Multi-URL QR Code: How to Store Multiple Links in a QR Code

A multi-URL QR code is a powerful solution that allows you to embed multiple links in a QR code and have full control of which landing page to redirect users.

This QR code that can store multiple links opens up a world of possibilities for targeted campaigns as it leads users to diverse content experiences.

If you’re looking for a way to consolidate multiple destinations into a single QR code, don’t leave this page, as Free QR Code Generator provides you with a comprehensive guide for this solution.

Learn how to create and effectively use this QR code in your industry through this blog.

Can a QR code open multiple websites?

QR code marketing has been in demand in various industries thanks to the flexibility it offers, and marketers are searching for more ways to use the technology, such as opening multiple websites with one QR code.

While a single QR code scan cannot directly open multiple websites simultaneously, there is a method to achieve the functionality of storing multiple website links in one QR code and directing users to them.

How a multi-URL QR code works

Multi url QR code

This QR code solution has four key redirection features. Take note that you can only set one of these options for your QR code. 

Since this kind of QR code is a dynamic one, you can update the links and redirect existing QR codes for multi-URL to different landing pages even after their generation.

This type of QR code solution also comes with analytics and tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor your campaign’s performance based on engagement metrics such as scan rates, click-through rates, and user interactions.

Types of multiple link QR code redirections you can use

The QR code solution offers four redirection options: language, location, number of scans, and time. 

Here are thorough explanations for each redirection feature to help you understand how they work for targeting your audience:

Language redirection

 Language multi url QR code

Localize your business to eliminate the language barrier between you and your customers. Direct them to specific landing pages according to their linguistic preferences using language redirection. 

When users scan the code with their phones, the default language of their device will be detected, hence redirecting them to a landing page with a different language.

However, the creator of the QR code must ensure that he also prepared various translated pages. Remember, the QR code cannot translate the words. It only redirects.

The multi-URL QR code language redirection is useful for businesses that deal with international customers or have international campaigns, such as travel agencies and outsourcing companies.

Number of scans redirection

You can direct users to different landing pages according to the scan frequency through the number of scan redirections.

Specify the limit of a user’s scan before the QR code redirects him to another website. 

For instance, you can create a QR code that opens your website after 3 scans. If the same user scans your QR code for the 3rd time, you can redirect them to another page.

A multi-URL QR code with a number of scan redirections is helpful in marketing gimmicks that offer customer incentives like exclusive content, discounts, or rewards. 

This type of redirection incentivizes user engagement and drives participation in QR code campaigns.

Time redirection

Time redirection is another option you can try to direct users to multiple landing pages according to the time of day or a predetermined schedule.

If you have a flash sale in your shop, for example, you can redirect users to landing pages with promotional offers or discounts when they scan the QR code at specific times of the day. 

This is highly useful for businesses that want to deliver content that is relevant to users’ needs or preferences at specific times.

Location redirection

Location multi url QR code

Another QR code redirection approach that you can use according to country, region, or city is location redirection.

When users scan the QR code, it automatically redirects them to your website page, which contains location-specific information, personalized recommendations, or any other content tailored to their geographic area.

You can greatly benefit from this type of redirection as this can provide you with valuable insights as to which locations your campaigns are peaking the most and which ones to optimize.

Steps to create a QR code with multiple destination URLs

1. Go to the Free QR Code Generator website. Sign up for a free account and create up to three dynamic QR codes.

2. Choose the Multi URL solution found in the More drop-down button.

3. Select the type of QR code that you need: language, location, number of scans, or time.

3. Input the required information and click the generate QR code button.

5. Customize the QR code to match your branding. 

6. Scan to test your QR codes for errors before deployment.

7. Download, print, and share your QR code.

How do I redirect an existing QR code to another URL?

Dynamic QR codes allow you to update their content even after their generation. If you want to redirect an existing multi-URL QR code to another URL destination, simply follow the steps below:

1. Find the QR code that you want to redirect on your dashboard.

2. Click the Edit button.

3. Enter the new URL that you want the QR code to redirect to and save the changes.

4. Run a QR code scan test to see if it redirects users to the new destination.

5. Download, print, and share your QR code.

Industries that can benefit from using a QR code for multiple links 

With a QR code that allows businesses to redirect users to different types of content according to the number of scans, time, language, and location, you can increase positive engagement with your campaign. 

There are many things you can do using this QR code solution. Let’s explore how different industries can use this digital marvel to their advantage:

Marketing and advertising

QR code advertising has been a common practice in the world of marketing. By using a QR code with various landing page destinations, you can take your marketing strategy to a whole new level.

You can use the language redirection on your QR code to direct your audience to specific landing pages for each language version of your content, allowing you to resonate with audiences from different regions.

If you have a global marketing campaign, for example, you can prepare landing pages for each of your translated content. When a user’s browser language is set to Spanish, the QR code redirects them to the Spanish version.

Food and beverage

Time multi url QR code

By using a QR code for multiple links, businesses in the food and beverage industry can enrich customer interactions, drive sales, and build stronger relationships with their audience.

For instance, restaurants can use a menu QR code that redirects customers to specific food selections according to time—breakfast specials in the morning, lunch deals during lunchtime, and dinner promotions in the evening.

Retail and e-commerce

If you want to drive more traffic to your physical or online stores, you can use a QR code for multiple URLs with a number of scan redirections to enhance customer engagement.

This adds a layer of surprise and incentivizes others to scan the QR code multiple times to get a reward or buy exclusive items.

For example, you can redirect customers to limited-time offer product pages or discounts after they scan the QR code after a certain number of scans. 

Hospitality and tourism

Hotels and resorts with multiple branches can put multiple links in one QR code with a location redirection to provide their guests with a more informative experience according to their location and geographical positions.

When guests scan the QR code, they can access a website page with information that they can better understand.


Airlines and transportation services can assist travelers with navigation and transportation options by using a QR code for multi-URL with a location redirection. 

For example, car rental agencies can redirect their customers to a specific landing page that advertises their services, routes, or popular destinations people can go to while they are at a particular location.

Best practices for using a multi-URL QR code on campaigns

To maximize the effectiveness of your QR code campaigns, it’s essential to follow best practices that ensure seamless integration and optimal performance. 

Here are some things you need to keep in mind when using a QR code with multiple links:

Customize the QR code according to your branding

Maintain brand consistency across all elements of your campaign by personalizing your QR code design. You can add your brand colors, logo, and frame to make it more attractive.

This can strengthen brand recall and reinforce your brand identity to your audience every time they scan the QR code.

Link the QR code to valuable content

Make sure that your multiple link QR code leads users to valuable content, so carefully think about where to redirect your audience.

By offering content that aligns with users’ interests, needs, or preferences, you can drive higher levels of engagement and increase the likelihood of conversions.

Add a compelling Call-to-Action (CTA)

QR codes cannot work their magic without an eye-catching message. Make sure to add a clear and compelling call to action to prompt your target audience to scan the code.

By clearly stating what action you want users to take, you remove ambiguity and make it easier for users to understand the purpose of the QR code.

Strategically place your QR code

Place your QR code in high-traffic areas where your target audience is likely to see it to ensure maximum exposure and reach of your campaign.

Whether it’s on product packaging, signage, advertisements, or social media profiles, a strategic QR code and product placement ensure that they are readily visible and accessible to users.

Experiment with different strategies and incentives

Test variations of destination URLs, calls-to-action, and incentives to identify which elements resonate most with your audience and drive the best results.

Continuously monitor and evaluate the performance of your QR code campaign and be prepared to iterate and make improvements based on insights and feedback. 

Why use Free QR Code Generator for creating your QR codes

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Drive your QR code campaign to success using Free QR Code Generator

QR code technology offers endless possibilities for marketers to connect with their audiences in meaningful ways. 

It has become an even more powerful tool now that you can embed multiple URLs in a single QR code and redirect users to landing pages with content that resonates with them.

You can also create a functional and branded multi-URL QR code that you can use for your various needs. Visit our website now and make QR codes part of your modern marketing strategies.