Spot and Scan: 5 Hidden QR Code Art You Need to Find

Hidden QR code art may be lurking in the scenes without anyone noticing. Are you able to spot and scan one?

Contemporary artists and designers take the words ‘creative expression’ to another level by carefully hiding functional QR codes in their visual art forms. Yes, these digital tools are also making an impact among creatives. 

Who would have thought that these pixilated squares could actually be useful in making a static artwork interactive and even become masterpieces themselves? It is definitely a state-of-the-art approach that one shouldn’t miss.

In this blog, we have curated some of the most popular artwork that hides QR codes from which you can draw inspiration and an easy-to-follow guide to making QR codes together with Free QR Code Generator.

The innovative expression behind QR codes in art

QR code art is emerging here and there as more artists and designers fuse art and technology in their crafts.

These digital tools are well-known for the fact that they can store a significant amount of information, can be customized, and can be easily integrated into different kinds of physical media.

However, making this art is not just about sculpting or 3D printing them. Some contemporary artists and designers embed a hidden QR code art within their art to let their audience engage with their work beyond what the eye sees.

For instance, a painting that appears like regular artwork in a museum actually hides a QR code that people can scan using their smartphones, leading them to the artist’s portfolio or an advocacy campaign. 

That is something you don’t often see in the art scene, and artists and designers who have used this method have built unique branding over their work.

With QR codes providing artists and designers additional canvases to expand their creativity beyond their crafts, you, too, can transform your static artwork into interactive and impactful visual art for your audience.

Must-see: Hidden QR code art that will leave you in awe

In the world of arts and creativity, QR codes are not just couriers of information; they have also become art themselves.

Let’s look at how these contemporary artists used QR code technology to generate delight in their craft and even usher in a new art form from these pixelated squares. 

Ola Volo’s The Wall for Women

Let’s play a game: hide a QR code for a cause! Wait a minute…maybe not anymore, because Ola Volo nailed it already!

YWCA Metro Vancouver collaborates with the Canadian mural artist to create The Wall for Women, which aligns with their advocacy towards ending intimate partner violence.

Volo seamlessly concealed the QR code within the mural, which onlookers may miss if they don’t look at the details carefully. 

The hidden QR code serves as a portal to statistics on domestic violence and a donation bin for the organization’s housing project for women who have suffered abuse. 

Yiying Lu’s Portal to the Unknown

Watercolor hidden QR code art


While watercolor painting can be challenging, Yiying Lu takes it head-on by carefully integrating scannable art QR code design into her three Portal to the Unknown art series. 

These QR codes lead viewers to a time-lapse video showing the process of making the painting.

Lu’s aim is to combine art and technology to let users see her creative process, giving them a fresh experience beyond the static illustrations. 

Kid Cudi’s Entergalactic

Hidden QR code art movieSource:

Entergalactic is not your typical animated film. It has hidden QR codes in it!

Visual art forms, such as movies, have also been planting QR code technology within their scenes to provide a more engaging experience to viewers beyond the film they’re watching.

Kid Cudi, for instance, embedded QR codes in his Entergalactic film that lead users to its comic book and soundtrack album. Other hidden QR codes also direct viewers to the Netflix Shop, where they can purchase merchandise. 

Tony Taj’s cityscape painting

As part of his grand plan to fuse together art and technology, Tony Taj hides QR codes within his metropolis-themed paintings to turn them into immersive experiences.

Since cities converge people, culture, and technology, Taj finds it fascinating to let viewers immerse themselves in these things through his creation.

The hidden QR code art within the painting leads viewers to animations, music, and short films, among others, that let them experience city life more.

Scott Blake’s QR code portrait

Zoom in, and you’ll see that this portrait of a woman is very much QR-coded.

Artist Scott Blake experiments with QR code technology by making a portrait of journalist Amy Goodman of the independent news program Democracy Now! out of them. 

Blake arranged each code according to their color contrast to make the artwork. The detailed portrait was completed using 2,304 QR codes in total. 

When viewers scan them, they can access all the coverages of Amy Goodman in the span of nine years, showcasing her dedication to investigative journalism.

Steps on how to create an artistic QR code for your artwork

You don’t need complicated tools to create QR codes for your artwork. You can always make one online and for free using a reliable QR code software. 

Simply follow the steps in the guide below to create functional and aesthetic QR codes.

1. Open Free QR Code Generator on your browser.

2. Select a QR code solution and input the information you want to store in the QR code.

3. Generate the QR code.

4. Personalize the QR code design to integrate it with other elements easily. 

5. Test the QR code to see if it’s working and download.

Be sure to blend the QR code well with the artwork or design you have and let viewers try to discover it themselves!

More applications of QR code artwork you can try

With how blendable QR codes are to art and designs, you shouldn’t miss the chance to experiment and try your hand at using the technology in your craft as well.

Here are some practical ideas you can try that can reshape marketing strategies, enhance product experiences, and add an element of mystery to everyday life.

Marketing gimmicks

Numerous brands are now using QR codes in their marketing efforts to reach a wider audience and drive engagement with their brands.

If you also want to employ the technology in your strategy and make your campaign stand out, don’t just simply place QR codes in your marketing materials. 

Add some twists, like hiding coupon QR codes within the layout designs, for example. Just make sure to maintain a good QR code size to make them scannable. 

The element of surprise and discovery can definitely fuel consumers’ competitive spirits, compelling them to locate the QR code, scan it, and claim the reward themselves.

Interactive product packaging

Hidden QR code art packagingDon’t settle for ordinary packaging. Turn it into interactive art pieces by integrating a functional QR code artwork that consumers can collect and scan, allowing them to unbox exclusive experiences.

You can link a hidden product packaging QR code to specific content, such as discounts, products, or messages from celebrities you collaborate with.

This attracts more customers to purchase your products to find and collect the treasures they hide. 

Artistic business cards

Do you want a business card that infuses both art and technology? You can create a vCard QR code that leads to your contact details and blend it into your artwork for the business card design.

With this, you can easily make connections with potential clients and, at the same time, showcase your sample artwork to them. 

This is definitely a must-have tool for creative professionals, something that traditional business cards simply can’t match.

Scavenger hunt games

Scavenger hunt games have long been a favorite activity for groups looking to put some excitement and camaraderie into their gatherings.

You can add a more challenging way of finding clues during the game by letting them locate and decode a QR code embedded in images. Mix them with dummy images and scatter them around the venue. 

Once they find the images or artwork with hidden QR codes, they can scan them to access riddles and tasks they need to complete before proceeding to the next location.

This lets participants become more immersed and engaged with the game, bringing out their competitive and collaborative spirits.

QR code tattoos

Hidden QR code art tattooTattoos are also a form of art, and it is actually possible to ink a QR code tattoo that allows individuals to carry their stories with them wherever they go.

Create an artistic QR code containing a heartfelt message from a loved one, a link to your favorite song, a quote that resonates deeply with you, or even your contact information.

Blend it well into the tattoo design and etch it on your body, carrying with you a personal mark that defines who you are. 

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Bring out your creativity through hidden QR code art 

Creativity knows no bounds. Artists and designers always have the desire to make art that is different from the conventional, and the emergence of QR code technology has allowed them to do that.

The applications of QR codes are as diverse as they are intriguing. Aside from storing information, they, too, can be hidden as artwork themselves, turning a simple illustration into an immersive work of art. 

Bring out your creativity by using QR codes in your art or designs. Visit Free QR Code Generator to get started. 

People also ask

How do I decode a QR code from an image?

To scan the QR code from an image, you only have to use a smartphone with any of the following QR code scanners: camera app, Google Lens, browser, or reliable third-party scanner. 

Make sure to hold your phone towards the QR code properly to allow the camera’s viewfinder to recognize the code.

Wait for your device to automatically direct you to a designated landing page or tap the pop-up link or notification to open the content.