7 Things to Consider in a URL QR Code Generator

Did you know that you can send links in a QR code form? Convert links using a URL QR code generator to send attractive codes instead of naked links. 

There is no need to go through the hassle of copy-pasting or typing lengthy links to a website, social media page, or event details. 

With QR codes, users can easily access portals to information, saving their time and effort.

Find out what qualities you should look for in a QR code software and learn how to turn URLs into QR codes using a reliable free QR code generator. 

What is a URL QR code?

Users can now conveniently access information without typing the link to a particular content into their search bars by turning a URL to QR code.

URL QR codes are the most common solutions that can store the address of a specific website, social media page, or any online resource.

When users scan the code, a preview link will appear. Clicking the link will bring them to the exact site.

Their convenience and flexibility help promote businesses, streamline operations, and improve customer experience. 

Anyone can make custom QR codes for URLs in seconds using a safe and user-friendly URL QR code generator. 

Choosing the right QR code generator

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Many brands, restaurants, and marketers search every nook and cranny of the internet to look for the best QR code generator for URL where they can easily create QR codes for their campaigns. 

For beginner users of QR codes, however, finding quality QR code software in a large pool of choices might be confusing and a little tricky. 

What characteristics of a QR code software should users consider when choosing a QR code generator? And what specific aspects should they be wary of?

You must consider many things to assess the quality of the QR code software users will use. To help you with that, here is a list of characteristics to note to find the one that fits your needs. 

Below are seven essential qualities you should look for in a specific QR code software. 

 Free to use QR code URL

As much as possible, users don’t want to spend a single penny for a specific product or service. Thus, many prefer anything free.

When users browse online, various QR code software that lets them create custom QR codes for free appear. 

However, some QR code generator for URL advertise themselves as free but compel users to pay a subscription before downloading their QR codes. 

Others only offer a few QR code solutions and no customization tools. Worst, the QR code scam is rampant today, which may harm your computer when you scan the code.

Fortunately, Free QR Code Generator lets users create custom QR codes with its 20 QR code solutions. 

Users can also upgrade the look of their QR codes with the five customization tools they can use for free—patterns, eyes, logos, colors, and frames.

Accessible on any device’s web browser

Most QR code generators are accessible on any device’s web browser. 

However, there are cases where the website doesn’t function on the phone, even though it works well on the PC.

Many factors can cause this: they can only operate on a computer, load slowly, or are incompatible with the phone’s hardware. It could also be due to the web browser or the device is not connected to the internet. 

Whatever the reason, it is crucial to ensure that the QR code generator for URL is accessible on any device. 

Check if a URL QR code generator works in your phone’s web browser to see if it’s functional like in its desktop version. 

User-friendly interface

A user-friendly interface is one of the best qualities users should find in a QR code generator. 

Not everyone is tech-savvy; some QR code software doesn’t provide that. Ultimately, users become frustrated due to poor usability. 

For beginners using QR codes, choosing the one they can easily understand and navigate efficiently is better. 

Allows customization

To create visually appealing QR codes, users must consider a QR code software that allows them to personalize them.  

Having a custom QR code for the business attracts more scans and contributes to the overall aesthetic of the marketing material.

Change the pattern, color, or eye shape and add a logo—if it offers these customization tools, add that URL QR code generator to the list of options. 

There is no need to stick with the same boring black-and-white QR code. Customize QR code and stand out among the rest.

Offers a variety of QR code solutions

Like a jack of all trades, a URL QR code is suitable for use. 

However, if users plan to utilize QR codes in the long run, selecting a QR code software that offers a variety of QR solutions is the best choice. 

Aside from the URL QR code, users must look for a QR code generator that provides QR code solutions for a social media landing page, menu, and multi-URL, among others.

Users can conveniently generate QR codes for particular purposes with various QR code solutions.

Trusted by many 

It is only fitting to use a free QR code generator that many trust if users want to make their campaign effective and successful. 

Besides the number of QR codes generated per minute displayed on the site, pick the one most trusted by top brands worldwide. 


Choose a QR code software that is ISO 27001-accredited and GDPR-compliant. 

This means it follows the best practices of international information security and data privacy measures. 

Users should ensure that the one they use is a safe URL QR code generator.

Searching for the best QR code generator out there can be challenging.

But no need to worry. With the other must-have features of a QR code generator listed above, you will have a guide in choosing the right free QR code software. 

If it’s free, accessible on a mobile device, has a user-friendly interface with various QR code solutions and customization tools, and is safe and trusted by many, then that QR code generator is the best choice. 

Create a URL QR code: A 7-step guide

It can be a hassle for users to manually input lengthy link addresses of websites, digital resources, and registration forms on their search bars.

Now that you know what to look for in a QR code maker, you can try converting URL to QR code and change how you share links with your clients, colleagues, or students.

It’s simple to create a URL QR code. Follow these steps to make a URL QR code safely and for free.  

  1. Open Free QR Code Generator on your web browser
QR code solutions
Access a QR code generator on your browser. It can be on your laptop, PC, or smartphone. 

Remember the qualities you should look for in QR code software: ISO 27001-accredited and GDPR-compliant, user-friendly interface, and numerous solutions and customization tools.

Users can all find these characteristics in Free QR Code Generator. This QR code software lets you create unlimited custom static QR codes in seconds without any fees required.

It has 11 solutions that fit a specific purpose and customization tools that let users change the appearance of their QR code however they like.

To access its Freemium offer, which allows users to make three dynamic QR codes with a 500 scan limit each, register to create an account—free of charge!

  1. Choose the dynamic URL QR code solution

The URL is the most common and versatile QR code solution most QR code generators offer users. Opening a QR code software directs you to the URL QR code format by default.

  1. Input the data required

Embed a URL into a QR code by copying and pasting it into the designated field. This could be a link to a website or a page. 

  1. Generate the QR code

Select between static QR and Dynamic QR. 

A static QR code is suitable for content that doesn’t need to be frequently updated. On the other hand, a dynamic URL QR code is ideal for when the content needs to be changed. 

Click the Generate QR Code button to let the software start encoding. It only takes a few seconds to convert. 

  1. Customize the QR code 

Personalize the QR code using the available customization tool the QR code generator offers.

Users can change its color, pattern, or eye shape and add a logo according to their preferences.

  1. Run a scan test

Once satisfied with the QR code, run a scan test using the smartphone’s camera or scanning app. Always do so to ensure it works as intended. 

  1. Download and deploy

Download in either PNG or SVG format. PNG is suitable for online posting materials. SVG is ideal for printed materials. 

Find it in the computer’s download folder or email. You now have a URL QR code for use.

People also ask: How to view the URL in a QR code?

Scan url QR code
Users can view an embedded URL in a QR code with only a few tricks. Follow these steps to successfully scan a QR code with URL.

Open the QR code scanning app or feature of your device

Most smartphones now have built-in QR code scanners in them. If the device doesn’t have one, the user can scan the code using the camera app, Google Lens, or browser.

Position the camera

Stably hold the device’s camera to let it detect the code. Ensure the QR code has enough lighting and is entirely visible within the camera’s viewfinder. 

Remove anything that may prevent the camera from capturing it.

Access the linked content

Some camera apps automatically recognize the QR code and direct users to the specific content. 

If the device doesn’t do this, the user can tap the pop-up notification on the screen. The linked web content typically opens in the device’s default browser. 

Uses and benefits of URL QR codes

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Various industries have been creatively using QR code URL, allowing consumers to access information conveniently, stream music, share learning materials, and purchase tickets. 

Below are some uses and benefits of turning URLs into QR codes. 

Advertising and marketing

Advertisers and marketers have been integrating a URL QR code into their campaigns for a long time. 

QR codes are an excellent tool to give customers more information about a brand, product, or service without cluttering their ads. 

The sense of mysteriousness it provides attracts customers to scan the code. This helps increase customer engagement when they open it for special offers and exclusive content.

Since some QR codes have tracking and analytics features, those in the advertising and marketing industries can gather data about customer behaviors and how they interact with a brand and monitor their campaigns’ progress.

Marketers can also cut advertising expenses with wide-reaching and offline to online capable tools like QR codes.

Information sharing

URL QR codes allow easy and efficient information sharing, becoming a popular collaboration and team communication tool. 

There’s no need to navigate through a shared drive. With just a scan of the code, team members can access online documents and have real-time collaboration and communication. This is also beneficial in a remote work environment. 

QR codes can also speed up delegating tasks to team members and increase transparency and accountability. 

By embedding a specific spreadsheet page URL containing each member’s task details, they can see their assigned tasks and keep track of their progress. This also allows the team leader to oversee the team’s tasks, progress, and performance. 

Music and video streaming

Veterans and rising artists, producers, music enthusiasts, podcasters, and content creators are making music-sharing and streaming easier with QR codes

It allows people to instantly access different songs or videos and add them to their favorites. Using QR codes, users can also share their playlists with friends, family, or followers. 

Embedding the link of a specific Spotify, TikTok, or YouTube video content into a QR code allows artists and content creators to reach their fans and increase their subscribers.


Providing students with interactive learning materials has become more accessible and convenient using QR codes. 

By embedding links to online activities, educational videos, websites, documents, and submission bins, teachers can provide students with a quick and convenient way to access and share information and open assignment portals. 

Various schools and educational institutions around the world are using QR codes and have breakthroughs in providing quality education to their students. 

Streamlining services

QR codes are proven to help streamline processes and services. Governments worldwide are also incorporating QR codes in their offices to hasten the delivery of services and improve people’s experience.

They can scan the code and register to vote or update their information, access government websites and get updates on recent programs and services, and pay their utility bills and taxes on their smartphones. 

With QR codes for government and public services, clients don’t have to go through the hassle of adhering to excessive rules and formalities when they avail of these services.  

Event planning 

Event planners use QR codes to increase the events’ success and provide attendees with an enjoyable experience. 

QR codes allow attendees to quickly access important information, such as event schedules, maps, and guests’ or performers’ lists. 

They can scan the code in a poster and those posted in different spots in the vicinity with their smartphones instead of manually searching for information or carrying printed materials.

QR codes also help streamline event ticket-selling, registration, and event check-in processes. It reduces the need for attendees to wait in line to purchase a ticket, claim a badge, and enter the venue.  


Travel agencies and tourist destinations have been using QR codes to provide details about their services and the location or directions to travel destinations. 

Using a QR code to link a travel agency website provides clients access to their information, their services, and the special deals they can avail of when booking their trips. 

Embedding a URL of a specific location of a tourist spot from Google Maps into a QR code also lets tourists get directions or routes there and easily navigate the place.  

Convert your URL to a QR code today

Convert links into QR codes using URL QR code generator online that is safe and trusted by many, accessible on a device’s web browser, and offers a wide range of QR solutions and customization tools. 

URL QR codes are convenient, cost-efficient, versatile, and user-friendly tech tools to share information and collaborate, streamline services, provide interactive activities, and improve customer experience.

Whether you’re an artist, brand owner, teacher, or just someone who wants to use QR codes for personal purposes, start converting the links of your content into QR codes and easily share them with others. 

Create URL QR codes anytime with reliable QR code software and begin a journey of innovative link-sharing and successful QR code campaigns. 

To learn more about other QR code solutions for your various needs, visit Free QR Code Generator.