7 ways to use QR codes for restaurant marketing

QR codes for restaurant marketing can help boost sales and improve customers’ dining experience by providing customers with an easy way to access restaurant facilities and more.

The tight marketing competition in the food and restaurant industries requires extensive efforts from marketers to highlight their businesses.

And QR codes can do this by allowing restaurants to showcase their menus, offer promotions and discounts, and even create loyalty programs creatively and more conveniently that benefit businesses and customers.

How to use QR codes in restaurant marketing

After getting familiar with the Free QR Code Generator, you must learn to creatively use your QR code. There are many creative and practical ways restaurants can use QR codes for marketing their business and driving customer engagement.

Here are some QR code campaigns you can take inspiration from and apply to your establishment.

Creating a loyalty program

Some argue that keeping a customer is far more complicated than attracting new ones. But with a loyalty program, you can retain old customers and attract new ones. 

Offer freebies, discounts, and other perks every time they purchase to make them feel valuable and important. 

You can use a multi-URL QR code for this. You can set up the first link as the payment link, set the number of scans to 10, and redirect customers to a discount landing page.

For instance, a restaurant could provide a free meal or a discount for every 10 QR code scans.

Offering special promotions

Customers love little treats, and promotions and discounts are just some ways to hook them up.

QR codes can help offer special promotions, such as discounts or limited-time offers. It can be a great way to drive traffic to a restaurant and encourage customers to try new menu items.

Showcasing menus and specials

Since the pandemic’s start, QR codes have become very popular for making contactless payments. You can see digital menus almost everywhere today.

You can convert your printed menus into QR codes so customers can view them via smartphones. The digital menu will have more vibrant colors, better image quality, and readable text, reducing the risk of transmission compared to printed menus.

More than that, businesses can save more with this technology than printing a new menu each time they have additional recipes or if the material gets damaged.

Online ordering

You can also use QR codes to allow customers to place orders online easily. Add ordering QR codes to your social media posts and flyers or posters to lead users to your ordering site.

Moreover, you can also create a Google Form where consumers can order meals. Copy its link, then embed it within a QR code to make it simple for customers to access the form. 

Customer feedback

Restaurants can use QR codes so customers can provide feedback or reviews about their dining experience, which can help the restaurant improve its service and attract new customers.

Printing feedback forms from time to time can be pricey, and you don’t expect people to carry pens around, don’t you? But they have their smartphones with them all the time, which they can use to fill out digital forms.

Contactless payments

Contactless payment QR code can smoothly facilitate contactless payments, allowing customers to pay for their meals without handling cash or credit cards. This can help reduce germ transmission risk and improve the dining experience.

Virtual events

You can promote and allow others to access virtual events, such as cooking classes or wine tastings, that restaurants may host to engage with customers who cannot physically visit the restaurant.

It will create a good impression among customers and help them remind that your place is something different from others.

Tips for successful QR code campaigns

It’s not enough to only have campaign ideas in your head—execution matters. To ensure the success of your QR code campaign, consider following these tips:

Use clear and visually appealing codes

Make sure the QR code is easy to scan and placed in a prominent location. Use a high-contrast color scheme to ensure the code is easy to see. However, be careful in pairing colors; the idea is to make it appealing and not annoying.

When choosing QR codes color, a dark pattern is ideal with a light background. Also, make sure your QR code’s size matches the location.

Make it more prominent in crowded places like parks or bus stops so passers-by can see it. If it is in magazines, you don’t want it to cover a whole page as it will not be a good sight.

Provide incentives for customers to scan the code

Boosting people’s interest is a must to ensure that the QR code gets scanned. This can help drive traffic and engagement. 

You can offer customers a reason to scan the QR code, such as a discount or a special promotion. When they know they get something beneficial in exchange for a scan, they’ll surely not think twice about it.

Track and analyze the results of the campaign

Use tools such as Google Analytics to track the number of scans and the actions taken by users after scanning the QR code. This can help you understand the campaign’s effectiveness and adjust as needed.

This QR code feature lets you target your market and adjust to the needs of your potential clients so you can meet halfway.

In conclusion, QR codes can be a powerful tool for restaurant marketing, allowing businesses to engage with customers, showcase their menus and specials, and even create loyalty programs.

Following the tips outlined in this blog post, restaurants can create successful QR code loyalty programs campaigns and drive customer engagement and loyalty.

Hype up your restaurant marketing with QR codes.

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