How to Create a DIY QR Code for Free in 7 Steps

A DIY QR code is key to embodying your character in such a small footprint. Doing it yourself means you can select the colors, frames, and calls to action that match your style. 

Custom-designed QR codes have plenty of useful applications, be it for personal or professional use. They’re also much more appealing than standard black-and-white QR codes, meaning more people are inclined to scan them.

Especially in the digital era, every second counts when it comes to catching users’ attention. Having an aesthetically pleasing design in your QR codes attracts more attention, boosts engagement, and increases leads and sales.

With Free QR Code Generator, you can create a personalized QR code in just seven steps—and for free! Read on to find out.

What is a personalized QR code?

Diy QR code

A personalized QR code, sometimes also called a customize QR code, is a QR code that has been customized based on the user’s style. 

Personalizing QR codes has plenty of benefits, especially for professional purposes. It helps brands improve their brand recall, garner interest in their products and services, and add an important toolkit to their marketing strategies.

To start customizing a QR code, selecting a custom QR code generator that offers you customization features is very important. This software allows you to take of useful customization elements, including:

  • Changing colors, patterns, and shapes
  • Choosing a background
  • Creating a transparent QR code
  • Adding a QR code call to action tag on a frame
  • Putting a brand’s logo as a visual identifier

Having these customization features gives you the flexibility to experiment with the look of your QR codes to better integrate them into the material where these codes will be used.

Can I design a QR code with my logo?

Diy QR code logo

Of course! Adding a logo on QR codes is actually one of the most common customization features used by brands worldwide.

Incorporating a logo enables your customers to easily recognize the QR codes as a part of the brand. It improves overall branding consistency and design language, making the brand more recognizable and appealing to customers.

Moreover, branded QR codes are easily recognizable, especially if most of the competitors still use basic black-and-white codes. 

How can I create my own QR code for free with Free QR  Code Generator?

Seven steps is all it takes to create your own QR codes! It’s a straightforward process that doesn’t require comprehensive technical knowledge or know-how. Customizing your QR codes is a quick and easy activity, too.

The best part? You can create these QR codes completely for free! No need to sign up or enter credit card details. Follow this step-by-step process to create a QR code:

1. Go to Free QR Code Generator online.

2. Select a QR code solution.

3. Fill out the required information in the empty fields.

4. Choose between Static and Dynamic QR codes, and then click Generate QR code.

Pro-tip: Dynamic QR codes offer features to edit, monitor, and track your scan data through in-platform analytics  Sign up to create three dynamic QR codes with a 500-scan limit each.

5. Personalize your DIY QR code. Choose from different eye and pattern designs, frames, and templates. Don’t forget to add your logo, use your brand colors, and include a call to action (60 characters max).

6. Check if the customized QR code is recognizable by scanning it using your smartphone.

7. Download in PNG for digital use and SVG for prints.

Tips and tricks to create a customized QR code

Creating a different QR code design is simple. However, there are things you need to consider to achieve successful implementation of these codes.

A DIY QR code has a lot of benefits, but it may not be to your advantage if you don’t know how to use it accordingly. It’s important to personalize these pixelated squares with a direction to ensure your objectives are met.

Here are some tips and tricks to create a custom-designed QR code:

Find the purpose when using QR codes

Thanks to its versatility, a customized QR code is effective in numerous situations, but are you using it accordingly to achieve your specific objective?

In order to design effectively, you have to have a purpose in mind—exactly how you’re going to use these QR codes. This purpose serves as an anchor to steer you toward the creative implementation of your personalized QR code design.

For example, are you using QR codes to boost your brand awareness, manage events, or promote your brand? Answering these questions should help you custom-fit exactly to how you need and want it to.

Create a strategy based on your purpose

Once you’re able to determine the direction you’re going to take, it’s time to create a strategy based on it. This strategy must focus on addressing your purpose for implementing the QR code.

For example, if you want to promote your new product or service, you can create a QR code online that follows your branding guidelines. You can then place these codes in your product packaging, in-store displays, and print ads.

On the other hand, if your purpose is to boost brand awareness, you can launch a disruptive campaign focusing on QR codes. This strategy should help create buzz for your brand and boost awareness in all media.

This strategy ensures maximum visibility, which customers can quickly and easily scan to know more about the new product or service.

Follow your branding guidelines

Once you have a clear direction and the strategies are finalized, the proper implementation of QR codes depends on strict compliance with your branding guidelines. This is very important for businesses in order to establish an identity among their competitors.

Any brand that wants to use QR codes must first iron out its branding guidelines. Branding includes elements such as color palette, logo design and placements, typographies, brand tone and voice, and more.

Once branding guidelines are established, creating a custom-designed QR code should be an easier undertaking for the brand.

Create QR code online based on branding guidelines

Designing QR codes should be a breeze because you have an overall design language to follow once branding is established. This should save you plenty of time creating a QR code design.

Regardless if you’re creating a virtual business card or promotional materials for product launches, you can center the design of your QR codes around your branding guidelines. 

Make sure to design that targets your purpose according to your strategies, as well.

To ensure you can create QR codes based on your branding, choose a software like Free QR Code Generator that offers comprehensive customization features.

Track performance through analytics

Do you want to know if these tips and tricks are effective? The only way to find out is to track and monitor its performance through analytics.

The catch is that tracking features are usually only included in the paid version of a QR code software. However, this monthly subscription fee yields great returns on investment as you can track the total number of scans, locations,  devices used, and more.

Through this analytics data, you can have valuable insights into user behavior, engagement, and brand awareness.

There is also a more advanced QR code tracking Google Analytics feature that one can use and this is accessible through dynamic QR codes only.

Real-life applications of a personalized QR code design

Now that you’re able to create a customized QR code, the next thing to do is to use it to reach your goal. But how exactly can you use these codes? Here are a few examples:

Personal and professional networking

A QR core is a useful tool to grow your personal and professional networks. You can use a QR code to link to your LinkedIn profile or a vCard containing your contact details. 

With just one scan on their smartphones, people can easily network with you and put you in their digital sphere. It streamlines information sharing, offering an easier way to save your information and connect with you.

Educational materials and courses

Diy education QR code

Teachers can use a free QR code maker to create interactive educational resources and training materials. With an education QR code, educators can show media materials, such as videos, quizzes, and infographics, to improve the learning experience.

Since QR codes are trackable, teachers can easily monitor their students’ participation in a digital database. It enables easier checking and grading on their end.

After-sales and customer service support

Most commonly, brands use QR codes in product manuals or product packaging to lead customers to detailed instructions, troubleshooting guides, or video tutorials about the product.

However, a feedback QR code can also be used to collect responses or surveys. Using this data, brands can improve their products, services, and operations. 

Events management with a DIY QR code

Diy event QR code

QR codes on event tickets help organizers check in attendees quickly. Aside from providing entry, these codes can also be used to present event schedules, maps, or speaker bios.

Moreover, event organizers can use the QR tracking features to check attendance, ticket sales, lapses in operations, and more.

Marketing and advertising

Customized QR code design gives your flyers, posters, and business cards more personality. This personality is essential if you’re planning to establish your brand for a specific product or service.

Using a unique QR code marketing also helps you bridge the gap between your physical and online presence.

With just one scan, you can easily bring your physical customers to your website or social media, boosting your following and interactions in the competitive digital space.

DIY QR Code: Your style, your rules

Customization is one of the most important steps in creating these QR codes. It gives these codes an identity that makes you recognizable amid the many QR codes out there.

This simple step is key to taking full advantage of this technology’s benefits, such as improved engagement and streamlined operations. That’s why it’s crucial to have the creative freedom to design QR codes—your style, your rules.

With Free QR Code Generator, you can not only integrate your visual personality but also create functional QR codes for personal or professional purposes.

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