The Innovative Revolution of QR Code in Email

QR codes have changed and improved how businesses engage with their customers. Users can access digital content by scanning a QR code, including links, videos, and images.

While many companies have widely used QR codes in advertising and promotional materials, email marketers can leverage this technology to enhance their campaigns.

Many email marketing campaigns have surfaced aided by QR code technology. So in this blog, we will explore the benefits and best practices of using QR codes in email marketing.

Creating a QR Code for Email

Creating a QR code is easy with the best free QR code generator online. Here are the steps to do so.

  1. Go to the QR generator homepage.
  2. Choose the email QR code.
  3. Provide the needed details, such as your email address, subject, and the message that comes with it.
  4. Hit the generate QR code button.
  5. Customize your QR code. You can add colors, change eyes and frames, add a logo, and a call to action.
  6. Run a test on your QR code to ensure that it’s working.
  7. Download, print, and share your QR code.

Benefits of Using QR Codes in Email

Email QR codes can help boost engagement and conversion rates in email marketing campaigns. When you use QR codes in your email marketing strategy, you can:

Increase customer engagement

By using QR codes, you can increase customer engagement. You can lead them to different data, such as another link, image, video, or other platforms.

Enhance the customer experience

Instead of sending your mailing list with another URL link or a file they need to download, you just have to send them a QR code. It creates a new user experience for your customer.

Boost website traffic and conversion

The best thing about QR codes is that you can use them for advertising and marketing your other platforms. Say you have a website or some social media accounts. You can use a QR code to drive traffic there.

Use Cases for QR Codes in Email

You can use QR codes for various email campaigns, including:

Promotions and discounts

You can use email QR codes to promote products and offer discounts. You can ask your mailing list to scan the code in exchange for a voucher code.

Event invitations and registration

Registration or checking-in processes can be very time-consuming. To avoid giving your audience this annoyance, email them a form embedded in a QR code and email it ahead of time.

Surveys and feedback collection

Use QR codes in feedback collection emails to allow customers to provide feedback on their experience with your brand. This way, it’ll be easier for you to gather insights from them, even from distant customers.

Social media and website links

QR codes can direct customers to your social media pages, website, or digital content.

Best Practices for QR Codes in Email

To maximize the effectiveness of QR codes in email, consider the following best practices:

Optimize QR code size and placement: Make sure the QR code is large enough to be easily scanned. Since you are to place it in an email, don’t make its size too overwhelming. 

Ensure the QR code is scannable and links to relevant content: Test the QR code to ensure it can be scanned and links to the desired content. Users hate troubles when scanning, which will create a bad impression on you.

Learn how to scan a QR code in email using three methods: phone camera, Google Lens, and third-party scanner.

Test and monitor QR code performance and usage: Track the performance of your QR code to understand its engagement and whether it’s delivering the desired results. Data that you acquire from tracking is enough to make better strategies.

Industries that can use email QR codes

QR codes are a versatile and powerful tool that can benefit many industries. There are lots of industries that can significantly benefit from the use of email QR codes.

Here are five industries that can benefit from using email QR codes:

Retail: Retail businesses can use retail QR code in their email campaigns to offer promotions and discounts or to showcase new products.

You can add a QR code to their emails; customers can quickly scan the code and be directed to the retailer’s website or online store, where they can purchase.

Hospitality: The hospitality industry can use QR codes to give guests information about their offered rooms and amenities.

To confirm emails, guests can scan the code to access information about the hotel’s amenities, room service, and local attractions.

Education: Educational institutions can use education QR code to share information about courses, events, and other resources with students.

Let students quickly access more information about the event or course or be directed to a registration page thru the newsletter.

Healthcare: This industry can use QR codes to give patients access to essential health information.

For example, a healthcare provider could add a QR code to an appointment reminder email, directing patients to an online resource that provides tips on preparing for their appointment.

Real Estate: Real estate agents can use QR codes to provide clients with virtual tours of properties. This can save clients time and make the home-buying process more convenient. Read QR code ideas for real estate and property management.

Begin your email campaign with QR codes

We are excited to introduce this new feature to your email campaigns – QR codes! 

By scanning the QR code in your email strategies, you can quickly and easily redirect the audience to exclusive promotions, product information, registration pages, and more.

Using QR codes is simple. You must instruct users to open their smartphone camera, scan the QR code in the email, and they will land on the relevant landing page. It’s that easy!

We can offer you a more convenient and engaging experience with our email campaigns using QR codes. So, be sure to keep an eye out for email QR codes and start scanning those QR codes today!

If you have any questions or feedback on this feature, please don’t hesitate to visit the Free QR Code Generator website. You can also check FAQs and read blogs for more ideas.