Beyond a Black QR Code: Tips for Creating Colorful QR Codes

Don’t stick to the typical black QR code on a white background. You can add a burst of color to your monochromatic QR codes and enhance their visual appeal on many levels. 

While the black-and-white ones are the standard, colorful QR codes allow you to fit them into your branding and marketing perfectly.

Using a trustworthy QR code software, you can easily incorporate your brand’s signature hues into the once-monochromatic black-and-white pixels. 

Eager to learn how to do this? Keep reading to get practical tips on creating functional and beautiful QR codes using the Free QR Code Generator.

Can QR codes be a color other than black?

The QR codes color contrast is crucial for their functionality. Typically, QR codes comprise black modules on a white background due to their high contrast, which aids in efficient scanning.

But you don’t need to use this conventional design anymore as it is now possible to make QR codes livelier and aesthetically pleasing by adding colors to them.

You can make use of a colorful one instead of the usual black QR code to establish a stronger visual brand identity, attracting more users to scan and explore the content behind the code.

By infusing your personality into your QR codes, you make them functional and, at the same time, a delightful visual experience.

A step-by-step guide to creating colorful QR codes

Ditch the monochrome monotony and embrace the vibrant potential of colorful QR codes. Here’s how to create a functional and scannable one using reliable QR code software:

1. Open the Free QR Code Generator on your web browser. This is the most advanced QR code software you can use online and for free. 

2. Select a QR code solution and input the required information.

3. Select “Static QR code” and generate a free QR code. You can sign up for an account to generate three dynamic QR codes for free. 

4. Customize the QR code to match your branding. You can change the color and add your logo to it.

5. Run a QR code test to see if it’s working and download the QR code in PNG for digital use or SVG for print materials.

Strategically place the QR code on your online and offline materials to increase the likelihood of people noticing and scanning the code.

Advantages of enhancing your black QR code patterns

A black-and-white monochromatic QR code remains a symbol of efficiency, but there’s no reason to limit your creativity to monochrome designs.

In fact, using colorful QR codes offers several benefits that black-and-white ones do not offer. Below are the top advantages of adding a splash of color to your QR codes:

Creative freedom

Why settle for a plain QR code when you can turn it into a canvas for creativity? 

You can experiment with gradients, patterns, and various color combinations, adding a touch of uniqueness to your QR codes.

Increased visibility 

Unlike the typical black and white QR code, a colorful one naturally draws attention from users due to its vibrant and eye-catching nature. 

This visual appeal sparks curiosity and encourages users to interact with the code. This increased engagement can lead to higher conversion rates.

Brand recognition

Color psychology plays a major role in how consumers recognize brands. When people see a QR code that aligns with your trademark’s colors, they are more likely to recognize and associate it with your brand.

You can further enhance your brand identity by incorporating your logo into your QR code design

Creative ways to use vibrant QR codes

Numerous designers and businesses use colorful QR codes because of their visual appeal, attracting more people to scan and open the surprise behind them.

If you’re looking for ideas on where and how to use these QR codes, check out these cool recommendations below: 

Video games

Video game QR codeAre you a game developer or marketer opting to use a QR code on video games? Instead of the usual black QR code, try to add colors that fit your game’s theme or narrative. 

You can use this QR code for the game’s Easter eggs or hidden content and let players discover and scan these codes to unlock secret levels or exclusive items. 


If you want to use QR codes for events, you can customize your QR code with your event colors, logos, or graphical elements to enhance brand visibility and reinforce the event’s visual identity.

You can add this QR code to event invitations, tickets, badges, or wristbands. The visually appealing code encourages recipients to engage with event-related content, leading to increased attendance.


QR codes are taking over the art scene because of their functionality and aesthetic appeal. You can also transform a QR code into a piece of art by adding colors and other design elements to it.

Seamlessly integrate it into your composition, perhaps as part of an abstract design or within a larger image, adding an interactive, contemporary, and mysterious dimension to your piece.  


As part of your brand’s fashion statement, you can incorporate a colorful QR code into your clothing items that leads customers to a digital lookbook for styling inspiration once they scan it.

Instead of the typical black QR code, changing the color of the clothing QR code allows you to make different design variations. 


Incorporate QR codes in marketing strategies with a twist: use colorful ones. 

Whether for a holiday promotion or a product launch, tailoring your QR code to fit the occasion adds a personalized touch that resonates with your audience.

QR code not working: Factors that affect their scannability

QR codes are traditionally black and white because of their high contrast, making it easier for QR code scanners to detect and interpret the patterns accurately.

However, there are several factors that can influence their scannability, especially for colored ones. Here are some reasons why your QR code is not working:

Lack of contrast

The essential aspect of successful scanning is the color contrast between the code’s modules and the background. 

However, without sufficient color contrast between the foreground and background, scanning devices, such as smartphones, cannot accurately identify the transitions between the modules and the spaces, leading to errors.

The QR code is blurry

Blurry QR codeThe image resolution and size of the QR code play a crucial role in its scannability. 

If the QR code is too small in size, it results in lower resolution and may not contain enough detail for accurate scanning, leading to errors. 

A low-resolution QR code image also becomes blurry when stretched, making it challenging for the smartphone to accurately identify and interpret the code. 

That is why it’s important to consider where you intend to place your QR code (online or printed) so you can download it in the correct format.

Incompatible scanning device and software

Compatibility issues are one of the factors you must consider when using a colorful or inverted QR code on black background for your campaigns.

Not all smartphones and QR code scanner apps have the capability to scan these types of QR codes.

In particular, older smartphone models have hardware limitations that impact their ability to effectively scan these QR codes, failing to recognize and decode the information.

Pro tips for proper QR code designing

Maintaining the functionality and scannability of QR codes while also ensuring their aesthetics is crucial to ensure a positive user experience. Here are the QR code best practices you should take note of:

Strong contrast between the QR code background and the foreground

Strong QR code color contrastWhether you’re using the usual black QR code design, a colorful, or inverted one, it is essential to maintain an optimal level of contrast between the modules and the background.

This helps identify the QR code pattern accurately and quickly, improving the chances of successful scanning.

Consider the add-on designs

If you’re incorporating a logo or any other design elements into the QR code, ensure they complement the color scheme and do not compromise the overall scannability.

Image resolution

You can avoid the QR code blurry problem by maintaining an appropriate size and resolution. Download the QR code image in PNG for a high-quality image for digital use or SVG for prints.

A general guideline for the QR code size is at least 2 x 2 centimeters.

Add-on tip: It is advisable to do a scan test using different smartphones and scanner apps to ensure your QR codes remain functional and can be reliably scanned by a diverse range of users.

Why use the Free QR Code Generator for making your QR codes

This advanced QR code software is simple, efficient, and has many perks that can address your specific QR code needs. 

Here are the features that you need to consider when using a QR code maker online: 


If you’re new to using QR codes for your campaign, there is no need to dig into your pockets with a reliable free QR code software.

You can create unlimited static QR codes using this software. You can also use three dynamic QR codes if you sign up for an account.

User-friendly interface

Not a tech whiz? No need to worry. This QR code software has a simple design, allowing you to navigate the website quickly. With a few clicks, you’ve got a QR code ready for use.

Wide selection of QR code solutions

Whether you need a QR code for a website, business card, or event, the Free QR Code Generator has got you covered. 

The software offers 20 QR code solutions, including URL QR code, Wi-Fi QR code, and vCard QR code, allowing you to easily create functional QR codes for each of your needs. 

Easy-to-use customization tools

Add a dash of personality to your QR code with logo, colors, and other design elements using the customization tools this QR code software offers.

With this, you can inject your brand’s personality into the QR code, making it easier for customers to associate it with your business.

Comprehensive QR code user tips

Of course, it is important to consider a QR code software that provides comprehensive QR code user tips.

This allows you to easily access a wealth of information about the software and its products, allowing you to quickly grasp the ins and outs of creating QR codes.

Transform your black QR code into a vibrant one

Say goodbye to the typical black-and-white monochromatic QR codes. It’s about time to have a visual upgrade by using vibrant and colorful ones for your campaign.

By infusing your brand colors into your QR codes, you can have more creative campaigns and promotions, increasing the chance of more users noticing and interacting with your content.

This colorful transformation of QR codes is a strategic move that aligns with modern design trends and positions your brand as forward-thinking and visually appealing.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your QR code designs. Go to the Free QR Code Generator website today and let the vibrant creation of QR codes begin.

People also ask

Can QR codes have colored backgrounds?

Definitely! You can customize the QR code background into a colorful one, allowing for greater design flexibility and integration with branding elements. 

When adding color to the background of the QR code, it’s important to ensure that there is enough contrast between the background color and the QR code itself. 

Choose background colors that complement your brand colors or suit the overall theme of your campaign to enhance brand reinforcement and recognition.