How Can a Menu QR Code Make Order-Taking Seamless?

A menu QR code makes dining experiences so much better by facilitating easy order-taking and payments in just a single scan using your smartphone.

Gone are the days of flipping through hefty menus or waiting for a server to take customers’ orders. 

Now, diners only have to scan a QR code to explore the menu, order, and indulge in a delicious meal.

Let Free QR Code Generator quench your curiosity about how to create and use this QR code to facilitate seamless order-taking in your restaurant. Continue reading below.

Why are businesses switching to QR code menus?

Menu QR code

A QR code for restaurant marketing has been a valuable tool for businesses in the food and beverage industry to boost their visibility and sales.

But here’s another take on using QR codes that enhance customers’ dining experiences—as portals to digital menus. 

Numerous restaurants are ditching physical menus and using QR code order systems to minimize physical contact while still ensuring that customers continue to dine in and order take-outs.

According to PYMNTS’ study, 51% of the 2,500 US consumers surveyed stated that viewing a menu with a QR code for payment positively impacts their satisfaction.

With such a positive impression toward QR codes, their adoption in the food and beverage industry as a contactless ordering and payment tool is likely to skyrocket further in the future, a smart technology that is here to stay.

What is a menu QR code, and how does it work?

Scan QR code for menu

This dynamic QR code solution allows you to convert a digital menu in file formats PDF, JPEG, or PNG into a QR code. You can upload a file of up to 20 MB, depending on your subscription. 

Since this is a dynamic QR code, you can update the content anytime without generating a new QR code and track metrics, such as the number, time, and location of scans that you can use to analyze customer engagement.

A restaurant QR code menu serves as a convenient and contactless way for customers to browse and make selections at their own pace.

Question to ponder: Is a QR code menu free?

Using a digital menu through QR codes may involve some costs, depending on the chosen platform or service provider. 

The good news is that Free QR Code Generator allows you to generate three dynamic QR codes for free.

How to avail of this offer? Just sign up for an account on the website. No need to give your credit card details and you can cancel the freemium trial anytime. Simple, right?

To get started with creating your digital menu accessible via QR code, you can follow the guide in the next section.

How do I create a QR code for a menu?

1. Go to the Free QR Code Generator website. 

2. Choose the Menu solution found in the More drop-down button.

3. Upload the digital menu file you want to convert into a QR code.

4. Click on the generate QR code button.

5. Personalize the QR code design using the available customization tools to match your branding.

6. Scan to test your QR codes for errors before deployment.

7. Download, print, and share your QR code.

Additional tip: When incorporating the QR code on marketing materials, make sure to have a minimum QR code size of 2×2 cm to maintain its scannability. 

Why use a QR code for restaurants and cafes?

A QR code can seamlessly connect customers to a digital menu, allowing them to browse, customize, and place their orders with ease.

But there is more to it than just offering convenience to diners. Here are five convincing reasons why restaurants and cafes should use QR codes for their menus:

Contactless experience via QR code for menu

Contactless experience via QR code

Contactless solutions have become increasingly important in the restaurant industry to promote a safer dining environment for both customers and staff.

QR codes allow customers to view the menu items on their personal devices, reducing the need to interact with physical menus or touchscreens.

Customers can also quickly pay for their meals by just scanning the QR code for payments, eliminating the need to carry physical cash or credit cards.


Printing and maintaining physical menus can be expensive and time-consuming. By using a QR code restaurant menu, any food and drink establishment can save on printing costs. 

This self-service approach also reduces the need for constant staff intervention, allowing restaurants to operate with fewer order-taking staff and focus on other critical tasks such as food preparation and table maintenance.

Dynamic content updates

A QR code for menu enables restaurants to easily modify menu items, prices, and promotions without the need to reprint and distribute new menus. 

This is highly useful for restaurants that frequently update their offerings or have multiple menu variations.

Improved efficiency and speed

Using QR codes for digital menus streamlines restaurant operations by simplifying the ordering process. 

Customers can quickly scan menu via QR codes and place orders without waiting for a physical menu or assistance from staff. 

This efficiency benefits both customers and the establishment by reducing wait times and enhancing overall service speed.

Enhanced multimedia experience

Restaurants and cafes can further enhance their customers’ dining experience and, at the same time, promote their business to the public by linking the QR code to multimedia content such as videos, images, or descriptions.

This provides customers with a more engaging and informative experience, helping them make informed choices about their orders and attracting more foot traffic to their establishments.

Innovative menu QR code ideas to try for your business

QR codes offer countless possibilities to restaurants and cafes looking to spice up their dining experience and leave a lasting impression on customers. 

Your business can also make use of this technology to give your customers a fresh approach to accessing the menu and differentiate your brand from others in the industry. Here’s how you can do it:

Tableside QR code order system

Tableside QR code ordering system

More than half of US consumers are now using some form of contactless payment due to the convenience they offer. In fact, 36% of them use this method when purchasing at quick service restaurants (QSRs).

This is also a great opportunity for your business to adopt a QR code-based tableside ordering and payment system to streamline the dining process, reducing wait times and minimizing delays. 

Customers only need to scan the table tent QR code or QR code stickers on their table, and they can immediately browse the menu, place an order, and settle their bills using their smartphones. 

Daily special menu

Direct your customers to your daily specials by featuring a selection of dishes for a specific time of the day—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—using a multi-URL QR code. 

When diners scan the QR code, it automatically redirects them to the specific menu based on the time of the scan.

By using this method to showcase your offerings, you can provide a personalized and convenient dining experience to your customers.

Virtual tasting notes

Restaurants with extensive wine or beverage lists can use the text QR code solution to create a drinks menu QR code that provides virtual tasting notes for each selection. 

Customers can scan the beer and wine QR code on the rack for each beverage to access detailed descriptions, flavor profiles, pairing suggestions, and even reviews from other patrons. 

This enhances the dining experience and helps customers make confident choices.

Cycle menu for cafeterias

A menu QR code is not just for restaurants and cafes. You can also use it at schools, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and corporate cafeterias to feature a pre-planned rotation of meals over a set period.

Instead of the usual display boards, diners only need to scan the PDF QR code that contains the updated menu and check the food selections for the day, nutritional information, and allergen details before they order a meal.

Customer feedback 

Just like how you’re going paperless with your menu, there’s also no need for paper feedback forms anymore.

You can make use of a Google Form QR code as a QR code for survey and feedback collection to allow customers to easily share their thoughts while they’re still in the restaurant.

With this, you can gather feedback and suggestions in real time, enabling you to address any issues promptly and make improvements as needed.

How Free QR Code Generator can help you create your QR code menu

If you’re eager to incorporate this technology into your restaurant, bar, or cafe, you surely need a reliable QR code software to create a QR code menu. 

The good news is that you don’t have to look far, as we have the right platform for you to create a functional and branded QR code for your business. 

Free and safe to use

As the name suggests, this QR code software is free to use, allowing you to create unlimited static QR codes.

You can also avail of the freemium plan to create three dynamic QR codes for free by signing up for an account. Don’t worry! The platform does not require you to input your credit card details, and you can cancel it anytime.

This makes this tool an extremely cost-effective solution for making QR codes, especially for businesses that want to cut costs for materials and marketing endeavors.

Offers a variety of QR code solutions

If you’re looking for a QR code software that offers QR code solutions to create a menu QR code and others, this tool provides a variety of solutions for a wide range of content types.

You can create a website URL QR code, vCard QR code, or a wifi QR code for your business needs.

Simple customization features

Another perk of this QR code software that you can enjoy is its customization tools that you can employ to personalize QR codes to match your branding.

You can modify the QR code design, such as its colors, shape, pattern, and frame. You can also add your logo at the center to create visually appealing QR codes that align with your brand identity.

Comprehensive QR code user guides and tips

The comprehensive and easy-to-understand user guides and tips help you navigate the QR code software more effectively.

Aside from step-by-step tutorials, you can also access QR code best practices and use cases that inspire you to think creatively and explore innovative ways to employ QR codes in your personal or professional endeavors.

It also has 24/7 customer support that helps you resolve issues in case you encounter challenges or technical issues when creating QR codes on the website. 

User-friendly website

The platform features a simple interface with step-by-step instructions, making the QR code creation process quick and effortless. 

Even individuals with limited technical knowledge can easily generate QR codes for their needs.

Lift the dining experience to new heights through Free QR Code Generator 

Using QR codes as portals to menus offers a dynamic and sustainable alternative, enabling restaurants to provide customers with interactive and up-to-date menu experiences.

They enable seamless order-taking, as diners simply need to scan the QR code, and they can immediately browse menus, place orders, and even make payments directly from their smartphones.

This is the tool that businesses in the food and beverage industry should take advantage of if they want to deliver exceptional service and stay ahead of the curve. 

What are you waiting for? Take the leap into the future of dining by visiting our website to unlock the countless benefits that a menu QR code has to offer.