 

This avoids time-consuming check-ins, registration errors, and long queues, providing clients and guests with a smooth and memorable event experience.

How do I create an RSVP QR code?

Keep attendee information in QR codes and incorporate them into your digital invitations in seconds! Follow this step-by-step guide on how to create an RSVP card QR code: 

1. Open a QR code software on your browser

Open a QR code software compatible with either your computer or smartphone’s browser. 

Free QR Code Generator is a trustworthy software that lets you create unlimited custom QR codes for free. 

It offers 20 QR code solutions for specific purposes and six customization tools to help you personalize your QR code. 

2. Input the required data

Rsvp google forms

Embed the information you want to store in the QR code. Choose the Google Form QR code solution if you’re using Google Forms for your RSVP.

With this QR solution, you can link the online document to a QR code, allowing event attendees to access the form, fill it out with their personal information, and confirm their attendance  

Create an RSVP Google Form by opening the platform through the app or browser. Choose the RSVP template and input relevant information, such as event name, location, and questions that will confirm your guests’ attendance. 

Once you are done creating your RSVP form, copy the sharing link and paste it on the QR code software.

3. Generate the QR code

Click the Generate QR Code button and let the software create the QR code. It only takes a few seconds to generate.

4. Customize the QR code

Change the appearance of your QR code to match your personal preferences or event color scheme. 

Free QR Code Generator offers customization tools, including but not limited to color, eye, frame, and logo. 

5. Run a scan test and download

Run a scan test using your smartphone’s camera or built-in scanner to see if it’s working properly. Do this to every QR code you create.

Download the QR code image in either PNG or SVG format. PNG is suitable for digital invitation cards or emails. Meanwhile, SVG is suitable for printed invitations. 

Add the QR code to your invitation materials and immediately send them to your guests.

Other solutions to use for QR Code RSVP from Free QR Code Generator

Free QR code generator

This QR code software offers QR code solutions suitable for making a QR code for invitations. 

From the most simple to the most advanced, here is a list of the best QR code solutions to use for RSVPs:

URL QR code

The URL QR code is the most versatile solution in QR code software online. 

It can support links to digital RSVP cards from graphic design platforms such as Canva, Fotor, and Adobe Express or a landing page where guests can confirm attendance.

Copy and paste the URL of the online document that contains your invitation and instantly create a QR code.

SMS QR code

Simply invite your guests with a text message using an SMS QR code. This QR solution lets you input short invitation messages or greetings in the code. 

When users scan the QR code, they can directly read the message and quickly send their reply to the invitation without manually opening their messaging app. 

Email QR code

The email QR code solution is specifically for sending quick emails. 

Unlike the SMS QR code, this QR solution lets you input other important details besides your main message, such as the email address and subject. 

The RSVP QR code directs the recipient to their email app, allowing them to access your message and reply to your request. 

This QR code in email is great when sending quick email invitations to clients and business partners.   

Benefits of using an RSVP QR code

Rsvp QR code

QR codes are revolutionizing event planning and management and enhancing experience to a whole new level due to their ease of use and versatility. 

Here are some of the benefits of using QR codes for RSVP in event planning and management: 


You can speed up the check-in process to your event using a QR code for RSVP. 

By scanning the code with their smartphones, attendees can quickly and conveniently confirm their attendance, eliminating the need for manual registration during their entry.

QR codes are also easy to integrate into digital and print invitation materials, making them suitable for event needs.  

Enhanced guest experience

An RSVP QR code provides a hassle-free way for guests to confirm their attendance and enter venues.

This digital tool enhances their event experience by reducing waiting time and allowing them to enjoy the event more. 

Accurate guest list

An accurate guest list ensures that the event is smooth sailing, avoiding shortages or wastage of resources. 

With a QR code for RSVP, organizers can accurately track attendee responses, particularly their attendance status, dietary preferences, and seating arrangement, and prepare appropriate venue space, seating, and catering.


Using a QR code invitation, you can maintain a secure environment for organizers and guests.

This digital tool helps filter out unauthorized entries since only those with valid QR codes can access the venue.  


Going digital with RSVPs reduces the need for paper invitations and manual record-keeping, contributing to a more eco-friendly event planning process.

This method is also cost-efficient as organizers no longer need to print physical RSVP cards when using QR codes. 

QR code invitation use cases

There are many creative ways to use QR codes for events, including sending RSVPs via QR codes. Here are some ways individuals, businesses, and organizations use these tech tools to their advantage: 

1. Corporate events and conferences

Corporate event QR code

Business events, conferences, and seminars use QR codes for instant RSVP, ensuring professionals can focus on networking and learning.

They also simplify corporate event management, aiding organizers in estimating the number of participants and planning event logistics accordingly. 

2. Social gatherings

Social gatherings such as parties, reunions, and christenings incorporate QR codes for RSVP on their invitations to conveniently manage guest lists and successfully plan a memorable event.

In particular, wedding organizers can distribute a wedding RSVP card with QR code technology to guests to efficiently confirm their presence. 

3. Cultural and arts events

QR codes for RSVPs help streamline entry to art exhibitions, theater performances, and music festivals, enhancing the overall experience for art enthusiasts and attendees.

4. Concerts and entertainment events 

Attendees can RSVP to their most awaited concerts, music festivals, or theater performances using QR codes. They can confirm their attendance at the event with just a scan of the code.

The responses from attendees also assist organizers in estimating audience size, optimizing seating, and enhancing the overall concert experience.

5. Charity and fundraising

Non-profit organizations use QR codes to track attendance for fundraising events, ensuring accurate numbers for seating, food, and other arrangements.

Another use of QR codes is for payment, like Venmo QR code and Paypal's to ensure that donations and raised funds go directly to correct recipient.

6. Restaurant reservations

Restaurant reservation QR code

Restaurants implement QR codes for table reservations, which are suitable during peak hours.

This digital tool lets diners conveniently confirm their bookings and provide the restaurant with accurate guest counts.

7. Virtual events and webinars

Online events and webinars also use QR codes to confirm attendees’ presence, ensuring a seamless virtual experience.

Say yes to using an RSVP card QR code today

QR codes are transforming the way one can send invitations to guests and participants for weddings, concerts, and other events. 

With an RSVP QR code, you don’t have to print invitations on paper and wait for days to gather your guests’ responses to your invite. 

Send them an RSVP card with a QR code, and they can just scan the QR code and reply instantly.

This compact two-dimensional barcode’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness make it a valuable tool in event planning and management, creating seamless experiences for event organizers and guests.

Visit Free QR Code Generator today and give your guests RSVP invitations with QR codes to make them say yes.