QR Code Signage Campaigns: Your Tool to Catch More Attention

Advertising and marketing your business can significantly impact how much you earn. But the increasing competition in the market might make it harder for any business to stand out.

One tool that’ll surely help your business draw more attention from your audience is using QR code signage.

By incorporating this technology into your marketing signage, you can provide more comprehensive information to the audience in just a scan.

You can create this using a free QR code generator and customize it to your liking.

If you’re interested in using one, continue reading, and we’ll teach you how to use effective QR code signage-usage. 

7 Benefits of Using QR code signage

Using a free QR code generator, you can create QR codes on signage can provide several benefits, including:

Increase engagement with customers or visitors

Using QR code signage, you can offer a quick and interactive way to engage your customers or visitors with your brand, products, or services. 

Let users who scan the code get access to more information, discounts, or other offers, as a way to encourage them to take action, make a purchase, or explore more about your business.

Provide more information in a limited space

A big signage can be overwhelming, but a small one may not be enough to provide details. However, you can use a QR code instead of trying to fit all the necessary information onto the sign.

You can direct people to a webpage, PDF, or another digital resource where they can learn more about your business, product, or service. That way, you can maximize even small-sized signage and provide the utmost information. 

Offer contactless access to information

Unlike flyers and brochures QR code, signage QR code is already a proactive way of sharing information without the need for close interactions.

But to make the experience more interactive, you can add a QR code to your signage and allow users to explore the embedded data.

Doing so will allow them to access information without touching or handling physical materials and still enjoy the process. 

Easy to create and print

The thing about QR codes is that they’re easy to create, that even non-tech savvy can do one.

With the help of any QR code generator online, you can create your own QR code and design it however you want.

You can print your QR code directly on your signage to get more engagement.

Tracking and analytics

The good thing about QR codes is that they are helpful as displays, and you can actually access relevant data from them. 

What is a dynamic QR code? Dynamic QR codes, in particular, have tracking features. You can monitor the number of scans and the date and time of the scan. All these data are necessary for analysis to help your business grow.

Cost-effective and eco-friendly

You can save money and reduce waste by using QR codes.

Instead of printing large quantities of signage, you can direct people to a digital version of your materials, which you can update or customize as needed. It can help you save on printing and shipping costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Increased sales and customer loyalty

By providing value and convenience to your customers, you can improve their overall experience and foster long-term loyalty to your brand.

And you can do that when you incorporate loyalty programs with QR codes. You can use QR codes to offer exclusive discounts, coupons, or rewards to customers who scan them.

Uses of QR Code Signage

Using QR codes on signage has become increasingly popular, so here are some creative ways to use this QR code to your advantage:

Museums and historical sites

Museum curators can use QR codes on signage to offer visitors more information about exhibits or artifacts. 

Embedded data in an art galleries QR code might include information about the artist’s life or inspiration. Or you can provide audio or video content about the location’s significance, enabling visitors to learn and engage more with the exhibits.

It reduces museum personnel’s workload, as they no longer have to accompany every visitor. 

Restaurants and cafes

Restaurants and cafes can add a QR code on their signage. Instead of creating a simple signage inviting people to come in, they can print a menu QR code to stir the audience’s curiosity.

QR codes on restaurant signs can also link to promotional offers, such as free drinks, discounts, or loyalty programs, providing additional customer incentives.

Real estate signs

You can level up real estate signages by using QR codes. Embed these QR codes with details about the property and to schedule virtual tours.

You can also link this QR code to a virtual tour video, 3D model, or house floor plan, giving buyers a better idea of the property’s layout and features. It can help increase interest and save time and resources for real estate agents and buyers.

Retail stores

QR codes on retail signs can offer customers additional information about products, such as sizes, colors, or prices.

For instance, scanning a QR code on a clothing store sign could lead to a webpage with more product images and a size chart, making it easier for customers to make a purchase decision.

How to Create QR Code Signage

  • Go to Free QR Code Generator
  • Choose the solution you want to use
  • Provide the data needed
  • Generate QR code
  • Customize your QR code
  • Test-scan your QR code
  • Download, then print on signage

Best Practices When Creating QR Code Signage

Creating effective QR codes on signage requires attention to detail and some best practices. Here are some tips for creating effective QR codes on signage:

Use a clear and readable QR code design

The simpler the design, the easier it is to scan. But you can always customize it. Just be mindful of its readability.

A simple, uncluttered design with high contrast between the pattern and background is recommended. Avoid using low-resolution images, distorted shapes, or small sizes, as they may cause scanning errors. 

Make sure the QR code links to relevant and valuable information

Don’t mislead your audience using a QR code that does not jibe with the signage content.

Ensure the information the QR code links to is relevant and valuable to the customer or visitor. Avoid linking to irrelevant or outdated content, as it can damage the customer’s trust and interest in the brand.

Run a test scan to guarantee your QR code works

The last thing you would want to happen is to print and deploy invalid QR codes on signages.

If you do so and users find your QR codes not working, you’ll surely gain a negative impression from them. So make sure to test your QR code first on your own device.

Provide clear instructions for scanning the QR code

Despite the QR code’s popularity, do not assume everyone knows how it works.

Always provide a call to action to tell them what to do with your code. You can also make it compelling so scanners would really find it interesting.

Consider the placement and context of the QR code

Since you’ll be printing this QR code on your signage, this tip also refers to properly placing your signage.

Signages should attract people, so don’t place them somewhere unseen. Always position it in crowded places. If your signage is not that big, don’t place it up above buildings, no one will see that.

Innovating Signages with QR Codes

Why settle on boring signage when you can make it extra using QR codes?

Not only does it help increase engagement, but it also improves the user experience to help your business gain positive feedback.

Waste your time no more and grab yourself a QR code signage today! Just visit the Free QR Code Generator online and check out the QR code solutions we have for you.