How to Make a Dropbox QR Code in 7 Easy Ways

With a Dropbox QR code, you can facilitate the seamless sharing of files in just a scan—the question now is how to make a Dropbox QR code, then?

Dropbox is a file storage that allows synchronization and file-sharing online. This cloud-based app allows you to share information with users who have the same app on their devices.

Using a QR code allows any user to easily access file; no need for you to share the actual link one-by-one with every user that ask for them.

To create a well-rounded Dropbox QR code, simply head to the Free QR Code Generator.

7 Steps on how to create a Dropbox QR codeDropbox QR code

  1. Go to the Free QR Code Generator online
  2. Choose the URL QR code solution
  3. Add the link to your Dropbox file or folder
  4. Click the generate QR code button
  5. Personalize your QR code by modifying some parts, like colors, frames, eyes, and patterns. You may also add a logo or a call to action.
  6. Test your QR code by scanning it first on your device
  7. Download, print, and share it anywhere.

How to use a Dropbox QR code

Wondering in what ways can you creatively use a Dropbox QR code? Check out some suggestions below:

Event Brochures and Flyers

You can use a Dropbox QR code for event brochures, schedules, and flyers. Scanning the code will allow attendees to access event details, maps, and important information instantly.

This reduces the cost that you may incur in printing bulk-printed marketing materials. Printing a few brochures with a QR code will already go a long way.

Art Galleries and Museums

You may also use a Dropbox QR code on art galleries or museums.

When visitors scan the code, they can access detailed information, artist biographies, and even audio or video explanations about the artwork. They can also save this information instantly to their devices.

Real Estate Listings

For real estate agents, attach QR codes to “For Sale” signs on properties.

Create a Dropbox folder or file for prospective buyers to access virtual tours, high-resolution images, and property specifications on Dropbox. This can save much of your time in explaining every detail to clients.

Educational Resources

Teachers can create QR codes to create a new engaging experience for students.

Have the files stored in a Dropbox folder, such as study guides, supplementary materials, or homework assignments, be easily shared through QR codes.

Students can scan the code to access these resources digitally, promoting paperless learning.Education QR code

Personalized Business Cards

You can add this QR code to your business card to promote your Dropbox folder or file. You can direct anyone to the linked folder containing your portfolio, resume, and other professional documents.

Recipe Sharing

Culinary enthusiasts would love a treat that would benefit their taste buds, such as compiled recipes. If you have a Dropbox folder for this, share it via QR code.

Users who scan them will get access to the full recipe with instructions and photos stored on Dropbox.

Interactive Resume/CV

Instead of sharing the exact file or the link to your resume or CV, why not share the Dropbox folder?

When users scan the code, they can access a dynamic presentation of your skills, accomplishments, portfolio pieces, and even video introductions, showcasing your expertise in a unique and engaging way.

Who can benefit from the use of a Dropbox QR code?

Businesses and Retailers

By using a Dropbox QR code, you can provide an all-in-one folder where users can save their feedback or access different materials related to your products, such as brochures, price lists, and appointment booking details.

Educators and Students

Supplemental materials are necessary for teachers to provide more information to students. But it would be a hassle to send these materials one by one to each student.

So for quick access, why not send them a Dropbox QR code with all the supplemental learning materials, resources, and assignments needed by the students?

This can improve collaboration among students, too.

Event Organizers

Event planners can use QR codes on invitations, tickets, and programs to provide attendees with event details, schedules, and directions.

QR codes can lead participants to presentation slides, speaker bios, and additional resources at conferences.

Best practices in using a free QR code generator for your Dropbox QR code


It’s okay to customize your QR code. However, you must make sure not to overdo it, as it might affect the scanability of your QR code, too.

When choosing colors, make sure to pick lighter ones for the background and dark ones for the pattern.

Don’t ever use the same colors for the background and pattern, as it will make scanners hard to detect QR code points.

Provide Context

Don’t assume that everyone is familiar with a QR code. It would be of great help to include a brief description or call-to-action in your code.

Some free QR code generator will let you edit your own CTA apart from the template provided in the site.

Size and Placement

Ensure that the QR code is large enough to be scanned easily but not so large that it distorts or becomes difficult to capture.

Consider its placement – it should be in a location where users can comfortably scan it.


Before deploying your QR codes in public, test them on your own device first to ensure that it works well.

Secure Content

You can add a password to your  QR code, especially if it leads to sensitive information. This will serve as another layer of security for your data.

Smooth-sharing of data with Dropbox QR code

Instead of sharing your files one by one, why not share the whole folder instead and allow others to access, edit, and collaborate with you in just a scan?

That’s why it’s important to learn how to make a Dropbox QR code today. The fast-paced technology makes everything automated and quick. If you settle with the usual file-sharing ways, you’d be left behind.

Aside from the manual sharing takes time, it also poses several compatible errors from one device to another. But creating a QR code using a free QR code generator will save you from this dilemma.

Sign up for an account today and experience the smoothness of this data-sharing method.