QR Code Font: Fresh Way to Improve Your Marketing Campaigns

A QR code font is a fresh way to integrate QR codes in your promotional materials—it’s marketing without looking like marketing at all.

Integrating these two-dimensional barcodes creatively in the fonts or typefaces of your marketing campaigns can immediately make them stand out because most brands do not commonly use them.

What’s even better is that you can integrate these into marketing materials completely for free! No need for a specialized QR code software—it’s all about the design.

Get creative with QR codes! Learn more about integrating them into fonts right here at Free QR Code Generator.

QR code in the face of marketing today

QR code font design

Basically, you can use a QR code marketing to aid your design and even improve your font choices. There are two ways to integrate them into your marketing layouts:

1. QR code as a font that corresponds to any character or symbol

2. QR code as a part of the overall design, redirecting users to embedded data 

Here’s a more in-depth view of these popular implementations of QR code font:

QR codes as fonts

QR codes as fonts mean that each QR code is represented by a font. For example, in a simple sentence like ‘Hello,’ ‘H’ is represented by a QR code, and so is ‘E,’ ‘L,’ and so forth.

It’s a great implementation for short text or greetings. Longer texts and sentences may result in longer sequences of QR codes. So, instead of streamlining your design with QR codes, it may result in a more cluttered design.

Another way QR codes can be used as fonts is by using it as a QR code text that is shaped into the form of a character or symbol. Since they are very flexible, they can be adapted into different shapes without losing scannability functionality. 

You can create a QR code from a font generator offering this specialized feature or simply reshape the QR code using dependable free QR software online.

QR codes as a part of the design

Letter QR code

Another way brands can integrate QR codes is through the design. Citing the same example, ‘Hello’ can be formed into one QR code. Each letter is a part of the design to make a QR code.

Moreover, instead of the ‘E’ in the ‘Hello,’ you can substitute it with a QR code, which reveals the letter ‘E’ upon scanning.

Alternatively, you can redirect scanners to a landing page containing the marketing campaign or use any solution available to create a free QR code for a font. 

Otherwise, you can mix and match the different ways to use a QR code. For example, you can arrange it according to a specific typography, shape, or symbol and integrate it as a part of the design.

Advantages of using a QR code font for your marketing campaigns

Integrating QR codes into different styles of text can result in better performance of your brand’s marketing campaigns

Here are four benefits of using this functional design strategy: 

Increase scans through an interactive marketing campaign

By its very nature, a QR code requires interaction from users. 

With a creative implementation of these two-dimensional barcodes into fonts, brands can offer a very interactive experience with their marketing campaigns.

As more people interact with the QR code campaign, it will translate to lead generation and sales.

Easy to use and implement free QR code for a font

QR code marketing campaign

As seemingly complex as they can be, QR codes are easy to implement in marketing campaigns. QR code software is widely available and can create a variety of solutions for URLs, social media, vCards, and more.

The learning curve for using a QR code generator is also very easy. In fact, it only takes seven steps to start using a customize QR code and integrate them into different marketing materials.

Impactful marketing with a branded QR code font

These QR codes offer a fresh way to enhance your marketing campaigns, as they’re not a common sight among brands. But if you want to level it up even more, the great news is that you can create a branded QR code!

Integrating your branding into fonts with QR codes instills trust in your audience, giving them the confidence to scan your campaigns without having data or devices compromised.

It is one of the essential elements if brands want to increase the scans of their marketing campaigns. 

To create a branded QR code, you can use QR code software, such as Free QR Code Generator, and use a QR code call to action to better your QR-coded marketing campaigns. 

Streamline and declutter your design

Custom QR code

Placing too many elements, such as text, media, and social media URLs, can quickly clutter your design. While these elements are necessary for the campaign, there are better implementations to go about.

QR codes can save a lot of physical space by storing all the necessary information into a single 2D barcode. This frees up space in the design for other design elements that complete your campaign.

You can even use a video QR code in your designs. This will allow you to share any video to your audience, even when its printed media.

How to create a QR code easily using Free QR Code Generator

Using a QR code generator takes only seven steps! Even if it’s free, this software offers you plenty of tools and features you can use to create functional and aesthetically pleasing QR codes!

To make one, follow the instructions below:

1. Visit Free QR Code Generator website.

2. Choose the QR code solution at the top part of the QR code generator.

3. Enter the information you want to embed in the empty field.

4. Select between ‘Static’ and ‘Dynamic’ QR codes.

Tip: Dynamic QR codes enable editing and tracking of your scan data through in-platform analytics even after scanning them.

5. Customize the QR code by choosing from different colors and eye and pattern designs. You can also add a logo and frame with a call to action of up to 60 characters max.

6. Double-check whether the QR code is recognizable by performing a QR code test first using your smartphone.

7. Click the Download button. You can download the QR code in either PNG and SVG.

Tip: SVG offers a high-resolution, print-quality QR code that can be scalable for printed files.

Technical aspects that can affect your marketing campaigns with a barcode font

As much as a QR code offers great advantages, technical aspects can affect the success of your marketing campaigns. Here are four aspects to consider when creating QR-based campaigns.


A QR code shaped into a specific font style is only effective when scannable. Without the right conditions, a QR scanner may find it difficult to recognize the pixels. 

When customizing a QR code, make sure to balance aesthetics and functionality. Always double-check for scannability in all angles and scanning conditions to ensure it is working properly before it is officially launched as a campaign.


Aside from scannability, another factor that affects the success of your QR code campaign is trust. People don’t just scan any QR code, especially amid the heightened risk of infection in their data and devices.

To instill trust, you can make branded QR codes. Having a logo in QR  codes is proven to increase the number of scans by almost  80% compared to unbranded ones.


One of the main reasons why people scan a QR code font is curiosity. If you want to achieve record-breaking numbers in your QR code campaigns, strategize to pique the curiosity of your target audience.

Of course, what makes some people curious to scan may not work for others. However, if you want to increase your chances, create a unique campaign that is unlike any other offered by your industry or niche.

Keep your QR code design as unique as possible. Uniqueness piques curiosity; use this to your advantage.

Limitation with technology

If you’re launching a QR-based marketing campaign, success relies heavily on technology. It depends on the people who scan and who will actually make your intended action for your marketing campaign.

Elderly people who are less well-versed in technology may find it challenging to scan the QR marketing campaign, so it’s also important to consider how small can a QR code be.

This shouldn’t be a hurdle, however, if your target audience is young people who don’t have limitations with using tech.

Freshen up your marketing campaigns’ facade

Give up the conventional two to three font variations per design just to give your material a touch of creativity. Time to offer your audience a new disruptive marketing campaign with a QR code font! 

Unlike most QR implementations, it’s unique—something that most people don’t see every day. Seeing one can surely attract people to scan, so take advantage of this to give your campaigns a better impression.

As a result, you can achieve success in your marketing campaigns in no time! Get started now with Free QR Code Generator.

Frequently Asked Questions

What font is QR code?

The font of the call to action usually seen in QR codes depends on the QR code generator. Some platforms offer a comprehensive list of typefaces, which users can edit the size, italicize, bold, and more.

If your current QR software offers limited font selections, don’t feel limited! There are plenty of secure QR code generators that offer comprehensive customization features.

Can I use a barcode as font style or design?

Of course! While the process may vary from creating a QR code, a barcode font is possible using a barcode software. 

However, if you want a more comprehensive tool that can store a lot more data and is customizable and trackable through advanced analytics, it’s best to opt for a QR code rather than a barcode.

How to get QR code for a text message?

To get this QR code, simply select the text as a QR code solution. Then, input the text that you want to show, and then follow the steps to create a QR code.