Telegram Scan QR Code: Convenient Login and Contact Sharing

You can now log in to your Telegram account on your desktop through a QR code using the mobile app’s Telegram scan QR code feature. Find out how here. 

The popular messaging app Telegram incorporates QR code technology into its system to provide users with a secure and convenient way to interact with others on the platform. 

Learn how each of its QR code features works and generate your own QR code for Telegram using a free QR code generator. 

What do QR codes do in Telegram?

There are two kinds of Telegram QR codes: one for logging in to the desktop browser and the other for contact-sharing.

You can log into your Telegram web account without manually inputting your phone or password—just scan the QR code provided by the Telegram website.

What makes this login system secure is its QR code security feature that makes the QR code expire after five minutes, preventing others from using the same code to log in. 

When logging out, users can manually terminate the login session in the mobile app or set a particular period of time to let the system automatically end it.

You can also share your Telegram profile through a QR code by generating one on the mobile app. 

Telegram scan QR code feature for web log-in

Telegram scan login QR code

To log in to Telegram Web, you must first set up the link between your mobile app and the browser by scanning the Telegram login QR code. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to do it:

1. Open the app on your smartphone and log in to your account.

2. Click the menu button on the upper left side of the screen and go to “Settings.”

3. Scroll down to Settings and tap “Devices”.

4. Click the “Link Desktop Device” button to open the scanner.

5. Hold your device’s camera towards your computer screen. The Telegram scan QR code has a feature that automatically locates the QR code.

Now, you should be logged in to your Telegram web account.

Telegram QR code for easy contact sharing

Telegram QR code for contacts

Did you know Telegram has another QR code feature that lets you share your contact information with others discreetly?

Aside from the Telegram login, the messaging platform allows you to create a shareable QR code for your account that others can scan to add you to their contact list instantly. 

You can generate this QR code through the mobile app. Just go to your profile and look for the QR code icon. 

Choose from the seven templates available on the app to add a personal touch to your code, share, and connect!

Other ways you can use a QR code for Telegram invitations

Bring out the full potential of QR codes by using them as portals to other Telegram services. Take a look at these ideas below:

Secret chat 

Create a password-protected QR code for your secret chat link to double the end-to-end encryption for one-to-one calls and messages of the platform.

When users scan the code, they must input the password before they can officially enter the secret Telegram chat room, ensuring that only the intended recipients can access the chats.

Channel invitation

If you want to gather a lot of subscribers for your Telegram channel, you can use a QR code to do so. 

You can integrate QR codes into marketing materials, websites, social media profiles, or physical items, making distributing and sharing your channel link with a broader audience easier.

Group chat invitation

Instead of the usual invitation link-sharing, you can let others join your community chat rooms using a QR code.

By converting the Telegram link for your group chat into a QR code, users no longer need to search for or manually enter the group’s name or link. 

They only need to scan the QR code using their smartphones and instantly access the chat room.

Keep in mind, however, that the Telegram invite links expire, so make sure to update the content of the QR code. You can do this by using a dynamic QR code.

Scan a Telegram account QR code on Android and IOS

While the Telegram Web QR code has a dedicated scanner on the mobile app, users can scan a QR code for a Telegram account using the available scanners on their Android or IOS devices. Here’s how to do it:

On Android

1. Open the available QR code scanner on your device. You can use the smartphone’s camera, the Google Lens app, or the browser. 

2. Direct the camera towards the QR code and hold steadily to let the scanner recognize it. You can also scan the QR code using an image search. 

3. Click the pop-up link on your screen or wait for the scanner to redirect you to the account on the Telegram app.


1. Open the device’s camera app or go to the Control Center and tap the QR Code icon in the top-right corner of the Camera app to initiate the scanning mode.

2. Focus the viewfinder on the QR code. Ensure that the code is well-lit and clear within the frame.

3. Tap on the notification banner at the top of the screen to access the account on the Telegram app.

If you have the QR code image on your gallery, simply long-press the image to extract the link that directs to the Telegram account and click it to access. 

How to create a custom QR code for Telegram chat room and channel links

Have more freedom in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing QR codes for your Telegram group chats and channels using reliable QR code software. Begin converting the links by following the steps below:

1. Open the Free QR Code Generator. This is the most advanced QR code maker online you can use for free. 

2. Select the URL QR code solution and enter the invitation link of the specific group chat or channel. 

3. Generate a dynamic QR code to be able to update the link anytime. Sign up for an account to create three dynamic QR codes for free. 

4. Customize QR code. You can change the color, add a frame, or attach a logo or profile image using the customization tools available on the Free QR Code Generator.

5. Run a scan test to see if it’s working and download the QR code in PNG or SVG image format. 

Directly share or integrate the QR code into print materials following the proper QR code design to let your family and friends scan it and join the chat room. 

Other solutions where you can use your Telegram link

There are various QR code solutions that you can use to convert links from Telegram into functional and aesthetic QR codes. Here are the top three picks from our QR code software:

Social media QR code

Link your Telegram account or channel into a QR code using the social media QR code solution.

This solution lets you direct users to a single landing page for all your social media accounts, which they can just click and immediately visit your account on each of the platforms without hassle.

vCard QR code

Professionally share your contact information with a tech-savvy touch by enclosing them in a QR code using the vCard QR code solution.

Users can quickly access and connect with the account without manually searching for the username or ID with just a scan of the QR code.

Why use a QR code to access Telegram?

Telegram QR code for access

The integration of QR code technology in Telegram provides users with several benefits, such as streamlining user experiences and fostering seamless interactions.

Here are some convincing reasons why you need to use a QR code to access Telegram services:

Privacy and security

With unique login QR codes that are only scannable by the Telegram scan QR code feature, users can ensure that their accounts and chats remain private and secure from unauthorized access. 

Efficient contact-sharing

No need to give away your Telegram contact information openly to others when you use a QR code. 

With a simple scan using a smartphone camera, users can instantly connect with you on the platform.

You can also easily integrate them into physical materials such as social media posts and business cards. How small can a QR code be? Just ensure it has a minimum size of 2×2 cm to maintain its scannability. 

Instant group joining

QR codes eliminate the cumbersome process of manually entering links or search parameters to find Telegram channels and groups.

Users can immediately join specific groups and subscribe to channels by scanning the QR code.

With the QR code tracking feature, you can also monitor the number, time, and location of the scans and devices used for scanning, beneficial when tracking memberships and engagement for the group or channel. 

Make QR codes for effortless Telegram access with the Free QR Code Generator

Telegram lives up to its reputation as a secure communication platform by integrating QR code technology into its system.

Users can log in to their accounts through QR codes that are only scannable using the Telegram scan QR code feature, ensuring their accounts are safe and secure from unauthorized access. 

They can also easily share their profile without compromising sensitive information using digital use, fostering seamless connectivity within the platform.

You can also create secured QR codes for your Telegram profile, group chats, and channels. Visit our website to learn more about how to use QR codes and its features to your advantage. 


How to scan QR code with Telegram? 

You can scan Telegram’s unique login QR codes using its mobile app’s QR code scanner. 

Just align the QR code image within the camera viewfinder, and it will automatically open your account on the desktop device. 

In an instance when it fails to scan the QR code, refresh the website to generate a new one.