HTML QR Code: Personalized Landing Page Using The H5 Editor

Are you in need of a website but lack the finances to acquire one? Get yourself a landing page instead through an HTML QR code solution.

It has an editor to help you create engaging content for online uses, just like a website. You can say bye to getting a web domain and a developer and the cost of it.

It’s easy to use and flexible for any platform. All you need is to be creative and innovative. You can get this from Free QR Code Generator.

Read more down below to get tips and ideas on how to go about this tool.

What is H5 QR Code Solution?

H5 QR codeThis QR code is a dynamic QR code solution. The difference between static versus dynamic QR code is that dynamic ones are more advanced and offer more features.

Static QR codes are more straightforward but with fewer features.

Now, if you don’t have the budget to acquire a website domain or pay for a developer, a customized QR code for an HTML landing page is the closest you can get—at a price you can afford.

The good thing about landing pages is that they are mobile-optimized, which makes them a more shareable platform today, considering the public’s mobile reliance.

You can use this QR code for many purposes, like marketing, advertising, and even information-sharing.

Step-by-step guide: How to make this QR code?

Go to Free QR Code Generator website

Many software programs are available online, but finding an all-in-one QR code software you can trust is not always easy.

Your partner software must offer different perks that you can use, such as comprehensive solutions options, custom features, and an easy-to-navigate interface.

Click the H5 Editor button

Clicking the link will lead you to their homepage, then click the More button. The drop-down button will reveal the H5 editor solution.

When you click it, you will be redirected to another website. Don’t fret! Just sign up, and you will enjoy more perks, like dynamic QR codes and the chance to use the HTML QR code solution.

Start creating your landing page. 

H5 landing pageOnce signed in, you can then access the H5 editor. Begin creating your landing page from scratch, or breeze through the process by using one of the templates.

Fill out the information boxes, like adding the Title of your page, changing the style, etc.

You can use different font styles and add files, like audio or video. It also offers an image slider feature that allows you to create a photo gallery within the landing page.

Ultimately, it all depends on how you want your page to look like.

Click the generate dynamic QR code button

If you’re satisfied with your design, click the generate dynamic QR code button. 

Customize your QR code design

Proceed to manage your QR code design and look. There are various customization features in Free QR Code Generator that you can use: pattern, eyes, logo, colors, and frame.

There are also pre-generated templates that you can use. However, those are only for common QR code styles, like social media, documents, and playlists—it’s highly recommended to make your own for uniqueness.

Test your QR code for errors by scanning it first on your device.

Perform a test scan on your dynamic QR code after all the customization. It is to ensure that none of the designs you applied affected the overall scanability of your QR code.

Download, print, and deploy your QR code.

After testing, you can download your QR code in four formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, and EPS. PNG format is best for online posting, while SVG is perfect for printing.

Pro tip: Since this QR code solution is dynamic, you can always redirect existing QR codes to another data without generating a new code.

Different uses of HTML QR code in various industries

A landing page is very useful in many different ways. Here are some creative ideas you can try:

Promote events or concerts

Event landing page QR code

About to host an event, like concerts or parties? Don’t let all your efforts in the preparation go to waste. Promote these events to a wider audience—the online world.

Use the H5 QR code to create a digital poster that’s perfect as an invitation. You can add graphics with text details, like venue, time, and event date.

Through this, your promotion is not limited to printed posters; each scan leads to a digital poster with more vibrant colors and readable text.

Marketing and advertising campaigns

If you’re a business that wants to market newly released products, creating a landing page using the HTML QR code is one effective method.

Edit a landing page with a clear photo of your product and provide descriptive instructions on how it works; you can even provide a video tutorial. List all the dos and don’ts when using the product, too.

It’s like a product catalog or guide, except it’s not printed. So you can save a lot on printing costs as well.

Digital and virtual tours

For real estate listings, you can use a landing page QR code to give potential buyers an overview of the property. Since the H5 editor has a video and audio feature, you can add a virtual tour of the place for transparency.

It’s convenient for sellers and buyers, as they no longer have to visit the place for an inquiry personally. It saves them time, effort, and money.

Educational Resources

You can make learning extra fun for students by creating a landing that’s not only limited to texts and images.

An interactive way of teaching makes students more engaged and develops their curiosity. One way of doing so is through videos and a photo gallery that you can add to your landing page QR code.

For instance, if today’s lesson discusses the science of growing plants, you can give students a QR code leading to a demonstration video.

Food and beverage businesses

Restaurant landing page

F&B is one of the most saturated industries in the world. Keeping your authenticity and having a unique selling point is important in a huge competitive market like this.

Instead of presenting your printed menu, why not provide guests with an HTML QR code that leads to a digital menu, nutrition facts, and allergen guide all in one?

Guests would appreciate details like this, making them feel that the business truly cares about them, not just how much they pay.

Sharing literary or blog content

Share valuable, inspiring, and creative content with your online audiences by creating your blog landing page.

You can compile all your past and present works in one landing page. You can also include links to your works published on a different website.

Plus, you can design this website however you like, matching your personality and truly reflecting the artist in you. 

Online autobiography

Having an HTML QR code that opens to a landing page where a huge audience can check an online autobiography, whether it’s about you or someone popular.

It is an opportunity to tell the story of someone effectively. It allows you to control the narrative of someone’s life and career, showcasing achievements, skills, and experiences in a personalized manner.

How to customize and use a landing page QR code

Learning how to customize a QR code via a clickable QR code generator to maintain its scanability is important. Make sure to follow the steps below:

Maintain correct color contrast

Color is one of the most important factors that affect a QR code’s scanability. The rule of thumb suggests that the pattern must always be darker than the background.

With a lighter background, the pattern becomes highly noticeable and easy to scan. This is why most common QR codes’ colors are black and white.

Using pastel and light colors is also discouraged since they are hard to read. Always use two different colors also, but if you want the shame shades, make sure to use the gradient option.

Play around with the element styles

At Free QR Code Generator, you can customize the pattern, eyes, and frames and add a logo and a call to action. There are various styles and designs available for you to choose from.

The overall look of your QR code design will now depend on your creativity to mix and match these elements. Take your time in experimenting until you become satisfied with how it looks.

Create a valuable content

When converting HTML to QR code, embed insightful information that scanners would enjoy. Ensure the information is current, especially for details like prices, important dates, and venues.

No matter how colorfully or well-designed a QR code is, your QR code will be useless if the content is not compelling and significant to the audience. 

Use a compelling CTA

A compelling call to action is a significant element in a QR code marketing and communication tool because it prompts the audience to take a specific action, converting them from passive observers to active participants. 

If your CTA is not inviting enough or doesn’t reflect what’s actually embedded in it, scanners will shy away from the very first second they encounter it.

Print in the proper format

When downloading your QR code, choose a format that fits where you intend to advertise it.

For printing, download it in SVG format. This format allows you to stretch your QR code as big as you want without ruining its quality or making it very pixelated. For digital sharing, downloading it in PNG format is the most preferable.

Also, consider the size of your QR code, but how small can a QR code be to make it scannable? The smallest you can go is 2cm by 2cm, so make sure not to print smaller than that.

Enhance your digital marketing strategies with QR codes

The HTML QR code is a powerful tool that you can use to create better marketing and advertising materials. 

This all-in-one QR code editor lets you unleash your creativity, eliminating the need to spend thousands or even millions on domain acquisition and web development processes.

You can make your audience’s experience engaging and remarkable by editing your own landing page and putting your heart into every design you make.

Waste no time and jumpstart this journey now. To begin, visit Free QR Code Generator to create an account today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a QR code for a URL?

Yes, you can create a QR code for a URL or link using the URL QR code solution. Just embed the link on your QR code software and convert it to create a QR code.

Does a QR code have to be a URL?

There are endless possibilities and resources to embed in a QR code other than URLs. Static QR codes, for instance, are hard-coded data.

These are not links but actual data, so apart from links, there’s video and audio that you can embed.