How to Make a QR Code for an Image

Want to learn how to make a QR code of an image?

A QR code for images can store and share pictures. It works by encoding an image file into the QR code, which is readable using a smartphone or QR code reader to access the image.

This makes it possible to share images quickly and easily without using email or cloud storage. A QR code makes it easy to find and share pictures, making them a convenient and versatile tool for businesses and individuals.

You can easily make QR codes for images. Learn how to create one by following the easy steps below.

What are the advantages of using QR codes for images?

You can create this QR code using a free QR code generator. After doing so, here are some advantages of using QR codes for images.

Enhanced brand recognition

An image in the QR code can make it more visually appealing and memorable, leading to increased brand recognition.

Easy to scan

QR codes with images are easier to scan, as the image can help guide the user to the center of the code.

Increased engagement

QR codes with images are more eye-catching and can increase user engagement with a product, service, or promotion.


QR codes with images can work in various contexts, including advertisements, business cards, product packaging, and more.


QR codes with images can optimize marketing campaigns to gather data, which can help you analyze and understand user behavior and improve future campaigns.

How to make a QR code for an image

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make an image QR code:

  1. Go to the Free-QR-Code-Generator on;ine. Many online QR code generators allow you to create image QR codes for free, but this one is the most recommended.
  1. Select the type of QR code. Choose the type of QR code you want to create, such as a URL, text, or business card vCard QR code (contact information).
  1. Enter the information. Enter the information you want to include in your QR code, such as a URL or contact information.
  1. Upload an image. Upload an image or logo that you want to include in the QR code. Some QR code generators may have size and resolution restrictions, so check before uploading your photo.
  1. Customize the QR code. Customize QR code by changing the color or adding a frame. Some QR code generators may also allow you to add a label or logo to the code.
  1. Download the QR code. Once you’ve made changes to your QR code, you can download it in a format that works for you, like PNG or PDF.
  1. Test the QR code. Check the QR code to make sure it works and leads to the desired information.

This is a basic guide to creating an image QR code, and the specific steps may vary depending on the QR code generator you choose. With these steps, you should be able to create an image QR code that is both visually appealing and functional.

Best uses of image QR codes in different industries

Here are a few industries and some potential use cases for image QR codes:


You can add an image on product packaging QR code to give consumers helpful product information, such as reviews, videos, or how-to guides. These can also link in-store customers to online promotions or discounts.


QR codes with images can work on print advertisements, email campaigns, and social media platforms to direct customers to landing pages, surveys, or contest entries.

Real Estate

Having Image QR codes on property listings can show prospective buyers virtual tours, floor plans, and other information.


Adding image QR codes on textbooks and brochures can connect students and parents to more resources, such as online quizzes or video tutorials.


QR codes with images in hospitals, clinics, and on medical products can link patients to information about their medications, treatments, and health conditions.

Event Planning

On event invitations and tickets, you can use QR codes with images to give information about the event, such as the schedule, a map, or information about the speakers.

Travel and Tourism

Placing QR codes with images on tourist brochures, maps, and city landmarks can provide visitors with information about local attractions, restaurants, and activities.

In each field, using image QR codes can help improve brand recognition, get users more involved, and give customers quick and easy access to critical information.

They are also used to track and analyze customer behavior, allowing companies to improve their marketing and promotional efforts continuously.

How image QR codes can help in businesses and marketing

Image QR codes can help businesses and marketing in the following ways:

  • Increased engagement

Image QR codes are more visually appealing and can increase user engagement with a business, product, or promotion.

  • Brand recognition

Image QR codes can enhance brand recognition by allowing businesses to include logos or images in the code, making them more memorable.

  • Easy access to information

Customers can easily access products, services, or promotion information using image QR codes.

  • Multi-channel marketing

Marketers can place image QR codes in print ads, email campaigns, and social media sites. This gives businesses more ways to reach customers.

  • Cost-effective

Image QR codes are a cost-effective way to market your business because you can make them for free while getting a high return on your investment.

  • Versatile

QR codes with pictures can be used on product packaging, business cards, and other places, making them a helpful marketing tool that can work in many ways.

By using image QR codes, businesses and marketers can get customers more involved, raise brand awareness, and make it easy for customers to get information quickly.

They can also track and analyze customer behavior to continuously improve their marketing efforts.

Create QR codes for images now using a QR code generator 

Image QR codes have become a popular way for businesses and marketers to connect with customers and give them quick and easy access to information.

With the ability to customize the look of the code and track customer behavior, image QR codes can help businesses continuously improve their marketing efforts and reach customers cost-effectively and efficiently.

You can easily make a QR code for an image using a free QR code generator available online. Showcase your visual marketing assets now with image QR codes.