Celebrate New Year’s Eve With A Bang: QR Code Uses And Ideas

Turn your New Year’s Eve celebration into an unforgettable one. Use the best and most efficient innovative technology today—the QR codes!

QR codes are flexible enough to create fun and enjoyable activities for your whole family during the New Year celebration.

Level up what used to be a simple meal and make it more festive; welcome the new year differently this time.

Read below to discover more about this tool and learn how you can personalize this using a free QR code generator. 

QR code integration to celebrations

Traditional celebrations can now be brought higher with a smooth integration of technology, specifically QR codes. You just have to be creative or take tips from this blog as well. 

While businesses are the most evident users of QR codes, their flexibility allows them to be useful even at parties and events as well. Plus, you can redirect existing QR codes to another file for another celebration.

One of these celebrations is New Year. Get to know more about this below.

What is New Year’s Eve?

Celebrated at midnight on December 31st, this eve marks the last day of the present year. 

This ultimately means time to bid farewell to all the things and experiences in the current year and welcome the upcoming year with a joyful heart and fresh perspective. 

Families usually celebrate this by hosting or attending parties. Firework shows are often held in various places where countdowns and toasts happen leading to midnight.

New Year traditions around the world: customs and traditions

Different places worldwide have different ways of celebrating New Year. Below are the different celebrations around the world:


Aside from enjoying fireworks displays, Brazilians celebrate this eve, known as Reveillon. They wear white clothes and visit beaches for offerings to the sea goddess Yemanjá.


Partying is the common way to celebrate this eve in the USA. Families and friends gather around to witness fireworks displays.

The famous New Year’s ball drop at Times Square is an iconic event watched by millions worldwide.


Ever heard of the iconic “Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe”? This is one of the customs done in France, alongside dinners, parties, and fireworks displays.


Canadians celebrate this day similarly to Americans, with a New Year’s party, fireworks, and gatherings. Major cities like Toronto and Vancouver often have large celebrations and fireworks displays.


Protochronia—as they call it in Greece.

They celebrate this day by having a festive meal, exchanging gifts, and baking a cake called “Vasilopita” with a hidden coin inside. The person who finds the coin is believed to have good luck for the coming year.


Celebrations in Ireland often involve parties, fireworks, and gatherings in homes or pubs. Banging bread on the walls is one of the New Year traditions to ward off evil spirits.


In the Philippines, this celebration is called “Media Noche,” a midnight feast featuring a variety of food symbolizing prosperity.


Nochevieja—as they call it in Spain, is the New Year’s Eve celebration where families gather to party with 12 grapes on their tables. 

Each grape represents each stroke of the clock until it reaches midnight; this is believed to bring good luck for the coming year.

Apart from that, it’s customary to see 12 different round fruits on the table and golden coins to attract money. You can also see “kakanin” which is believed to keep the family close together. 


Danes celebrate this eve with gatherings, parties, and the custom of jumping off chairs at the stroke of midnight to leap into the New Year.

They also enjoy fireworks and singing the traditional New Year’s song, “Vi kender ej dagen.”

Add a twist to your New Year’s Eve celebration

Now that you know how people celebrate this day worldwide, it’s time to add a little thrill by adding a tech element—QR codes!

Playlist or music requests

To make the night even more livelier and fun, play some great music and raise the volume to a party-like level. But don’t forget to share this playlist with everyone in the room. 

You can use a file QR code or the MP3 QR code solution. This solution lets you embed any song into a QR code, so when scanners scan the code, they can immediately play the song.

Really good music is indeed hard to forget, so secure a copy for yourself.

Virtual New Year’s party invitations

Invitation QR code

Invite friends and families to come over for the midnight meal party, not by simply sending them a text, but through a video.

Record a video of yourself inviting them, then embed this video in a QR code using the file QR code solution or the MP4 QR code.

This will enhance the invitation process; you can channel your enthusiasm to have them on that table through your video.

Midnight menu and recipes

Menu QR code

Families who will be hosting a dinner or midnight meal can share the menu and recipes of the food they’ve prepared.

This will be a good read for everyone, especially those who wish to prepare the same menu in the future.

The H5 QR code is a great solution to this since you can freely create your own landing page and design it however you like. You can express your creativity at its fullest.

Resolution board

Resolution form QR code

Resolutions are one of the primary customs during the New Year’s Eve celebration. People make resolutions or things they will no longer practice and set new goals for the next year. 

You can make resolution writing more fun and be available for everyone by using a Google Form QR code solution. Design a form where family members or friends can input their resolutions.

These responses directly go into an online database; you can always look back to these responses in the following year to see if you’ve successfully made your resolutions. 

Memory lane or reflection wall

Photo QR code

It’s time to say bye to the year 2023 and welcome 2024 with a bang! But before you let go of this year, why not make a quick trip down memory lane?

Look back on all the good old days—both the great and not-so-great ones. After all, these memories will help you all do better in the next year.

Display a memory wall in your house, you can embed these codes with photos and let everyone scan each of these.

You can use the image slider feature of the H5 QR code solution, but if you wish to show one picture per QR code, you can use the file QR code generator, too.

Additional tip: You can provide a QR code for a New Year’s movie list so they can have other activities during the night.

Just use a URL QR code generator for conversion; when they scan the link, they can instantly visit the movie site.

How to create a QR code

1. Go to the Free QR Code Generator online.

2. Pick a QR code solution you wish to use among the choices on the site.

3. Provide the required information

4. Hit on the generate QR code button

5. Customize your QR code design according to your preferred looks.

6. Run a test on your QR code

7. Download, print, and deploy your QR code

How to customize a QR code using the Free QR Code Generator

Make your New Year QR code a unique one. Personalize it to match the celebration. Don’t stick with the boring white-and-black QR code—you can do more.

Use a dynamic type of QR code

What is a dynamic QR code? Well, between static versus dynamic QR code, dynamic QR code solutions are preferable. It has various advanced features you can’t have in static solutions: edit, track, password-protect, and expiry.

Also, dynamic QR codes only store the short URL of the data, which allows dynamic solutions to hold large data file sizes.

Whereas static directly embeds the data in the pattern itself, making the pattern denser and harder to scan.

All of these features contribute to a better QR code performance making it the best choice for a QR code solution.

Work with the overall design

The Free QR Code Generator offers several customization features to experiment with. You can customize the eye shape, pattern styles, and even the frame shape.

If all these points, when customized well and blended harmoniously, it results in a more appealing QR code look.

Choose your color palette

Every New Year, there’s this so-called color of the year. You can apply this concept when choosing your QR code color to strongly resonate with the idea of the New Year.

If not, you can use any festive color combination, especially since this generator has several color choices. However, keep in mind that there should be proper contrast.

The pattern should be darker than the background; don’t use light or pastel colors, as these are hard to detect. Also, don’t use the same color for both patterns and backgrounds.

Use a compelling call to action

Call to action tags are not just plain statements you put on a QR code. It should be effective as it is. A CTA should serve as an instruction and as an invitation.

When creating a CTA, use words that give off a sense of urgency, like “Now” or “Hurry.” But most importantly, use a CTA that matches the event. So it doesn’t mislead scanners.

Add a logo that matches the event

To complete your QR code’s look, add a logo. Your logo must be a reflection of that data inside the QR code.

If your logo matches the event the code represents, even without reading the CTA, the audience will instantly understand what the code is all about.

Welcome the New Year with QR codes

A New Year is about to unfold! Welcome yours with a hearty meal on New Year’s Eve and some creativity through QR codes. 

Ready your resolutions—make a bunch of them and make sure to achieve all of them next year. The coming year is indeed another opportunity to rock life’s hurdles and more.

Start by expanding your knowledge with these easy-to-use tech tools—QR codes. Jumpstart your journey by heading to the Free QR Code Generator today.

Frequently Asked Question

Is New Year’s and New Year’s Eve the same?

New Year’s Day and Eve are related but refer to different days.

The Eve is the evening before New Year’s Day on December 31st.

It’s a time when people often gather, celebrate, and participate in various festivities, parties, or events to mark the end of the current year and prepare for the upcoming new year.

New Year’s Day, on the other hand, is the first day of the new calendar year and occurs on January 1st.

It is a day when people often reflect on the past year, make resolutions for the new year, and celebrate the beginning of a fresh start.