Essential QR Code Hacks for Travel and Tourism Industry

Travel and tourism spots are slowly but surely recovering post-pandemic. A lot of people are doing “revenge travel” to make up for all the lost travel experiences.

QR codes have brought so much ease to travel and tourism industries over the last decade. It’s a vehicle for contactless payments, easy information sharing, and a great solution for language barriers, among others.

But of course, QR codes do not only benefit tourists but businesses as well. It helps them provide guests with an unforgettable experience. It also facilitates smoother transactions that are a win-win for both parties.

If you are curious about how QR codes work and how you can make one for your business, keep reading, and we’ll introduce you to the Free QR Code Generator.

QR code hacks for travel and tourism businesses

Here are some uses of QR codes for your travel and tourism businesses. You can apply any of these or be creative to manipulate and use a QR code.


Pdf QR code

Travelers can use QR codes to access information about their flights, hotel reservations, and other travel arrangements. This can be especially convenient when travelers are on the go and don’t have access to a computer or printer. 

Some of the best uses of QR codes for travel are for menus, maps, and tour information. This can be especially convenient for travelers who may not have access to a reliable internet connection or who prefer to have information saved on their mobile devices.

Flyers and brochures QR code can be placed on tourism websites and, when scanned, can provide visitors with information about attractions, events, accommodations, or other destinations.

Reservations or bookings

QR codes can be used to make reservations or bookings at hotels, restaurants, or other tourist attractions by scanning the code and accessing a booking form or calendar.

Contactless payments

Hotel and resort QR code can also make contactless payments, which can help reduce the risk of exposure to germs and viruses. 


QR codes are often used for passport control and immigration processes, as well as for accessing public transportation, such as buses and trains.

Feedback collection

Additionally, tourism businesses can use Google form QR code to gather customer feedback and reviews, which can help improve their services and attract new customers.

It encourages customers to provide their valuable feedback because businesses are making it easier for them to access their one-scan review page.

Redeem discounts or offers

QR codes can be used to redeem discounts or special offers at tourist attractions or restaurants by scanning the code at the point of sale.

For example, customers will be intrigued to scan your QR code either at the counter, on a social media post, or poster to see if they’ve earned an exclusive discount.

Access loyalty programs

QR codes can be used to access and track loyalty programs for hotels, airlines, or other travel companies by scanning the code at each purchase.

Loyalty programs are a time-tested Marketing gem, and when paired with QR codes, they’re sure to stand out and draw in more returning customers.

Provide customer support

When scanned, QR codes can be placed in tourist areas or on travel websites and can lead visitors to a customer support page or contact form.

No need for long queues when customers can easily reach a business’ 24/7 customer support hotline in just one scan.

How to make your own QR code

  • Go to the Free QR Code Generator website
  • Click on the QR code solution you want to generate. You can choose from various solutions, including a file, URL, MP3, MP4, social media, and more. Different solutions suit your needs.
  • Provide the data needed. If you opt for the file QR code, then attach your file, and so on.
  • Click generate QR code
  • Customize your QR code. You may add colors, change the frame and eyes, and add a call to action.
  • Test your QR code to see if it’s working. If it works on your devices, it will also work with others.
  • Download, print, and deploy your QR code

Customizing your QR code

Customize QR code

Given the popularity of QR codes, you can see them almost everywhere. QR code campaigns have become rampant, but one thing that will make your campaign stand out is if the QR code is customized according to your brand and if it comes with your logo.

It’s best to learn how to customize your QR code and be different from others. Here are some steps you can follow in customizing your QR code.

No to over-customization

Customization sure is fun, but overdoing it can make your QR code an eyesore. Limit your creativity, and don’t try to use all the customization features of your QR code generator. 

Remember that less is more. Don’t use light, pastel colors for your QR codes as they won’t be easily seen or detected by a smartphone camera.

Make it look attractive and legitimate by adding your company’s logo, and add a compelling call to action.

Do not invert colors

QR codes can’t be scanned right away if the color is inverted. Make sure that the pattern is darker than the background.

If your background is dark, the patterns will become nonreadable. It will take time for scanners to read your code, and turning off potential customers is the last thing you’d want to happen.

Choose the right color combination

As mentioned, pastel and light colors are not usually good for QR codes. They are too subtle and might be hard for scanners to detect. Yellow and orange are some examples of this.

Darker colors like black, dark red, or royal blue are good for the pattern. You can pair it up with a lighter hue. For example, a white background and a dark red pattern make a good combination.

Add a logo

You can add your company logo at the center to make your QR code even more recognizable. This boosts company awareness which is good for engagement and builds consumer trust.

However, ensure that the logo is not too big, as it may cause errors in scanning the code you carefully customized.

Use a catchy Call to Action (CTA)

Not everyone is confident in scanning a QR code. Using a CTA, you can guide them on what to do or give them ideas about what to expect after scanning the code.

CTAs like “Scan for map” or “Call Us” are great for travel and tourism businesses.

Make travel fun with QR codes

In conclusion, QR codes offer many benefits to the tourism industry.

They can be used to access information, make contactless payments and reservations, and provide customer feedback, among other things.

These QR code hacks can help make travel and tourism more convenient and efficient, and we encourage readers to try them out on their next trip.

But you can’t apply all these without a QR code of your own, so visit the Free QR Code Generator to start your own campaigns today.