QR Code Tricks for Education and Learning You Should Know

Various QR code tricks for education and learning are used today in light of the increasing popularity of QR codes as a tool in almost all settings. 

These barcodes can be scanned using a smartphone and can be used to quickly and easily access various online resources or data embedded in them.

You can embed it with links to videos, websites, and documents, providing students and educators with a quick and convenient way to access and share information.

This article will explore creative ways to use QR codes in education and learning, including creating interactive activities and enhancing traditional classroom setups.

And you will also learn how to use the Free QR Code Generator to create your own QR code, so keep reading.

QR code tricks you can apply

Here are some creative ways to use education QR code and make learning more interactive.

Linking to online resources

QR codes can be a convenient way for educators to provide students access to online resources such as videos, websites, and documents.

For instance, an educator could create a URL to QR code that links to a video lesson using the URL QR code, and students can simply scan the code with their smartphones to access the video. 

This can save time and effort for both educators and students, as it eliminates the need to manually type in a long URL or search for the resource.

Creating interactive activities

QR codes can also be used to create interactive activities for students.

Educators could create a scavenger hunt using QR codes, students have to scan different codes to find clues and solve puzzles.

This can be a fun and engaging way to encourage students to explore and learn new concepts.

Enhancing traditional classroom activities

QR code for school

QR codes can be used to enhance traditional classroom activities as well.

Teachers could create a QR code for a group work assignment, and students can use their smartphones to scan the code and access the assignment.

This helps make group work more efficient and convenient for students than copying what’s written on the board.

Encouraging independent learning

QR code for online course learning management can also encourage independent learning by providing students access to a self-guided tour of a museum or online courses.

This can be a convenient and engaging way for students to learn independently. Independence is a big factor for them to learn by experience.

Enhancing online learning

QR codes can enhance online learning experiences.

Creating a QR code that links to a virtual reality experience, it can help to bring the subject matter to life in a more immersive way.

This gives you the assurance that students are really spending their time on educational resources online.

Improving assessments

QR codes can be used to improve assessments in several ways. One particular QR code for that is the Google form QR code, where students scan a code to access the quiz and receive immediate feedback on their answers.

This can save time and effort for both educators and students and can also provide more accurate and timely feedback.

QR codes can also provide interactive assessment feedback for students so they’d be more excited about it than get bored.

How to create a QR code

QR code generator
  1. Go to Free QR Code Generator online
  2. Choose among the QR code solutions you want to generate
  3. Attach or input the necessary details needed
  4. Generate your QR code
  5. Customize your QR code
  6. Run a test scan to check if it’s working
  7. Download then deploy

Real-life QR code tricks

There are many schools and educational institutions around the world that use QR codes to enhance their education and learning experiences. 

Here are a few examples:

  1. Gwinnett County Public Schools in Georgia, USA

This school district has implemented a program called “QR Codes in the Classroom,” which uses QR codes to provide students with access to online resources and interactive activities.

Doing this allows teachers to lead students into using their gadgets for educational purposes and does not distract them from other topics online.

  1. Saint Mary’s College in Indiana, USA

Saint Mary’s College has implemented a QR code-based scavenger hunt called “Find Your Way,” which encourages students to explore the campus and learn about different buildings and facilities.

Sometimes don’t feel excited exploring the campus inasmuch exploring malls. But QR codes for scavenger hunts can boost their curiosity.

  1. The University of Technology Sydney in Australia

Giving instructions to students on what material to download may not always be easy. They might download the wrong ones or have a hard time finding one.

But the University of Technology Sydney has implemented a QR code-based system for providing students with access to course materials and resources to resolve that matter.

  1. Shanghai Normal University in China

For some big universities, having professors walk around the campus to tour students is not convenient at all.

In Shanghai Normal University, they implemented a QR code-based system to provide students with access to self-guided campus tours.

QR codes: Providing educational advantage

With different QR codes today, schools can be more than just a teacher discussing in front. It can be a more interactive, two-way setup that allows students to participate.

Apart from that, QR codes help students’ cognitive development by allowing them to explore online resources.

If an educator is creative enough to integrate QR codes in classrooms–during classes and applies all the examples and guides above, learning will be more enjoyable and convenient.

So if you’re an educator, who thinks your students lack interest in the typical classroom setup, it’s time to start integrating with QR codes.

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