How to create a QR code with logo

How do you make your QR code stand out from the rest? Here’s the answer: customize it.

You are more likely to tickle the audience’s interest with a personalized QR code, plus it adds to their confidence in scanning if you create QR code with logo of your brand in it.

It also boosts brand awareness. The more people see your logo in every QR code, the more they grow curious about your brand.

Use the free QR code generator to add a logo to your QR code. Learn how to do so and more in this blog.

How to customize QR codes

To customize QR code, you can add colors. Just make sure that these colors blend well. Always make sure that your background should be lighter than your patterns.

Also, avoid using light or pastel colors, as these affect the scannability of your QR codes.

Some generators, like Free QR Code Generator, allow eye shapes and frames to be customized. You can also apply these to add variation to your QR code.

For added elements, it is advisable to use a call to action. It serves as a user’s guide on what to do with your QR code. Try to make it compelling by using words that manifest time, like “Scan now” or “Limited slot.”

And, of course, add your logo. It channels a sense of legitimacy to the overall look of your QR code. By doing so, you develop users’ confidence to scan your code.

How to create QR codes and add a logo: Step-by-step guide

  1. Choose your QR code generator

It is a must to choose a trustworthy QR code generator. Although you can find many of them on the internet, it’s pretty hard to pick one that’s reliable and safe to use.

Recommended generators are the Free QR Code Generator. Both generators have comprehensive customization features.

  1. Choose a solution

Whatever your purpose for using a QR code, you must match it with your solution to ensure you get the best results. 

There are different solutions, ranging from files to business cards to forms.

  1. Provide the details needed

After choosing a solution, you can then provide the necessary details needed. Depending on the solution, it could be an attachment or some personal information. Every solution requires different data.

  1. Click Generate QR code

Once done, click the Generate QR code button below and wait for the code to load.

  1. Customize your QR code

Start customizing your QR code by changing the color using the tips above. Then you can change the eye shape and frames and add a call to action.

To add a logo, you’ll see an Add logo button on the left side of the panel. You can upload an image in PNG and SVG file format. There are also pre-generated logos provided, usually social media logos.

  1. Test your QR code

After adding the logo, test whether your QR code is readable. Sometimes logo sizes may affect readability.

  1. Download and share

After checking, you can download and print your QR code for distribution.

Why add a logo on your QR code

Including a logo in your QR code will increase its effectiveness. Note the following advantages:

  1. Increase brand recognition: Help people easily associate the code with your brand by adding your logo.
  1. Improve its aesthetic: Make your QR code more visually appealing by incorporating a logo.
  1. Boost memorability: Make your logo-enhanced QR code more memorable than a standard QR code, as it’s easier to remember something with a visual element.
  1. Attract attention: Logos often grab attention, so adding a logo to your QR code can make it more likely that people will scan it.
  1. Foster trust: Create a sense of confidence with customers by incorporating a recognizable logo into your QR code, making it more trustworthy.

Why customize your QR code?

Stand Out

Customizing your QR code with unique design elements such as a logo, specific colors, or shapes makes it stand out from others and helps it become more noticeable and memorable to people.

Brand Awareness

You increase brand recognition and awareness by incorporating your brand’s logo, color scheme, and other visual elements into your QR code.

It helps build brand identity and creates a memorable experience for users who scan your code.

User Experience

Personalizing your QR code can improve the scanning experience for users.

For example, you can add a custom call-to-action or a description of what the code leads to, making it more inviting and straightforward for users.

It can increase the likelihood of users scanning and interact with your code.


Customizing your QR code allows you to add unique tracking parameters, which can help you gather valuable data about your audience. 

Use this data from the QR code tracking featureto fine-tune your marketing strategy and learn more about your target demographic.


By using a customized QR code, you have the flexibility to change the destination URL whenever needed.

It means you can quickly adapt your code to different campaigns, products, or events, making it a versatile tool in your marketing arsenal.


A custom QR code design conveys professionalism and attention to detail. It demonstrates that you value quality and care about the user experience, which can make a great impression on potential customers and help build trust in your brand.

Your way to better scans—QR code with logo

Upgrade your QR code with a custom logo. Adding a logo to your QR code enhances brand recognition and creates a memorable customer experience.

With a customized QR code, you’ll stand out from the competition, improve the user experience, and track the success of your campaigns.

Take advantage of the benefits of a personalized QR code. Start adding your logo today!

Visit the Free QR Code Generator online. Check out the blog guides to proper uses of QR codes or contact customer service for queries. They’re up 24/7 to help you.