QR Code Amazon: How to Improve Online Shopping Experience

Using a QR code Amazon is guaranteed to make every online shopping experience on this e-commerce giant more convenient and satisfying.

Enhancing customers’ online shopping experience is a very important goal for Amazon. 

In line with this objective, the e-commerce platform embraces innovation, such as QR codes, to change how we shop online.

Adopting these latest QR innovations has been pivotal to Amazon’s rise as the world’s largest e-commerce company.

Learn more about how Amazon uses QR codes for online shopping experiences and start using Free QR Code Generator.

Does Amazon allow QR codes?

Amazon QR code

Absolutely! QR codes play a significant role in helping improve the world’s leading e-commerce platform. In fact, it is one of the early adopters of ecommerce QR code.

Sellers on Amazon stores can use QR codes to promote their products, offer discount deals, invite people to leave a review on their purchases, and more. 

Apart from that, if you’re a new parent or newly married couple, you can create a QR code for Amazon registry so that guests can know the perfect gifts to give you to celebrate your special day. 

Some people place these QR codes on their invitations to make the gift-giving process much easier for their loved ones.

How do I get my QR code from Amazon?

The process of getting a QR code from Amazon depends on what you will use it for. Within the e-commerce platform, there are two common QR code purposes: in-store and return orders.

In-store QR code for Amazon link for payments

Commonly seen in Amazon Fresh stores, Amazon Go, Amazon Styles, and Whole Foods Market, Amazon offers QR codes for payments and savings for customers shopping in local retail stores. To access the in-store code:

  1. Open Amazon Shopping.
  2. Click In-Store Code on the home screen, just below the search bar.
  3. Use the In-Store for retail purchases or claim Prime member savings for eligible members at certain locations.

Label-free, box-free returns with QR codes

Amazon makes it really easy to return an item on the e-commerce platform for whatever reason is acceptable. In fact, customers can even return their items label-free and box-free using Amazon QR codes. To return an item:

  1. Go to Your Orders.
  2. Create your Return QR Code.
  3. Follow the instructions sent by Amazon via email.
  4. Bring the item you want to return to a drop-off location near you.

When returning an item, there is no need for a shipping box or a printed copy of the QR code. Simply show the Return QR code to the Amazon Counter or Hub Counter associate to process your returns.

Real-life use cases of QR Code Amazon

Here are the five real-life cases of QR codes used by the e-commerce giant—Amazon.

Increase brand awareness with an Amazon SmileCode

An Amazon SmileCode is the company’s version of QR codes. Essentially, it is a QR code with a smile logo embedded in the code.

In 2018, lockers and pop-ups with SmileCodes were first seen in several locations across Europe. Scanning is only available to users via the e-commerce app and offers customers exclusive discounts and offers. 

At that time, the campaign was the first of its kind to increase brand awareness, especially in the e-commerce space. Now, a lot of brands are using the same strategy to bridge customer experiences from physical to digital.

Encourage app downloads with QR code Amazon for discount offers

Amazon app store QR code

Amazon has used QR code for app stores to encourage app downloads and partnerships with supermarkets. 

For example, the e-commerce giant allied with supermarkets, such as Whole Foods and Walmart, to incentivize app downloads with cashback and discount offers.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone—including customers—as it can build a loyal customer base for the brands involved and save a few bucks for shoppers.

The key to boosting Amazon downloads isn’t exactly using QR code Amazon but incentivizing scanners with cashback and discount offers.

If you want to increase downloads on your e-commerce platform, the best approach is to incentivize potential customers with big discount offers and savings.

Driving online traffic with Amazon Smile

Link QR code

Amazon Smile is the corporate social responsibility initiative of Amazon. 

Each time a customer scans a QR code for Amazon link of a particular charitable organization, it redirects them to the Amazon Smile where they can purchase and donate. 

For every purchase, the e-commerce platform donates 0.5% of the total price to the organization owning the QR code that has been scanned to make a purchase.

Ultimately, the goal of the CSR initiative is to promote the Amazon Smile website. However, this is done masterfully in a way that it establishes itself as a socially conscious e-commerce brand among its audience.

This strategy is a genius way to create a participative CSR initiative where customers can also feel a sense of gratification in their purchases.

Designing packaging with QR codes for after-sales efforts

Review page QR code

The online shopping experience extends beyond customers receiving the product. For Amazon, it’s very important to create a channel where customers can leave product ratings and reviews. 

That’s where QR codes come in—they act as an all-in-one barcode for Amazon sellers, which can be used to list product information, provide QR gifts on receipts, and more.

For example, customers can scan the QR code on the packaging to leave reviews in exchange for a discount coupon on their next purchase. This incentive can compel them to continue shopping in the store and use the discount.

Product packaging QR code also come in handy to redirect buyers to warranty pages, return and refund instructions, or exchange guidelines. 

As demonstrated by Amazon time and time again, QR codes on product packaging are one of your best bets to increase after-sales engagement.

Offering QR code-based payments for physical stores

E-commerce has evolved from simply a platform where customers can buy their goods into a super app that can serve as your alternative payment method for purchases in physical stores.

The QR code Amazon-based payment, Amazon Pay, allows customers to add balance to their wallet or link to their bank accounts for quicker shopping within the platform and for contactless payments in offline retail stores. 

The e-commerce leader collaborates with local retailers to offer Amazon Pay as an in-store payment option. It guarantees that there are actually stores where customers can use this to pay for their purchases.

Adopting a contactless payment QR code encourages people to use the platform to shop, increasing traffic and downloads in return.

How do I turn an Amazon link into a QR code using Free QR Code Generator?

Now that you know how Amazon has enhanced its online shopping experiences, your next choice as an e-commerce platform should be choosing a trusted QR code software that allows you to use QR codes to the next level.

Check out this easy-to-use platform with advanced features. Here is a seven-step guide to generate FREE QR codes!

1. Visit Free QR Code Generator and choose the URL QR code solution.

2. Enter the URL of your Amazon store, product, or review page in the blank field.

3. Select between Static and Dynamic QR codes.

Pro-tip: It is highly recommended to select a dynamic QR code to enable editing and tracking of your scan data through in-platform analytics.

4. Create a branded QR code by following your branding colors, design, logo, and frame. Add a call-to-action to compel people to scan.

5. Run a scan test to see if the QR code design works and hit the Download button. 

Pro-tip: SVG is ideal for print-quality QR codes. It offers a high-resolution image that can be scalable for printed files.

How to customize your own Amazon QR code

If you plan on creating your own QR code, there are things you must take note of to ensure that your QR code is readable and scannable at all times.

Mind your colors 

Consider your QR codes color. Your choices must always maintain a proper contrast—a light background and a dark pattern. 

Keeping the contrast right will allow all the other QR code elements to pop out, making it easier for scanners to detect and decode the embedded code. It’s also not advisable to use light or pastel colors because they’re hard to recognize.

Don’t be afraid to unleash your creativity 

Don’t settle with the typical design of QR codes; if you want to stand out, you have to be different—mix and match styles.

However, customization features vary from one software to another. Good thing Free QR Code Generator comes with both customization features and a wide choice of QR code solutions.

Don’t pixelate the pattern 

A pixelated pattern results from a huge embedded data store on the wrong type of QR code. 

Always remember that for bigger information, it’s best to use a dynamic QR code; it maintains its scannability regardless of data size because it only stores a short URL, making the code appear less dense.

Print your QR code using the right material 

Glass and anything glossy are prone to scanning errors because of their ability to reflect light. It’s important to check how your QR code performs when printing on the said material.

Avoid using circular QR codes 

The round edge does not emphasize the eyes of your code, making it harder for scanners to detect.

But if you badly want to use that shape for artistic reasons, you can do so by using frames. There are round frame options that you can use; it gives the illusion of a round QR code when in fact, it’s a square one enclosed in a round frame.

You get to maintain the scannability without compromising the design.

Upgrade online shopping experiences with QR codes

Just like the QR code Amazon, you can boost the online shopping experiences in your e-commerce platform with the power of QR codes.

Easily customizable and high capacity—these QR code features can greatly improve your experiences by enhancing your visibility in online spaces, generating more traffic and conversion to sales.

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