How to generate a free QR code in 7 easy steps

Many consider QR codes a must-have tool; having one can give you or your business a great advantage. You probably have seen them everywhere—marketplace, posters, and product packaging.

But did you know that you can generate a free QR code? That’s right! No cost is required, just the right campaign strategy.

In this blog, you’ll learn how to create a free QR code using a free QR code generator to create various solutions such as a file, social media, video, and even audio QR code.

Static QR code: The Free QR code

Let's start with what's the difference between static versus dynamic QR code. Mainly, static is free and dynamic needs subscription.

A static QR code is a type of QR code that contains fixed information and cannot be changed once you have already generated it.

This information is encoded within the QR code pattern and remains the same every time you scan the QR code. Whether you want to update or edit the data or your static QR code, you will still have to create a new one.

In a positive light, these QR codes are free and last forever. So if you want to make a QR code for something that doesn’t need changing or updating, static QR codes are the way to go.

You can typically use static QR codes for simple tasks such as encoding website URLs, business contact information, or promotional offers.

Free QR code solutions you must try

If you’re so into free QR codes, here are some free QR code solutions for you to try.

URL QR code

The URL QR code stores your site URL. So, you can share a QR code instead of sharing or sending long links.

Simply copy the site’s link in your QR code generator, and upon conversion, choose to generate the QR code in a static form.

Text QR code

You can use the text QR code to send other users a message or note with a certain character limit. Instead of sending or sharing the exact text, you can hide it in a QR code for an element of surprise.

vCard QR code

Printed business cards have always been the trend. But, in this time when people are more concerned about paper usage and safety in terms of exchanging materials, digital business cards are way better.

You can digitally share the same information from your business card through business card vCard QR code. Plus, you can add more details like social media accounts and other sites.

WiFi QR code

You can create a WiFi QR code for easy sharing of your WiFi. Users will no longer need to input complicated passwords or manually add your WiFi account. It is more convenient for everyone.

SMS QR code

Technology made sending SMS now more innovative. You just have to input your contact number and message in a QR code generator. Scanners of your code will see both details.

Event QR code

You can now make a QR code for any upcoming event that you’ll host. In a QR code generator, provide the details like event title or name, location, and starting and ending time. When generating, use the static QR code option.

Audiences who want to join the event can now contact the service for details. A scan of the code will give them data.

Location QR code

Not everyone is very good with directions or geography; let’s admit that. But you can actually make their lives easier by providing them with a location QR code. 

In a QR code generator, simply input the longitude and latitude details of the place you want to use. You may also use the map and manually click the location. Then generate in static.

Facebook QR code

You can share a Facebook profile or posts using a Facebook QR code. Simply paste the URL from Facebook, then generate in static QR code.

YouTube QR code

Like Facebook, it is also possible to create a YouTube QR code. It is handy for YT vloggers or influencers to share their profiles and content easily. They can now eliminate sharing eye-sore links and replace them with QR codes instead.

How to generate a free QR code

We all know that QR code generators differ from one another. However, there are QR code generators that offer a free trial version. And that’s exactly what you need if you’re into free QR codes.

Avail of this freemium offer as this usually comes with both static and a limited number of dynamic QR codes. You can edit and track data with dynamic QR codes, and the trial version won’t charge you.

Some great softwares are Free QR Code Generator. If you’ve already availed of the free trial, you can now start creating your QR codes by following these steps:

  • Choose a QR code solution that meets your need. There are lots to choose from aside from those mentioned above.
  • Provide the details or attachments needed to create a free QR code.
  • Choose whether static or dynamic QR code, then generate.
  • Customize your QR code. You may add colors, change eye shapes and frames, and add a CTA.
  • Test your QR code to see if it is working.
  • Download, print, and distribute your QR codes. You may post it online or print it on advertising materials.

Note that dynamic QR codes in free trial versions have limits, so be cautious in generating them. However, static QR codes usually come unlimited.

Advantages of using static QR codes

  • Simple to generate

You can quickly generate a static QR code without special software or technical knowledge. You don’t have to have complex thinking to decide on what you can embed in it.

  • Cost-effective

Static QR codes are free to generate and distribute, making them a cost-effective option. Unlike dynamic QR codes that need subscriptions for continuous use, static QR codes require no expenses.

  • Permanent information

The information encoded in a static QR code remains the same and does not need to be updated. So if you want to store something that you permanently want to embed in a QR code, a static QR code can preserve that.

Check out the Free QR Code Generator

Have you made up your mind about what solution you want to use? The next thing you need to do is find great software that would assist you.

And, of course, the perfect place to go is the Free QR Code Generator. You can choose various QR code solutions for your QR code. It also offers both static and dynamic.

Visit it online and sign up for free. Contact customer service if you need more help.