How to Make a QR Code for an Image

Make a QR code of an image and offer an instant, hassle-free way to share your visuals with anyone, anywhere.

While commonly used to direct users to websites, QR codes offer a powerful and often overlooked functionality: image encoding. 

This translates to a QR code acting as a digital key, unlocking the desired image with a simple smartphone scan. 

Want to learn how to generate one using a free QR code generator? Read more below.

Table of Contents

    1. Can an image be encoded in a QR code?
    2. How to make a QR code of an image
    3. Advantages of using a QR code for photos in businesses and marketing
    4. Best uses of a QR code with images in different industries
    5. Create QR codes for images now using Free QR Code Generator 
    6. Frequently asked question

    Can an image be encoded in a QR code?

    QR codes are fantastic for sharing information quickly and conveniently, including images!  

    Yes, you read it right. You can store an image directly into a QR code with the help of an advanced free QR code generator online.

    Note that you can only embed one image file into the QR code. If you want to have a gallery of images in one QR code, here’s an alternative: HTML or H5 editor QR code.

    Using this image QR code generator solution, you can place multiple images on one custom landing page. You can also add other multimedia content like image slideshows, videos, audio, files, and links.

    Another option is to encode the web address of a cloud storage that hosts your image, simply turning the URL to QR code.

    All these keep the QR code nice and compact, ensuring easy scanning with a smartphone camera and immediate viewing of a photo or a gallery of images

    How to make a QR code of an image

    Streamline your sharing process and ensure reliable access with image QR codes. Follow these simple steps to create one effortlessly:

    1. Go to Free QR Code Generator homepage to generate a free QR code for your image.

    2. Select the appropriate QR code solution for your needs.

    3. Enter the relevant data you want to embed in your QR code.

    4. Generate the QR code in Static or Dynamic format.

    Tip: We recommend you use a dynamic one so you can edit its content anytime and track its performance.

    5. Personalize your QR code by uploading an image or logo to accompany it. You can adjust its colors, add a frame, or modify the patterns.

    6. Test it out by scanning it using your smartphone to ensure it flawlessly directs users to the intended destination.

    7. Download your QR code PNG for digital use or SVG for prints.

    Advantages of using a QR code for photos in businesses and marketing

    Here are some advantages of using QR codes for images.

    Enhanced brand recognition

    Embed your brand identity directly within the QR code itself. This creates a visually distinct and memorable identifier that subtly reinforces your brand with every scan. 

    Imagine a clothing store with a QR code featuring their iconic logo woven into the design. 

    Every time a customer scans to access product details or a discount offer, they're subconsciously strengthening their brand association.

    Increased engagement

    A QR code for photos is more eye-catching and can increase user engagement with a product, service, or promotion.

    Imagine a travel blogger placing a QR code next to a breathtaking landscape photo on their website. 

    Scanning the code could reveal a behind-the-scenes making-of video, a high-resolution panorama view, or even access to an exclusive travel blog post detailing the perfect itinerary. 

    This fosters deeper user engagement, sparks genuine excitement about the travel destination, and creates a more memorable connection with the blogger's audience.

    Easy to scan

    Smaller QR codes can be tricky to scan, and this frustration can deter users from engaging. 

    When make a QR code of an image, you break down this barrier. 

    The embedded image acts as a natural target, guiding users to the code's center for effortless scanning. 

    It translates to a smoother user experience, increased interaction, and, ultimately, a more positive perception of your brand.


    QR code images can optimize marketing campaigns to gather data.

    You can track the number of scans for each QR code to understand user behavior and campaign effectiveness. 

    This valuable data allows you to refine your approach for future campaigns. 

    Make a QR code of an image and then measuring the scans also provides insights into which locations generated the most interest, allowing you to optimize your marketing efforts for the grand opening. 

    Using this data, you can target your audience with laser precision and ensure that your marketing efforts resonate with the right people.

    Multi-channel marketing 

    Image to QR code emerge as indispensable tools, seamlessly integrating into diverse marketing channels to amplify brand exposure and customer engagement. 

    Strategically place QR codes within print advertisements, email campaigns, and across various social media platforms.

    With this strategy, marketers unlock a myriad of touchpoints through which to connect with their target audience. 


    If you convert image to QR code, you can integrate them seamlessly into your marketing, reaching your target audience across various touchpoints.  

    Picture out incorporating image QR codes into eye-catching advertisements in magazines or on billboards. 

    These codes could instantly unlock product information, user testimonials, or even exclusive discount codes. 

    This versatility ensures maximum reach and engagement, allowing you to connect with your audience wherever they are.


    The proven cost-effectiveness of image QR codes further solidifies their position as a cornerstone of modern marketing strategies. 

    Unlike traditional advertising mediums, which often require production and distribution costs, QR codes offer a budget-friendly alternative that delivers substantial returns on investment. 

    Best uses of a QR code with images in different industries

    Exploring the diverse applications of image QR codes across various industries unveils a multitude of innovative possibilities.

    Here are a few industries and some potential use cases for image QR codes:


    Enhance product packaging with image QR codes that offer consumers valuable insights, such as reviews, instructional videos, or exclusive promotions. 

    This seamlessly bridges the gap between the physical and digital realms.


    Incorporate image QR codes into print ads, email blasts, and social media campaigns to seamlessly guide customers to bespoke landing pages, surveys, or enticing contest entries, maximizing engagement and conversion rates.

    Real estate

    Give potential buyers immersive property experiences when you make a QR code for an image and embed this in listings. 

    These codes grant access to virtual tours, detailed floor plans, and comprehensive property information, revolutionizing the home-buying journey.


    Enrich learning materials with image QR codes, facilitating instant access to supplementary resources.

    It can include interactive quizzes, enriching video tutorials, and insightful study aids, fostering a dynamic and engaging educational environment.

    Travel and tourism

    Transform tourist brochures, maps, and landmark signage using a QR code with images. 

    It will provide visitors with information about local attractions, dining hotspots, and exciting activities, enriching the travel experience and fostering exploration.


    Use image QR codes within healthcare settings to furnish patients with crucial details regarding medications, treatment protocols, and health conditions, fostering informed decision-making and patient empowerment.

    Event planning

    Enhance event invitations and tickets with image QR codes. 

    This will furnish attendees with comprehensive event details, including schedules, venue maps, and speaker bios, ensuring seamless event navigation and attendee satisfaction.

    Create QR codes for images now using Free QR Code Generator 

    Thanks to QR codes, it’s now easier to store an image in a compact yet accessible manner and securely share it with others in one scan. 

    Not only that, businesses can even customize them and use their tracking capabilities to continuously improve their marketing efforts and reach customers cost-effectively and efficiently.

    With the right knowledge of how to make a QR code of an image, you, too, can upgrade your marketing strategy anytime and seamlessly connect with your customers.

    Ready to unlock the potential of image QR codes for your brand? 

    Head on to a free QR code generator available online, and showcase your visual marketing assets now with image QR codes.

    Frequently asked question

    How to turn a picture into a QR code?

    StaticQR codes can't hold images directly, but they can act like a portal that links to your photo! Here's the shortcut:

    Make a QR code of an image and offer an instant, hassle-free way to share your visuals with anyone, anywhere.

      A file QR code, in particular, is a dynamic QR code solution that lets you convert an image in PNG or JPEG format into a QR code. It also supports other file formats, such as PDF, Excel, Word, and MP4. 

      • Open a credible free QR code generator on your browser
      • Choose "Image Link" (or similar).
      • Upload the web address where your image is stored (Imgur, Flickr, etc.).
      • Customize if you want (colors, logos).
      • Test and download!