Election QR Code: 7 Innovative Ways To Enhance Voting System

Traditional paper ballots are making way for innovative solutions. Now, with just a scan of an election QR code using a smartphone, voters can conveniently access election-related information.

Election authorities and political organizations are adopting this cutting-edge technology to enhance the electoral process. 

Keep scrolling to learn more about how you can use them to improve the operations in voting systems and integrate one using a free QR code generator online.     

How QR codes for elections work

A QR code for government public services is already a known useful tool in providing the public with quick access to government information and streamlining the delivery of public services. 

Specific QR codes are now used for election purposes. An election QR code allows you to store voter information and ballot choices securely in a scannable code. 

The public no longer needs to manually search for information about the election and the candidates running for certain positions.

Each scan leads to a website or document that contains this information and the online voting portal itself.

It’s an efficient way to conduct secure, transparent, and accessible elections, enhancing the democratic process and the overall voting experience.

Smart approaches to using a QR code for poll

The versatility of QR codes allows you to use them in a variety of ways. Here are some valuable ideas to leverage QR codes for elections: 

Digital voter ID card

Digital voter id QR code

Using an image QR code to convert ID pictures into a QR code, you can create a digital voter ID card.

With this, voters no longer need to carry physical ID cards as they can access their ID cards or registration documents for authentication purposes through their smartphones.

Election officers can streamline the process of identity verification at polling stations by only scanning the QR codes.

This method also allows for touchless interactions, reducing the risk of spreading germs through the physical handling of identification cards.


Using a Google Forms QR Code for survey feedback collection makes it easy for respondents to access and complete the survey without hassle. 

Instead of printing tons of survey forms, using a QR code for poll and integrating them into digital and physical materials simplify the participation process for respondents.

This feedback QR code allows you to monitor the responses in real time as the data goes directly to an online database. 

Voters education

You can creatively and effectively disseminate election information to the public by launching an educational campaign using an election QR code. 

Store voter education resources that contain essential information about the voting process, voter registration, election dates, candidates, and how to cast a vote into a QR code and incorporate them into public materials. 

Using a file QR code, you can store a PDF document that contains interactive guides on what to do before, during, and after the elections, reinforcing important information in a fun and engaging way. 

By providing voters quick and direct access to engaging election-related content, you can equip them with the necessary knowledge they need to participate in the democratic process effectively. 

Political campaigns

Political campaign QR code

If you’re a political aspirant or campaigner, using a QR code signage can aid you in catching more attention from the public and mobilizing support.

QR codes are cost-effective tools that you can easily produce and distribute, suitable for when you have a minimal campaign budget. A free QR code generator allows you to create custom ones without losing a penny. 

Link the QR code into a video introducing the candidate and let voters scan the code to watch a personal message from the candidate. This way, you can provide a human touch to the campaign.

Voter registration

You can simplify the registration process by including a QR code on physical voter registration flyers or posters. 

When they scan the code, they can directly access an online voting system website where they can conveniently register electronically, completing the process with less time. 

Facilitating voter registration using QR codes reduces the hassle of waiting in long lines just to register, encouraging more people to participate in the electoral process.


Linking electronic ballots from a secure platform into QR codes allows for remote or online voting systems. You can protect the integrity of the voting process by adding advanced encryption on the e-ballots.

Upon scanning, the election QR code directs voters to the secure portal where they can access their electronic ballot. With this approach, the public can securely cast their votes and submit them hassle-free.

Implementing QR code-based e-ballots can also be cost-effective in the long run, reducing the need for paper ballots and manual counting resources.

Vote counting

QR codes allow election officials to monitor the voting process in real time using the data from the QR codes that correspond to a specific candidate or option.

With the tracking feature of a dynamic QR code, they can track the number, time, and location of scans, as well as the devices used for scanning. 

QR code file document management and password protection also help securely manage the e-ballots. With this, you can safely transmit voting data from polling stations to central counting centers, reducing the risk of tampering.

How to create a QR code for voting: Step-by-step guide

You can easily create a custom QR code for elections that fits your branding using a reliable QR code software online. Follow these five steps to make one: 

1. Go to Free QR Code Generator website to create a custom QR code with a logo. This QR code software provides safe and functional QR codes that fit your branding.

2. Select the appropriate QR code solution and input the information it requires. It can be a link to a Google Forms document, a voting system website, or a political campaign poster.

3. Generate the QR code by clicking the button and wait for a few seconds as it loads. 

4. Customize QR code using the customization tools of Free QR Code Generator. You can change the eye shape, colors, frame, and pattern according to your branding or preferences.

Include the logo of your office, organization, or political party, or place your profile picture to ensure its authenticity and increase brand recognition. 

5. Run a scan test to see if it’s working and download the QR code image in either PNG or SVG formats, depending on its usage. 

PNG is suitable when integrating them into digital posting materials, while SVG is good for prints. 

As part of your QR code design, add the right Call-to-Action (CTA) to guide the public, specifically the voters, on what to do with the QR code. 

Top QR solutions to use for an election QR code

Survey QR code

Numerous QR code generators online allow you to create QR codes for various purposes, including a QR code for elections. 

Now that you know how to create a QR code for voting, let’s discuss the QR code solutions you can use to create one: 

File QR

If you’re looking for a QR solution that can support any digital document stored on your computer, then you can use the file QR code. 

This QR solution allows you to upload a document in PDF, Word, and Excel format. You can also store PNG and JPEG on it, as well as 

Google Form QR

A Google Form QR code is a specific QR solution that allows you to link a Google Form document from the platform. 

Simply create a survey on Google Forms with all the necessary information you want to ask your respondents. Once done, copy and paste its sharing link into a QR code software and generate the code. 

Location QR

Let others locate specific polling stations using the location QR code. With a Google Maps integration, you can create a custom map in the mapping platform and link it directly to the QR code.

Social media QR

If you’re a political aspirant who mainly uses social media to campaign for your candidacy, the social media QR is the most suitable to use. 

This particular QR solution allows you to link any of your social media pages into one landing page. 

When users scan the code, they can instantly access your accounts without the need to search for them one by one on each platform. 

vCard QR

You can also use the business card vCard QR code solution to create a QR code for elections. This specific QR solution allows you to introduce yourself to the public and build connections faster digitally.

With this kind of QR code, you no longer need to give out printed business cards. When users scan the code, they can automatically access your vCard and store your contact information on their smartphones.

Advantages of using QR codes in elections

Leveraging QR codes in elections allows authorities and campaigns to enhance the overall electoral process, improve accessibility, and engage voters more effectively. 

Here are the key advantages of using an election QR code in voting systems: 


Using QR codes in voting systems fosters transparency throughout the election day. Voters can easily verify their registration details and selections, promoting trust in the system.

Linking official election websites to a QR code also allows the public to access real-time updates on voter turnout, polling station status, and preliminary results, which minimizes the risk of spreading misinformation.


Ballot QR code

You can ensure the security of your e-ballots using QR codes. Using a dynamic QR code, in particular, allows you to put a password protection that only authorized personnel know. 

A QR code with user-based limitation that is unique to every voter also reduces the risk of tampering, duplication, or fraudulent voting.


Automating data entry through QR codes reduces the chance of human error in transcribing voter choices. 

This improves the accuracy and reliability of the collected data, leading to more meaningful analysis.


Voters and election officials alike benefit from the use of QR codes as they help streamline voting procedures, reduce waiting times, and make the overall experience faster and more efficient. 


QR codes are suitable election tools since you can easily create them for free online and integrate them into election materials.

They allow election authorities, candidates, and campaigners to save their resources and decrease operational costs for elections. 

Data collection

The QR codes tracking feature provides a convenient way to monitor the voting process in real time.

For every scan, you can collect valuable insights into voter behavior, preferences, and trends for future improvements in the electoral system. 

Voter engagement 

QR codes are effective in enhancing voter engagement due to their convenience, accessibility, and ability to provide instant access to relevant information.

By directing voters to candidate information, videos, and policy details, you provide an interactive approach that engages voters on a deeper level, making the campaign experience more enjoyable and memorable.

Real-world applications of QR codes in voting systems

Governments, political parties, and campaigners are using QR code technology to enhance voter engagement, streamline electoral processes, and ensure transparency. 

Here’s how they make use of QR codes in voting systems: 

YOURvoice’s ballot paper QR code

A party in the South East for the European Elections, YOURvoice, integrates QR codes on ballot papers, which is a first in the United Kingdom. 

It is a new way to get the attention of unengaged voters and push them to look up information about the party.

Delhi’s voter slip QR code

Delhi’s election commission is distributing voter slips with QR codes for the first time to facilitate electors and speed up their identification.

With the adoption of the technology, voters no longer need to carry physical voter’s slips as they can directly download the QR code from the voters’ helpline app. 

Singapore’s voting by post

Voting via post QR code

The Elections Department of Singapore is now incorporating unique QR codes into the return envelopes of overseas Singaporeans who cast their votes via posts

The electoral authorities will only accept envelopes containing valid QR codes to ensure they only count one postal ballot paper from each registered overseas voter. 

Streamline election processes with Free QR Code Generator

Voting systems are fundamental in ensuring fairness, accuracy, and representation in democratic societies. 

By incorporating a QR code into various aspects of the electoral process, governments and election authorities can enhance citizen participation.

Whether it’s for a local or national election, the use of QR codes in voting systems is a significant leap toward transparent and secure elections.

Create a custom QR code for your QR code voting system free of charge and begin streamlining election processes in your area. 

People also ask

How do I create a QR code for each registered user?

With a reliable QR code generator online that offers a bulk generation option, you can generate multiple QR codes at once using text, vCard, and URL QR solutions. 

Each of these QR codes can contain unique information by inputting a list of unique data points. With this, you can direct individual users to specific content. 

How do you create a poll on an event?

Creating a poll for an event can be done using various online platforms and social media networks, such as Facebook, Google Forms, and Polls Everywhere. 

Add your poll question and answer options, save, and share the link across various channels using a QR code to ensure maximum participation.