E-Ticket QR Code: Streamline Boarding and Entry with a Scan

An e-ticket QR code is a modern solution that provides a convenient and portable way to carry tickets without needing physical documents.

Gone are the days of paper tickets and inconvenient entry procedures. By using QR code technology as digital tickets, users can immediately access their entry information with just a scan of the code.

This accelerates the entry process, reducing long queues and ensuring a safer and more controlled environment during check-ins. 

Find out the benefits of using QR codes to streamline check-in and entry processes and the steps to create them for your electronic tickets using a free QR code generator online. 

How digital tickets with QR codes work

Booking and event management services use a QR code for event registration and ticketing to streamline the process of purchasing tickets online. 

When an individual purchases an electronic ticket (e-ticket), the corresponding QR code is sent to them via email or a dedicated ticketing app.

The pixilated square directly stores the unique information that serves as a digital identifier for the specific ticket and the person holding it. 

Users can scan the e-ticket at the designated entry point and quickly access and verify their entry information, allowing them to enter the venue or pass the boarding gate without any hassle.

Practical applications of an e-ticket QR code

QR codes have a lot of practical uses, including distributing electronic tickets and passes for various situations. Here’s how you can apply this digital marvel for seamless registration and entry:

Event admission ticket

Are you an event organizer looking for a way to facilitate seamless entry to your event? Provide attendees with digital admission tickets using an event QR code

Attendees can simply present their QR code through their smartphones at entry points to gain access. 

With a QR code as a digital ticket for your event, you can add an extra layer of exclusivity to it and control access to certain areas of your venue.

Airline boarding pass

Check in ticket QR codeSay goodbye to paper boarding passes. Airline companies are now adopting an e-ticket QR code system to streamline airport luggage check-in and boarding processes.

Passengers can present their digital badge QR codes at express check-in kiosks and boarding gates for security personnel to scan, facilitating a quicker and more efficient screening process.

Raffle ticket

Are you hosting a promotional giveaway for your business? You can employ a QR code for fundraising as digital raffle tickets. 

Provide each participant with a text QR code that contains their names and unique identifiers. They can scan the code to see the details about their entry and any additional instructions.

Movie tickets 

Enhance the moviegoing experience by allowing moviegoers to purchase tickets online and get their mobile QR tickets, which they can scan at the cinema entrance for quick admission, eliminating the need to stand in line.

Using a movie QR code, you can create digital season passes that movie enthusiasts can use to watch a certain number of screenings per month. 

Public transportation

Enhance the public transportation system in your community by adopting a QR code booking system that people can scan to purchase and receive their digital tickets with a QR code.

Commuters no longer need to carry physical bus tickets or train passes. They can simply scan the QR code using their smartphones to reserve and pay for their seats, facilitating a more organized and hassle-free travel experience. 

How do I create a QR code for an e-ticket?: Step-by-step guide 

Making QR codes for your digital tickets is simple with the use of a reputable QR code software. Follow this step-by-step guide below:

  • Select a QR code solution and input the required information.
  • Choose the Static QR code and generate the QR code for free. Sign up for an account to be able to generate three dynamic QR codes.
  • Customize the QR code to match your branding. You can change the color and add a logo and frame to it. 
  • Run a scan test to see if it’s working, and download the QR code in PNG format for digital use or SVG for prints. 

Integrate the QR code on your digital ticket template and promotional materials and disseminate.

Advanced QR code solutions from the Free QR Code Generator

There are many user-friendly QR code solutions that can empower you to effortlessly generate a QR code for your custom e-ticket

What are the best QR code solutions to employ for creating one? Here are our top recommendations:

File QR code

E ticket file QR code Allow your clients to access all relevant e-ticket details through a QR code using the file QR code solution. This solution supports various files, such as documents, images, and videos. 

With a file QR code, you can simplify the distribution of digital tickets and ensure users receive comprehensive details about their ticket reservations and purchases with a single scan.

Event QR code

Do you have an event you want to promote to a wider audience? You can use the event QR code solution from the Free QR Code Generator to provide users immediate access to the event information.

Simply input the important event details, such as the title, location, and time, and generate the code. With a scan, attendees can instantly access real-time information about your event.

H5 editor QR code

You can create an interactive and dynamic e-ticket accessible via a QR code using the H5 editor QR code solution. It has tools that allow you to build a custom landing page for your event.

You can use an HTML (H5) QR code to direct users to your event’s interactive seating chart, virtual tour of the venue, and real-time updates on ticket availability. 

Google Form QR code

Create a QR code ticketing system free of charge using a Google Form and make it accessible using the Google Form QR code solution. 

Simply make a ticket booking form on the Google Forms platform and input its sharing link into the software.

Using a Google Form QR code, clients can immediately access and fill out the form and purchase their electronic tickets, which they will receive through email. 

App Stores QR code

Direct users to your ticketing app with an app QR code. Using the App Stores QR code solution, you can store the links to your mobile app from Google Play, App Store, and Harmony. 

This simplifies the process of directing users to download or access your mobile app, increasing the chances of more users using your app for ticket purchases and event management.

Key advantages of using mobile QR tickets

Adopting QR code-based digital tickets provides various benefits to the event and transportation industries, extending far beyond the traditional paper ticketing methods.

Below are the key advantages you can gain when using QR codes as digital tickets:

Convenient to use

One of the international travel tips that international travelers or eventgoers should consider following is getting an e-ticket. 

They can just store the QR codes for their digital tickets on their smartphones, reducing the risk of losing or forgetting paper tickets.

A quick scan of the QR code for ticket validation reduces queues and enhances the efficiency of entry processes.

Versatile tools

The e-ticket QR code is a versatile tool that efficiently stores any essential information. 

It can function as a boarding pass for airlines, an entry ticket for events, or even a pass for public transportation, making it a flexible and user-friendly solution for diverse scenarios.

Requires minimal budget

Using QR codes as portals to digital tickets is more cost-effective than printing and distributing physical tickets. 

Additionally, their digital nature lowers the risk of loss or damage, reducing the need for ticket replacements. 

Facilitates contactless access

In situations where minimizing physical contact is crucial, an e-ticket QR code provides a contactless way to gain entry. 

Scanning the QR code requires no physical contact with paper tickets or personnel, minimizing physical interactions during access.

Prevents ticket fraud

Security is the top concern in transportation and event management. 

You can protect a dynamic QR code with a password, only allowing the rightful owner to access the content it stores.

This additional layer of complexity prevents unauthorized access and tampering.

Provides data and analytics

E-tickets with dynamic QR codes enable you to track the timing of entry, popular areas, and dwell times based on the number, time, and location of scans.

These valuable insights can help you optimize your operations and enhance the overall customer experience.


The adoption of QR codes as electronic tickets reduces paper consumption, contributing to sustainability efforts and minimizing the environmental footprint associated with traditional ticketing methods.

Real use cases of an e-ticket QR code system

The public and private sectors from around the globe are also employing QR codes to facilitate seamless entry and boarding processes in their countries. Here’s how they use QR codes in their ticketing system:

E-ticket for the UK Rail network

Passengers traveling across the UK rail network can purchase a train ticket digitally as the United Kingdom government launches a smart rail ticketing system.

Passengers will receive their e-tickets with QR codes via email, which they can show to inspectors to scan upon boarding the train. 

E-ticket application from the Dominican Republic

Dominican republic e ticket QR codeThe Dominican Republic implements an electronic ticket system, mandating all travelers to apply in order to enter and exit the country securely.

This has no cost at all. Travelers only need to fill out an online form on the website of the General Directorate of Migration of the Dominican Republic.

After submitting the e-ticket application from the Dominican Republic, an e-ticket with a QR code is generated, which they have to present to immigration officials for verification before they can enter or exit the country. 

Mumbai airport’s contactless check-in

Self-check-in is already possible in the Mumbai airport by integrating QR code technology into its self-check-in kiosks.

Passengers can scan the QR code on the kiosks to check in and generate a baggage tag and e-gates themselves that they have to use to scan their boarding passes before proceeding to security check.

Create your QR codes with the Free QR Code Generator

The boarding and entry processes are smoother and more convenient than ever, thanks to the adoption of electronic tickets.

These passes that come with QR codes accelerate entry processes at major events and transform the boarding experience in transportation with just a scan, enhancing customer experiences.

You can create a custom e-ticket QR code for your business, events, or community for free using our QR code software. Visit our website today and make functional and branded QR codes for your various needs.

People also ask

How do I scan a QR code with a ticket?

You can scan a QR code containing a digital ticket by opening the available QR code scanner on your smartphone, such as the camera app, Google Lens, or browser.

If the QR code is for an event or transportation service, make sure to check the instructions on how to scan their QR codes.