QR Code for Black Friday: How to Increase Sales in Just A Scan?

Offer the best deals and discounts this Black Friday using the best marketing tool today—a QR code for Black Friday sales.

Businesses and retailers are all getting ready for one of the most anticipated sales of the year. They’re all gearing up to attract customers and make more sales.

And this means exerting more effort on your campaigns to stand out among others. With the QR code technology, you can do so much.

Keep reading below and learn how you can create an effective QR code using a free QR code generator.

What are Black Friday sales?

black friday QR code

This sale, held every fourth Friday of November, is one of the most anticipated days in the US, following Thanksgiving Day—every businesses make their own campaigns and a retail QR code can be of big help to that.

On this day, businesses and retailers give out significant discounts, promotions, and deals on electronics, clothing, home appliances, and more—making it one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

The term Black Friday referred to the retailers’ practice of moving from the loss (red) to the profit (black) side of their balance sheets as a result of incredible sales.

This year, the Black Friday 2023 sale is not only limited to physical stores but has expanded on eCommerce as well, which calls for a need a better marketing and advertising, too—the QR codes.

Find out how these 2-dimensional barcodes can make your Black Friday a totally different feel.

Creative ways to use QR code for Black Friday

Here are five creative ways to use QR codes during the Black Friday.

Virtual Black Friday catalog

Black friday url QR code

Flyers and printed catalogs are the usual means of providing customers with a complete list of items on sale in a store or shop. But imagine the printing cost for Black Friday, with an expected surge of customers.

So, instead of printing out a massive catalog, why not print a single URL QR code that will provide customers with a digital version of this catalog? 

When customers scan this code, you can direct them to your website, where they can find all the Black Friday deals of your brand.

You don’t only save on printing costs but also provide customers with a convenient way to browse and buy, driving traffic toward your site.

Flash sales notification

Host a time-limited flash sale by scanning a Black Friday QR code. Send out an email notification with a QR code in it, which, when scanned, directs them to the Black Friday sale gimmick you’re hosting.

It would be best to set the accessibility of the code within the day and inform customers about this, too.

This scarcity tactic will drive immediate purchases, creating a sense of urgency among customers and significant conversions during the flash sale window.

Black Friday QR Code gift cards

Instead of paying extra for the gift card layout to designers and graphics artists, why not generate a QR code instead? A straightforward way of providing customers and clients with a discount treat.

When shoppers scan the gift card QR code, they will get a discount code. Presenting this code upon payment will reduce your total amount payable.

You don’t have to spend much on colored inks and print multiple gift cards. One QR code can already go a long way. You can use the dynamic QR code’s expiry feature so the gift card can only be used within the day.

Product demos and tutorials

Black friday video QR code

You can also use a product packaging QR code to provide product demos and tutorials on items on sale.

Having a demo and tutorial of a product in a recorded video rather than just plain text instructions will provide convenience to buyers, attracting them more to purchase the product—leading to increased sales.

An video QR code will surely be of help for this purpose.

Virtual stylist and personal shopper guide

If your main product on sale is cosmetics or clothing, you can use virtual reality to allow customers to try on these products, not on their skin, but on a digital avatar.

Add a QR code to these items. You can use the HTML QR code for this, so when customers scan the code, they can view several avatars with different skin tones and the cosmetic shade that perfectly suits them.

This way, customers no longer have to swatch each shade straight to their skins. Less hassle and more convenient, and when it’s convenient, it attracts more sales.

Gather insights and feedback

Black friday feedback QR code

You can collect feedback and reviews from clients by adding a QR code to their receipts. 

Instead of handing out printed feedback forms, why not share a QR code for feedback survey collection and save on the printing expenses?

Customers can answer the form at their own pace, using their own devices, and results will go directly to your database, so you have nothing to worry about collecting them.

Create a Google Form first then embed the link on a QR code.

Contactless payment

The surge of customers during the Black Friday sales might become almost uncontrollable, and the usual scene is a long queue at payment sections. 

Counting the exact payment or change will only prolong transactions. But with a contactless payment QR code, it will only take a scan to make exact payments, so there’s no need for change.

Transactions will be faster and more convenient for both the business and customers.

How to create a QR code you can use for Black Friday

  1. Go to the Free QR Code Generator website. Sign in to your account or sign up if you don’t have one yet.
  2. Choose any QR code solution you wish to use. There are over 10 solutions to choose from.
  3. Provide the needed data to proceed with the code generation; requirement varies per solution.
  4. Click on the generate QR code button and wait for the preview code
  5. Customize your QR code design. You can use the available custom features in the site.
  6. Test scan your QR code to check if it directs to the correct data.
  7. Download, print, and share your QR code.

Why use the Free QR Code Generator?

You cannot achieve a quality QR code if your QR code software is not flexible enough, too. 

Your software is a big influence on the scanability and reliability of your QR code’ that’s why it’s important to pick a QR code maker with it all.

Some of the qualities that you should look for in a QR code maker are the choices of QR code solutions it offers, the availability of customization features, and how easy it is to use—even for beginners.

Good thing the Free QR Code Generator just got this all. It offers 20 QR code solutions, including URL, vCard, Social Media, WiFi QR code, and more. This ensures you can create the most suitable campaign for a specific purpose.

It also has various customization features that you can play with to produce unique-looking QR codes that would stand out more among other QR codes. You can use this design QR codes and match them to whatever event or occasion.

Plus, this software is very easy to use. It has a very friendly interface that even non-tech-savvy won’t have a hard time navigating through it.

Level up your Black Friday sale campaign with QR codes

This most-awaited sale of the year is not for customers alone to panic because, during this day, competition among businesses is also tight.

It’s important to be a step ahead, and a QR code for Black Friday sale is just the perfect tool to do this.

By integrating your campaigns with QR codes, you get to provide your customers with an engaging experience and convenience while shopping.

Increase your sales today, tap on the Free QR Code Generator, and make Black Friday extra memorable for everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to get QR code?

You can only get a QR code from any QR code software. However, each generator varies in features. To get a quality QR code, you have to be keen in choosing a QR code maker.

Go for those that give sufficient QR code solutions—this will allow you to be flexible enough in creating your campaigns.

Aside from that, choose one that allows customization, this is important so you can give your QR code a different touch. You can get all these at the Free QR Code Generator.

How do I create a QR code for a discount?

There are different solutions you can use to create a discount QR code.

You can use the H5 editor solution. This allows you to create your own landing page, which you can freely design with texts, images, audio, or video. You can edit a discount voucher here with a code.

When customers scan the code, they’ll get access to the code and avail of the discount when they present this code in the checkout section.